Facebook Killer Derek Medina Indicted, Claims Stand Your Ground

Legislatures wrote a defense in the law, and killers are using it. It’s the only law that allows people to be react to humans like they react to bugs; i.e., just kill them and say you did it because you’re afraid.

End Stand Your Ground

MIAMI, FL. (UPDATED December 4, 2013) – Derek Medina, a Miami man accused of killing his wife earlier this year, then posting a picture of her dead body on facebook, was indicted by a grand jury today on a new charge of 1st degree murder, according to a bill of information filed November 26. His attorneys plan to abuse er, use a stand your ground defense.

UPDATE: Facebook Killer Derek Medina Convicted

In this unusual twist to the usual “stand your ground” horror stories, Medina, 31, still in jail after a judge denied bond, pled not guilty earlier this year to all three charges of 2nd degree murder with a firearm, throwing a deadly missile, and child endangerment.

He claims he was a victim of spousal abuse by his wife, 26-year-old Jennifer Alfonso. Her friends reportedly say it was just the opposite, and that it was actually Alfonso who was the abuse…

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  1. Thanks for keeping us informed, Xena, by re-blogging this article.

    Xena, you stated the true situation that exists today because of the SYG law when you commented:

    It’s the only law that allows people to be react to humans like they react to bugs;

    i.e., just kill them and say you did it because you’re afraid.


    • Yahtzee. I had a revelation moment once when seeing a spider in my kitchen. Suddenly, I realized that I wanted to kill it because I was afraid of it, and I was afraid of it because I didn’t know much about spiders.


      • Very insightful comparison, Xena.

        I just get spiders into plastic cups and then take them outside.

        🙂 Once when a yellow and black wasp was on the window, I dipped my finger in water, went up to it and offered it the water on my finger. The wasp climbed on my finger, and I carried it outside, and it flew away.


        • However, I am not easy on FLIES that are out of reach that I can’t catch in a paper cup. I am a very good aim with a rubber band and can hit flies that are on the ceiling.

          (I had two older brothers and learned at a very young age how to use a rubber band with great accuracy 🙂 )


        • Yahtzee. I move spiders outside now too. If a wasp got into my house, I’m not so sure I would be as understanding. LOL!! We’ve had the experience of grasshoppers finding their way inside and into my plants. They are easy to catch and take outside. To prevent my fear of snakes, I have a guy come out the first of Spring and every 3 months until October and spray my yards with repellant.

          But I still don’t know about those wasps. LOL!!


          • Good for you with the spiders and grasshoppers, Xena!

            Again, with two older brothers, I like non-poisonous snakes.

            🙂 Tell you what….I will come and pick up your dozens of snakes and put them in a container. Then you can drive me and the container (hee, hee) of snakes to your local science center and they can release them into their habitant.


          • habitat


          • Yahtzee. TWO DOZEN!!!! LOL!! All I saw was one and was on the phone with the wildlife guy.

            On a sunny day in April, one was on my deck sunning. That is the first month that the wildlife guy usually comes out. I put moth balls around the deck to keep them from returning until he could come out. Moth balls also work in keeping small critters away.


          • Just one? 🙂 That’s okay. I do understand.

            I remember long ago telling my students when they thought a hermit crab or lizard was ugly and scary, “Just because it is ugly to you doesn’t mean that this creature isn’t a nice little fella.”


          • LOL@Yahtzee. Gardner snakes are live bearers. There can be one today and 50 tomorrow. You might be happy to know, however, that there are toads in my basement window well. I can’t get them out, and they seem to be very happy there. It’s now been 3 years. They even survive the winters. Maybe I should start charging them rent. 🙂


          • Xena, it is with great pleasure that I award you with “The Toad-Friendly Human” prize:


          • LOL@Yahtzee.

            When I get time, I’ll try embedding my new prize. LOL!!


  2. Like

  3. Sometimes I wonder if some use this law because it has been on the news so much as a result of Trayvon and others. With the case above I wonder if this happened 20 yrs ago if the defense would have been a battered spouse defense–where typically a woman, after years of abuse, decides to kill her abuser (not that I believe his story but some women can be just as violent towards their spouse and we would be foolish to believe that women can’t be just as violent).

    I think that the term is thrown around almost like a punch line–a punch line that has deadly consequences. But what we have seen in case after case is someone with a gun reacts out of anger or fear, but it isn’t fear of one’s life but the fear of another. We see defense attorneys try to use it as a way out for their client–something MOM tried in some of his motions, throw everything out and see what sticks. It doesn’t mean that their client would ever fall into the category of SYG but they use it anyway as a possible way out. There are some cases where I would’ve thought SYG would have won and the person still lost–like in the case of John McNeil in Georgia.


    • towerflower, you make excellent points. It’s difficult to know how juries will decide because effectively, they get to relate to “fear” and each person can have a different perception. “Reasonable” fear is therefore defined by each individual member of the jury. There is no way real justice can be served when that happens.


      • roderick2012

        Xena: It’s difficult to know how juries will decide because effectively, they get to relate to “fear” and each person can have a different perception

        And you have to hope that a corrupt bitch like Judge Nelson is writing the jury instructions and only includes parts favorable to the defendant.

        Oh I forgot her jury instructions were like Bush v Gore. It could only be used once: it was not meant to set precedence.


  4. Two sides to a story

    I can only hope that juries will really crack down on abuses of SYG law and that states will administer the law in a really conservative and level-headed way. I feel that there is far too much leeway to kill people in the US and far too much emphasis on fear. Not too many people are actually getting battered to death when they kill someone else in supposed self-defense, and that’s just plain wrong.