Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin Plan To Write Book

Sybrina and Tracy 3

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton

Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, parents of Trayvon Martin, intend to write a book about their son, his death, his killer’s trial and more.  Sybrina and Tracy met with publishers, accompanied by Jan Miller, their Dallas-based literary agent.  Two publishing executives participated in the meeting and described it as somber and moving.

One publishing executive said Mr. Martin and Ms. Fulton spoke eloquently on social issues of race and religion, suggesting that faith could be a central element of the book.  Both have openly stated about their faith.  After a jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, Sybrina tweeted:

“Lord during my darkest hour I lean on you. You are all that I have. At the end of the day, GOD is still in control. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I will love you forever Trayvon!!! In the name of Jesus!!!”

Sybrina and Tracy told publishers that they have never fully spoken out about Sybrina and Tracy 4what happened, including their experience at the trial of George Zimmerman.  The book has the potential to attract major media attention, especially on cable television, which exhaustively covered the fatal shooting and subsequent trial.


Sybrina Fulton anTrayvon Martin homed Tracy Martin are the epitome of dignity and strength.  Because of them, a nation fell in love with Trayvon Martin and was educated on the inner workings of the investigation conducted by the Sanford Police Department that failed to gather and preserve certain evidence.  That worked to Zimmerman’s advantage during his trial.

Unlike Mark and Sondra Osterman, and Robert Zimmerman Sr. who self-published their books, publishers want to invest in Sybrina’s and Tracy’s book.   That makes professional authors, editors and marketing executives available to them, and their contract should also include any rights to screenplays.

The Ostermans’ book, although promoted on programs such as Dr. Phil, was not successful.   Some readers refer to it as the “George said” book. Even those supporting Robert Zimmerman Sr’s book criticized its poor writing and editing.

We wish Sybrina and Tracy the best in this endeavor.  Trayvon Martin lives in our hearts forever, and having a book written by his parents is one way of making sure that history is never forgotten.

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    • Xena, both of your videos still have the emotional, moving impact on me as they did when you first created them.

      May God always bless Tracy and Sybrina with His Loving Presence and with His strength and comfort.

      Tracy and Sybrina have used their pain and loss to steadfastly create an organization and support a social movement to demand a change to SYG laws and create to an awareness that no child should ever again be stereotyped, profiled, pursued, and killed as their son was.

      May there be NO MORE TRAYVONS; may no child ever worry that he/she might be next because of the color of his skin.


      • Me too!!!!! Xena, you got me crying again. Those two video’s just make your heart ache, so many emotions.


        • dreamer. I cried when putting those together. Their pain is real. Their love is real. Their struggle is real. They are genuine people and I highly look forward to their book being published. Trayvon is smiling in spirit.


  1. Thank you


  2. Tell it all and hold nothing back. Rip the prosecution and the defense. Tell us what Fogen and his entire posse really is.


    • I’d like to know what the prosecution told Sybrina and Tracy from the beginning to the end. I’d also like to read how the defense asked her questions during deposition that had no bearing on the case.


      • Yes, I would, too, Xena.

        And, I will also appreciate reading Sybrina’s words about her faith in God.


          • Published on Oct 3, 2013
            Sybrina Fulton joins National Gospel Recording Artist T-D.O.G.G. “The Deliverer of God’s Gospel” and the TD3 Entertainment family to bring encouragement to all those who have lost loved ones with this soul stirring song. No matter what you’re going through, never forget, Joy Comes in The Morning.


  3. Two sides to a story

    More power to them. I hope the book sheds some light on what happened with the prosecution.


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  5. As they should…


  6. God Bless these Parents Sybrina Fulton & Tracy Martin.They have shown nothing but PURE CLASS during this whole nightmare.I think they taught us all how to deal with so much.When I hear anything or read anything about them,the word that comes to me is HERO.I’m not so sure that I could have done this with such DIGNITY turning their PAIN into POWER.I will continue to stand with them & support them in all they do.I can’t wait to read the book.
    Thank You Xena for showing us the videos again,I agree with the others that it still makes me cry.


    • Hey Marilyn!! I totally agree with you. I’ve seen other parents when in the media go on the defense, yell, scream, and use profanity. Even the Zimmerman’s called Trayvon “vicious” and “savage.” Not once did I hear Sybrina nor Tracy call George a name. Yes — dignity. Dignity earns respect and that respect resulted in over 2 million people of all races calling for Zimmerman’s arrest.


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    • countryfairy12. Welcome to Blackbutterfly7 and thanks for the reblog. I paid your blog a visit and will return to read. It looks very interesting.


  8. I am looking forward to the book also. Here is a good article about the civil rights of Trayvon.

    Justice still demands a civil rights prosecution of Zimmerman


    • Thank you for this article, dreamer!


      The Justice Department had firm grounds after Zimmerman’s acquittal in state court to bring civil rights charges against him. The legal standard that federal prosecutors use in determining when civil rights charges should be filed is clear. A prosecution can be brought when the state prosecution was shoddy, inadequate, and inept. The prosecution’s appalling presentation of botched and contradictory evidence, grossly unprepared prosecution witnesses, and most important, the muddling of the charge, second degree murder was glaringly apparent in the state trial.

      Federal prosecutors must consider whether the state in essence failed through incompetence or deliberate intent to dump its case. It mattered little in Zimmerman’s trial whether it was one or the other the end result was the same, an acquittal which defied all legal logic. A strong case can be made from this that there is a substantial federal interest in insuring that a prosecution of Zimmerman is fair, professional and unbiased. There is still great evidence from the deeply flawed state prosecution that the Justice Department can obtain a conviction. Federal prosecutors must also be convinced that the defendant’s action, in this case the gunning down of Martin, constitutes a federal offense. The federal offense was the violation of Martin’s civil rights.


      • The Martin case raised deeply troubling questions about the power of the law to protect citizens from their unimpeded right to life and safety. Federal prosecutors play a major role in insuring that where there’s the suspicion that an individual’s rights might have been violated for any reason not solely because of their race and gender that the power of federal law is brought to bear to insure that their rights are protected.


  9. Orlando Sentinel ‏@orlandosentinel 53m

    #GeorgeZimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara faces Florida Bar complaint over handling of #Zimmerman case:


    • roderick2012

      Good. I hope that loathesome POS is disbarred.

      There are so many issues to nail O’Mara’s weasely behind to the wall on but I hope that some one has been reading Xena’s profile on Juror B37 being a plant and has followed up on it.

      If that is true maybe Juror B37 will get the notoriety she’s been looking for but not for the reason she had hoped.

      If that true maybe Juror B37 will get the noteriety she’s been looking for but not for the reason she had hoped. LOL


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