Mark O’Mara Addresses Florida Bar Complaint

O'Mara West and ZimmermanAttorney Mark O’Mara has posted a response to the report that a complaint is under investigation by the Florida Bar regarding his handling of the George Zimmerman case.

In his statement, it appears that the complaint alleges ethic violations for O’Mara’s use of social media and raising funds for a client.

O’Mara’s statement also alleges that this was an “inquiry” opened by the Florida Bar due to his requests on Bar rules regarding an online presence and raising money for a client.

In response to my request for information regarding the proper way to manage a defense fund and an online presence, The Florida Bar opened an inquiry, which included very specific questions regarding our policies for each and how we were conducting ourselves. We responded promptly and to The Florida Bar’s satisfaction, and the entire matter was deferred until after the trial.

The media does not always get it right, but what they have reported is that a complaint was filed by an unknown party or parties.  Had the Florida Bar been the initiator of an “inquiry,” that should have been easily communicated without being misunderstood by the media.

The social media presence that Mark O’Mara established for the George Zimmerman case went beyond providing information for the media. Debates and arguments took place on those sources.  O’Mara did, at one time, terminate a Facebook Page that he setup for the George Zimmerman case, but the damage was already done.  That page fueled the flames of controversies without moderation.  That in fact, at pre-trial hearings on gag orders, Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda mentioned several times about comments that were posted on O’Mara’s website and O’Mara’s association with a blog that is known for holding White Supremacist ideologies.

Click here for the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct.


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  1. Two sides to a story

    OM’s FB page was actually moderated – but his moderator had to pull down almost all the daily threads long before the page itself was unpublished in addition to constantly deleting entries. Naturally both sides and the middle argued incessantly.


    • Two sides to a story

      After reading OM’s take on the matter, I’d say he’s pretty disingenuous. He didn’t have to engage with the media as much as he did in any way shape or form, and he doesn’t address the outright lies he seeded in the media about Trayvon Martin.


      • Two sides, I’ve seen lawyers speak to the media in defense of their clients, but O’Mara is the first I saw who did so by denigrating the deceased victim.


    • Two sides, IIRC, there was a Facebook page for George Zimmerman, and then O’Mara has his own site where he posted links to file documents and such along with the beg-site. It was the George Zimmerman Facebook page that was said to be un-moderated and that O’Mara finally took down. IDK.

      I don’t have a Facebook account, so can’t post comments and even if I did, I would not have visited that page because I already heard how racially derogatory remarks were being thrown about.


      • Two sides to a story

        I spent time daily on the GZ Facebook page. Again, it WAS moderated, and they constantly had to delete messages (Fogen supporters were more likely to be deleted than TM supporters on most days) and they took down whole threads almost every morning because people went crazy hassling one another after business hours. There was actually some decent discussion for awhile. It was a good place to figure out who was who in GZ land.

        Actually, anything racially derogatory was taken down – eventually. The moderator only went through threads a few times a day There was quite a lot of drama there. I’m sure OM’s assistants sifted through and used all sorts of info from the FB page.


  2. On another note, I’ll bet since all the bidders, since the $500.00 mark, all have 2 or 3 feedback, on that fine, rare “work of art” he’s pandering.

    O’ Mara…….an ethics investigation….I’m stunned !! And he didn’t address the thugification issue….I’m appalled. Maybe I should sent him a nicely worded letter.


  3. GZ

    He steals artwork from someone else and passes it off as his with the same ease as he stole a child’s dying screams for his mama and passes them off as his.

    He is beyond a thief.


    • Rachael. YEP!!! Like a retired Sheriff told me once, not all liars are thieves, but all thieves are liars.


  4. For some strange reason I find it difficult to believe MOM’s words… Now on the topic of the painting or whatever he wishes to call it offered by George Zimmerman on E-Bay, it seems as if he is violating the copyright laws by offering an image he does not hold the rights to. Now here is another problem that some who seem to think it is amusing to bid up the price on E-Bay, you run the risk of having them come back on you if you are the winning bidder and do not pay. While they would not spend much time going after you on a $25 item, do you think for one moment that they would not go after you for $100,000+ if you bid and do not pay. Play the game at your own risk… You could be the one that has the problem that Zimmerman walks away from….. A wise man would not play the game that they can not win, especially against a group like E-Bay….. Think, if you win and you pay, you get a questionable work of art, that ultimately will be worthless, if you win and don’t pay you have committed fraud and could be charged or at least sued by E-Bay for their losses… Again it’s a game you need to avoid playing or pay the price… one way or another…


    • crazy1946

      For some strange reason I find it difficult to believe MOM’s words…

      They are very inconsistent with what Orlando Sentinel reported, so I guess it’s a situation of wait and see. When I went through the FRPC, there are a few that O’Mara may have violated, or just stepped up to the line on, with being involved with money that went for Zimmerman’s living expenses. Living expenses have nothing to do with representation. There are also a few rules pertaining to “gifting,” and I am not quite sure if that applies to a client paying rent for property owned by the lawyer.

      According to what is reported, the complaint pertains to O’Mara’s “handling” of Zimmerman’s case. That “handling” involved O’Mara’s use of social media. Who knows (shrug) it may be a combination of what O’Mara says, and what the Orlando Sentinel reported.

      Now on the topic of the painting or whatever he wishes to call it offered by George Zimmerman on E-Bay, it seems as if he is violating the copyright laws by offering an image he does not hold the rights to.

      Know why I’ve not been concerned about it, including the copyright issue? Because George Zimmerman has already demonstrated that he can have half a million dollars today and be broke again in 3 months. Money does not make a person, and Zimmerman has proven that.

      Now here is another problem that some who seem to think it is amusing to bid up the price on E-Bay, you run the risk of having them come back on you if you are the winning bidder and do not pay.

      I’m with you on that. Although, if there is anyone who can get the hair up on haters’ backs, it is Trent Sawyer. I love him for being him.


      • Xena,

        “I’m with you on that. Although, if there is anyone who can get the hair up on haters’ backs, it is Trent Sawyer. I love him for being him.”

        Perhaps I should explain that my concern is that George Zimmerman does not damage or destroy even one more life… even indirectly… it would be so easy to get overwhelmed with desire to get revenge on Zimmerman and fail to realize the risk that one were exposing ones self too…


        • crazy1946. I understand. Zimmerman is toxic.

          But I still love Trent for being himself. 🙂


          • Two sides to a story

            Me too. Takes all kinds to make the world go round. Trent has a good heart.


  5. How about lying to trash a teenaged murder victim


  6. In the news today:

    December 18, 2013 at 8:03 am

    Hearing today in slaying of Detroit teen Renisha McBride


  7. Next witness: Police officer on scene


    • Had contact with Mr. Wafer….no one else came out of his home

      Neighbors standing across street.

      Notified that investigators come


    • As ofc Crot and he approached defendant

      No blood, brain matter, tissue on defendant


    • Gas station BP 2 blocks from Brammel opened from 1am to 4:00am

      A bar might have been opened

      Apparently between location of car accident and defendants house


    • Officer (sgt) asked Mr. Wafer what happened.

      Mr. Wafer cooperated and answered questions immediately.

      Sgt summarized answers in his report.

      Break for lunch

      Court to reconvene at 1:45pm


      • Yahtzee, I for one thank you very much for what you are doing during this hearing! I just walked into the house and read what you have written so far, and it answers a lot of questions that I had. I would help, but I’m tied up today, trying to help my neighbor get ready for Christmas, putting up her tree (so her kids have a tree, my idea, my tree) and various decorations for the tree and their house. Next the long trek to Wal Mart, so she can buy the kids a few presents to go under the tree… When I get home later today, I’m going to put on my best “Baa Humbug” attitude for the rest of the season… Think that I’ll change my name on here to Ebenezer Scrooge….


        • Thanks, crazy… nice of you to help your neighbor out with a Christmas tree and so beautiful of you to help her get gifts at Wal Mart!

          When I get home later today, I’m going to put on my best “Baa Humbug” attitude for the rest of the season… Think that I’ll change my name on here to Ebenezer Scrooge….

          Love your humor, crazy1946!


          • Yahtzee, I’m not all that nice! She has two kids that are IMO neglected and she has money for drugs, drink and to party… I do things for these kids, Christmas is for the kids… I refuse to allow these kids to not have a Christmas, so see, I’m not nice, I’m a just a grumpy old man… who sometimes accidently does something not so awful, but I refuse to make a habit of it… Got to run, will read the rest of your report when I get back later. Hopefully there will be a link to the hearing somewhere, maybe? Thanks for doing the hard part for those of us that are unable to watch the hearing….


  8. Court back in session:


    • New Witness: Det. Sgt Steven Buka(sp?)

      4:30 received call and responded to police station.

      Then went to crime scene

      Got signed search warrant

      Observed Black female with gunshot to face lying on ground face up


      • Photo of her legs at scene shown and Sgt Det said that is how he saw it

        He found nothing that indicated inside that homeowner had known her.

        No indication of a break in

        Side door no damage

        Front door open. Screen door locked.

        Screen itself dropped down


      • Break in filming of proceedings

        Back now

        He is looking at exhibits from some number up to 41


      • 15 through 41 of crime scene photos

        some taken on 8th and then some on the 11th


      • #15 shotgun lying on floor in vestibule looking thru screen into house
        screen door frame with insert….screen out of its place(frame)

        #16 screen door

        #17 screen door Large “hole” in screen

        #18 fluid on right frame (asked if blood…he didn’t know

        #19 shotgun on floor in step down from door

        #20 close up serial #

        #21 round

        #22 same round

        #23 gun case in back bedroom 40′ from front door

        #24 same but closeup

        #25 standing at front door measuring screen door with yellow tape measure



        • #26 still measuring

          #27 measuring

          #28 close up of measuring tape…outside looking in at him measuring

          #29 outside looking in

          #30 67″?

          #31 porch light with window on right NOV 11

          #32 screen door now in basement NOV 11 screen door in basement! Why didn’t they take it as evidence???

          #33 screen door dusted but no fingerprints

          #34 front door …dusted for ”


          #36 side door

          # 37 side door or rear door

          #38 door

          #39 furthest room

          #40 door goes with 39

          #41 same door


          • Spent 45 minutes at the crime scene


          • Then went back to station and had a quick question to Wafer.

            ID of Renisha’s in her pocket

            Spoke with mother and told Renisha had tattoo on shoulder


          • Went to towing and recovered Renisha’s cellphone

            Exhibit 55, 56 60

            Pictures of Renisha’s vehicle (parents said she had been driving it


          • Photo
            #55 vehicle register to family member of Renisha
            #56 the activated vehicle
            #57 windshield with spidering

            Phone had a small crack on it


      • No evidence of defendant’s previous contact with victim.

        Took gun into custody, place in evidence and then take to state’s lab


      • Shotgun shown in court Exhibit 53


      • Nov8– looked for any more firearms, info on shotgun used by Wafer

        Found bill of sale, pamphlets related to it

        Pictures of them

        #50– butt stock to shot gun (extra piece)
        bill of sale , fire arms responsibility pamphlet of NRA
        Owner manuel

        #51 –Hallway closet with compartment where ammo is kept

        shell casing matches that in picture 51….of green box….. 20 live rounds and on spent one left in box. One live in gun case. Gun lock in plastic bag…lock is yellow

        #52– box of shotgun shells


      • 45 degrees and light steady rain

        dark on porch and several street lights

        front door had a peep hole


      • #4 buckshot with 27 small pellets inside round itself


      • I have to take a break


      • Why did you look for fingerprints 9 days later

        Because couldn’t get anything from knocking or pounding on door. Later no fingerprints found.

        Didn’t examine the peephole the night of shooting.

        Ofc Perenell later said in his report peephole was broken.


        • Didn’t measure how far Renisha’s feet were from door…..all you have is photo


        • From search warrant

          Written on line 8 – Mr. Wafer did not tell him that
          was taken from 911 call
          Now defense says he gave Det Sgt wrong copy to look at

          All detective knows is that Wafer’s finger on trigger during shot

          Det. never took a statement from Mr. Wafer


          • 2 search warrants after night of shooting

            Saw what he thought was human tissue on door but did not send it to be analyzed
            days later sent samples off door he later recovered but nothing could be determined

            No fingerprints from shell….can say who put cartridge in shotgun

            No results on any of three doors of any fingerprints dusted for days later

            Examined door bell on the 11th and found it to be broken


          • correction -can’t say who put cartridge in shotgun


          • So what is Ted Wafer going to say now, that he took an unloaded shotgun to the door with him? (sheesh) I admire his defense attorney but she needs to stick to one defense.


        • Looked thru kitchen …no alcohol, marijuana , no syringes no alcohol smell


          • 36″ standard door

            ME: straight on shot

            Had *pistol grip* on shotgun


          • Once screen was recovery

            Samples off screen and frame went to Mich. state police lab

            On 11th he checked doorbell and found it not to be working


          • Exhibit 16 screen door

            looks like screen off door


          • Gun case in bedroom(bed in hall type room) 15 feet from hall closet that had compartment on floor with cartridge box

            Assumed hole in screen from shotgun

            Can only speculate that possibility that head caused glass spidering of windshield of her car

            One spent round in shotgun


          • Shotgun has safety

            ME did not say whether or not there was any particle of screen found on Renisha.


          • Screen door was locked when Det arrived.

            No useable prints on any door.

            Arrived on scene an hour after shooting

            Witness dismissed


  9. New Witness:
    Paris Pace


    • Witnessed car accident

      Was sitting outside of boyfriend’s house in her car waiting for him…….Bramble and Warren ST

      She saw car coming towards her and hit car parallel to hers and that car got pushed up and other car ended up in driveway


      • Doesn’t know why she swerved . She was looking down at first….everything happened fast when she did look up

        Car was just across street from parked car that Renisha hit

        She asked Renisha if she was okay…..then called the police but never saw police arrive…she stayed outside for just 5 minutes before going inside

        Wasn’t close enough

        Renisha was in shock, shocked, trying to get her head clear

        Didn’t see any blood

        Renisha didn’t complain of any injuries

        Renisha walked away a couple of time and then came back


      • Other people were there trying to talk to Renisha

        Guy of hit came out+ 2 neighbors then her boyfriend and two of his friends=6 people

        People were interacting with her on that side of street.

        Last time she saw Renisha was when Renisha came back and sat in her car


        • Renisha according to this witness was not belligerent or aggressive just shook up


          • Renisha was not yelling, cursing or belligerent with anybody there just shaken up

            Witness never saw the police show up in the 30 to 35 minutes she was out there
            After she went inside, her boyfriend stayed out another 15minutes and the police still had not shown up


          • No one was yelling people were simply concerned about whether Renisha was okay.

            Witness excused


  10. New Witness: Inv. and firearms unit—Shaun Kolinich


    • Firearms examiner


      • He is a Det Sgt
        #48–case record number 1–first report generated

        #49–case record number 3–second report he generated

        There is an amended portion to #48 as far as trigger pressure


        • Amended report for #48 for trigger pull because prosecutor office asked for it

          Exhibit #53 –actually shotgun


          • Yahtzee, I’m going to open a page for the rest of the hearing and then watch it along with you.


          • okay I will see you there


          • mossbe 500A shotgun 12 gauge slide action shotgun

            Caliber is diameter of barrel 12 is manufacture’s designation
            bottom has spring where you load cartridges
            will hold 7 cartridges

            7 in tube + one in chamber


            once in tube they are ready to be load into chamber by fore end slide

            one time slide

            won’t slide unless bottom button? is pressed to allow it to

            HAve to slide up each time to load chamber
            range safety prevents trigger from being pulled when safety engaged

            Red dot shows that safety is off and gun ready to fire


  11. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.


  12. Like

    • I was just looking at that on the ebay site….I imagine everyone will cancel their bids before the end of it. One person even cancelled his ebay account.


    • Okay what I need to show are the top bids as of this minute and then tell what I think is happening:

      Bid Time
      m***2 ( 3 ) US $100,099.99
      Dec-17-13 14:45:29 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $100,099.99
      Dec-17-13 14:45:23 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $100,099.99
      Dec-17-13 14:45:14 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $100,099.99
      Dec-17-13 14:45:10 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $100,099.99
      Dec-17-13 14:45:05 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $100,099.99
      Dec-17-13 14:45:01 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $100,099.99
      Dec-17-13 14:44:58 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $100,099.99
      Dec-17-13 14:44:54 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $100,099.99
      Dec-17-13 14:44:49 PST

      x***c ( 320Feedback score is 100 to 499) US $99,999.99
      Dec-18-13 15:38:10 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $99,999.00
      Dec-16-13 18:21:51 PST

      x***c ( 320Feedback score is 100 to 499) US $97,777.77
      Dec-18-13 15:37:42 PST

      x***c ( 320Feedback score is 100 to 499) US $95,555.55
      Dec-18-13 15:37:16 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $88,888.00
      Dec-16-13 18:18:41 PST

      c***c ( 122Feedback score is 100 to 499) US $85,000.00
      Dec-16-13 18:19:38 PST

      c***c ( 122Feedback score is 100 to 499) US $82,000.00
      Dec-16-13 18:19:17 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $77,777.00
      Dec-16-13 18:18:37 PST

      k***_ ( 78Feedback score is 50 to 99) US $75,000.00
      Dec-16-13 18:14:43 PST

      c***c ( 122Feedback score is 100 to 499) US $70,000.00
      Dec-16-13 18:14:42 PST

      m***2 ( 3 ) US $66,666.00
      Dec-16-13 18:12:31 PST

      k***_ ( 78Feedback score is 50 to 99) US $60,000.00
      Dec-16-13 18:12:06 PST


      • M***2 signed up for automatic bids…..his bids were driven up by people who have now bowed out leaving M***2 holding the bag. This is why the bid amount by M***2 is shown multiple times with the same bid. (M***2’s bid goes down when someone just under him bows out.) There were also others on automatic bidding who have since clicked that option off.

        If you go to this page, you can click on “show automatic bids”, the ones in grey are no longer on automatic bidding:


  13. O’Mara’s Facebook postings were, at the very least, tasteless and offensive. I remember seeing some of the pics of him and the family celebrating how well the case was going.

    So Zimmerman is now claiming to be an artist, eh? First George W Bush, now him…what is it about all the a**holes trying to be artists?


    • eurobrat, don’t psychologists have patients draw pictures so they can analyze what is going on their minds? (Hehehe) I guess for George, we can say he finds that being in America makes him blue.


  14. Hi Xena….I guess if being in America makes George BLUE….I promise you that if his whole damn family would pack up & go back to Peru,I would be painting SUNSHINE & RAINBOWS & giving them away!!
    Its been crazy around my house with hubby down & the holidays coming,but I couldn’t let your post on O Smeara go by without comment! He is as big a LIAR as his client!! He knew right off the bat about the money,passport,I might as well just go ahead & type everything! If his client had such an air tight not guilty case,according to OSmeara,Police,etc.then why did they have to spend all their time killing this child over & over again dragging his name thru the mud? Hell he wasn’t OLD enough for all the crap they were throwing out there!! But Ole George WAS! They would like for us to believe it was nothing but WHOOPS when they would get caught playing video of Trayvon & friends Stealing a bike from the homeless,etc(This kind of crap wasn’t TRUE).Now when you spend all your time on dumb crap like that(knowing its all LIES) then you need somebody to report your ass to the BAR!
    I remember in all the jailhouse calls where George tells OSmeara they tried to take a large amount of money out at one time….so he KNEW!! He just told him he could NEVER work again & wasn’t working & providing for his family then….what family….just Shellie & they were living off student loans & their parents!
    It just really SCARES me to death knowing there are people out in this America who are willing to support him & whatever female he is with & sit back with all the POOR FAMILIES who are in such need.With that I have watched OSmeara let his GREED just step over the dead body of a CHILD & LIE.BOTH of them CONTINUE.I really don’t know how they sleep at night….maybe they don’t.
    Thanks for posting…..I’ll keep checking back in.Right now I don’t have time to read about this other case yet.Hopefully things will slow down around here.Have a Great Day!


  15. Like

  16. George Zimmerman Inspired Painting “A Tale Of Two Hoodies” By Michael D’Antuono on ebay. Current bid: $202.50.


  17. George Zimmerman’s eBay painting: Winning bid of $100,099.99,0,3925055.story


    “Whoever wins within the Continental United States, will receive this painting delivered by me personally. Your friend,” Zimmerman told his commenters on the eBay auction site.


    • Yes siree, as soon as the money is transferred into his Mo Be Dick account, Fogen will be in his shruck with his 5 guns to deliver the original painting to the winner. Perhaps the winner is a local resident who is waiting to SYG. That wouldn’t be to much to hope for, would it.


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