Peace and Good, Brotherhood

butterflies_peace_sign_framed_tileThose of you who follow Blackbutterfly7 no doubt know that in times when we become worn out with so much happening around us, that I get in the mood to encourage.

Snow, snow, snow.  I’ve lived in Illinois all of my life through snowy winters, but understand that there are some people in America now who are new to snow.  Here’s hoping that they will turn snow banks into snowmen.

Nelson Mandela is being buried. R.I.P.

George Zimmerman’s aggravated battery case is back in the news where he wants to get back with the woman who he claims is a liar.

Some folks are Christmas shopping; others can’t afford to.

Politicians are still fighting.  We don’t yet know if the federal government is going to extend unemployment benefits.

And the list goes on.

I also just noticed that the “George and Shellie Zimmerman” menu is not working.  (Will try to fix that this weekend.)  You can still find posts about George and Shellie by using the “Categories” box located on the right-side border.

Tommy James 1So let’s take a break and go back to about 1969.  When “Crystal Blue Persuasion” by Tommy James and the Shondells hit the airwaves, some people wondered if there was symbolism in the words.  Many years  later in promoting his book, Tommy revealed that the song is not about drugs. Crystal blue persuasion is “peace and good, brotherhood.”


Peace 2

By Alyson Shedd

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  1. Love that song!!! Brings back to many memories!! My time … 🙂


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    So well said …. Crystal Blue Persuasion!!


  3. Hi Xena,

    The news is often a daily assault on my mood and peace of mind. For me, when hopelessness, futility and depression enters my soul and takes over. When I feel the takeover coming I stay away from the news and blogs till I can deal with it again. This is the time I seek out positivity to right the keel.




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  5. kindheart101

    Again, another awesome post Xena!

    I remember that song as if it was yesterday. (Along with: All we need is love. Peace Train. What’s so funny bout Peace, Love and Understanding. Get together. He ain’t Heavy, he’s my Brother. Change in the wind……..)

    I have used a little trick since cell phones hit the market years ago. I always have an inspirational ring tone that lifts me up, and helps me to reflect on the “Good” in my life, and world, whenever I receive a call. (And until I receive my Ultimate Call.)

    This is my ring tone, along with the lyrics. Enjoy…..and Peace to all of you.

    Casting Crowns “Who Am I?”


    • I know that you are writing to Xena, but I just have to respond to you, kindheart.

      I just played your “Who Am I” link, and it went right to my heart….I don’t think I can find the words to express my feelings….”beautiful” and “moving” are two words that just begin to say it.

      Thank you for this!


      • kindheart101

        My dear friend Yahtzee, it is certainly meant for you also. I have had this as a ring tone for over 2 years. It keeps me grounded. It helps me to remember that no matter what goes on in the world, I must only account for my actions.

        I have felt so much anger about the needless murder of Trayvon, but then, my phone would ring…(on cue)…and I would feel comfort knowing he is at peace. When I hear everything about Zimmerman, I know I must be patient, as his day of judgement will come. And when I get upset about all of the chaos in this world, all of the hurt, the hungry, the needy, politics, wars………..I go to my church, or the homeless center, and pass out clothes, or cook for the shelter.

        Just to remind everyone? This Saturday, the 14th, it has been 1 year since the families in Newtown lost their blessed children and teachers to the Sandy Hook violence. They ask that we please do a good deed, and pray for them.


        • I hear you, kindheart.

          And, yes, I can see how that inspirational ringtone lifts you up. It is what Xena is talking about: “that we need to re-fill with positive things and re-fuel with positive energy.”

          Sometimes, in my caring walk, compassion and empathy for a victim of injustice or a deadly crime CAN lead me to slip on the “banana peel” of anger; or such aching for a whole group that experiences inequality or injustice that my heart, like nauseated stomach, feels it needs to heave out sorrow, disillusionment or frustration.

          Once when I was expressing this to a blogging friend, she wrote me insightful words which concluded that the “ultimate lesson is Love.”

          Here is our exchange when I wrote my agreement with her conclusion”

          >Me: The ultimate lesson IS love.

          Her:Yes indeed.  We have a choice.  POWER or LOVE

          Me: Mandela chose love!

          Her: And not without going through anger, aggression, pain, sorrow, tears.. not without being human.  Madiba was not, is not nor has he ever been some myth.  He went through what was required of him to come into his awareness of a morally, loving, and conscience soul.


  6. Xena, thank you so much for this article which Refreshens me. Yes, we do need to be encouraged and renewed!

    I so appreciate your selection of “Crystal Blue Persuasion.”

    Better get ready
    Gonna see the light
    LOVE, LOVE is the answer,
    And that’s all right
    So DON’T you give up now,
    It’s so easy to find
    *Just look to your soul*
    *And open your mind*

    Crystal blue persuasion
    It’s a new vibration
    Crystal blue persuasion
    Blue persuasion

    Maybe tomorrow
    When He looks down
    On every green field,
    And every town
    All of His children
    In every nation
    There’ll be PEACE and GOOD
    Crystal blue persuasion


    • If I Were A Voice

      If I were a voice, a persuasive voice,
That could travel the wide world through,
I would fly on the beams of the morning light,
      And speak to men with a gentle might,
And tell them to be true.
I’d fly, I’d fly, o’er land and sea,
Wherever a human heart might be,
Telling a tale, or singing a song,
In praise of the right – in blame of the wrong.


If I were a voice, a consoling voice,
I’d fly on the wings of air,
The homes of Sorrow and Guilt I’d seek,
And calm and truthful words I’d speak
To save them from Despair.
I’d fly, I’d fly, o’er the crowded town,
And drop, like the happy sun-light, down
Into the hearts of suffering men,
And teach them to rejoice again.

If I were a voice, a convincing voice,
I ‘d travel with the wind,
And whenever I saw the nations torn
By warfare, jealousy, or scorn,
Or hatred of their kind,
I’d fly, I’d fly, on the thunder-crash,
And into their blinded bosoms flash;
And, all their evil thoughts subdued,
I’d teach them ……… Brotherhood.


If I were a voice, a pervading voice,
I’d seek the kings of Earth;
I’d find them alone on their beds at night
And whisper words that should guide them right
Lessons of priceless worth;
I’d fly more swift than the swiftest bird,
And tell them things they never heard
Truths which the ages for aye repeat
Unknown to the statesmen at their feet.


If I were a voice, an immortal voice,
I’d speak in the people’s ear;
And whenever they shouted ‘Liberty,’
Without deserving to be free,
I’d make their error clear.
I’d fly, I’d fly, on the wings of day,
Rebuking wrong on my world-wide way,
And making all the Earth rejoice-
If I were a voice-an immortal voice.

      Charles Mackay


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