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Dr. Rex


Dr. Rex has written:

There are so many wonderful blogs and writers out there. Some I follow and others I see through reblogs. There’s an incredible wealth of knowledge, information, facts, interesting stories, humor, celebrations, shared feelings and personal stories. We post and we share. We create bridges, we tear walls down. We connect!! We create friendships.

She expresses my thoughts and experience.  In passing on nominations today, Dr. Rex came up with a great idea.  I am adopting that in passing on this award to whomever has been previously nominated and needs another star.


Blackbuttery7 has received its 5th star for the Blog of the Year, 2013, award.  Our 5th star is presented by Dr. Rex (Horty)

It is indeed an honor to be recognized by peers. We each understand and appreciate what is required to blog, and we share our love in doing so.  I am so honored and humbled to be a part of a blogging community, sharing the same interests in equality for all.

I now pass the nomination to Caleb G. of

Diversity if BeautifulDiversity is Beautiful


Since accepting the nomination and passing it on to nominees, Blackbutterfly7 has received two stars for a total of four.  When we accepted the nomination, I inadvertently forgot that Blackbutterfly7 had already received two stars and did not inform the nominees that the two stars were passed on to them.  Thus, Blackbutterfly7 now has 3 stars to pass on to nominees.

I now pass the nomination, with 3 stars, to Caleb G. of


It is a great honor for Blackbutterfly7 to accept nomination for this award.  It means so much to me, to BlushedBrown as a contributing author, and for those who work behind the scenes to make this blog possible.

In July 2012, Jim and Mindyme62 of the Yahoo Group Blackbutterfly768, encouraged me to look into opening a blog.  On August 1, 2012, Blackbutterfly7 was born with the publishing of our “About” page.  The popularity and success of this blog has been mainly by word-of-mouth.  Therefore, we share this nomination for Blog of the Year with all of our supporters.

Now, for the instructions to accept nomination:

1. Select the blog(s) you think deserve the Blog of The Year 2013 Award.

2. Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ the blog(s) with their award.

3. Let the blog(s) that you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them – (please don’t alter the instructions or the badges!)

4. Come over and say hello to the originator of the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award via this link:

5. You can now also join the Blog Of The Year Award Facebook Page.

6. And as a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with this award – and proudly display the award on your blog – and start collecting stars!

 This is a VERY prestigious Award! There are stars to collect!

Unlike other awards which you can only add to your blog once – this award is different!

When you begin you will receive the ’1 star’ award – and every time you are given the award by another blog – you can add another star! There are a total of 6 stars to collect.  (Thanks to Horty, Blackbutterfly7 starts off with two stars.)

The parameters that I used to determine my nominees are:

  1. The amount of information I gain from the subjects of the blog.
  2. The blog administrator’s interest in supporting the Word Press community of bloggers, either through reblogging, or by way of a blogroll or both.
  3. The blog administrator’s participation in comments and moderation of comments.
  4. That the blog is active having at least one article posted this month.
  5. Appearance.  The blog is easy to navigate and the blogger has taken time to tell about themselves and/or the purpose of the blog by having an “About” section.

As nominees of this award, please post a comment here when you accept the nomination.

The Blogs I nominate are:


Caleb G.’s blog has a variety of informative articles.  It is easy to navigate, and he enjoys blogging, sometimes posting as much as 11 different articles in one month.  I can spend hours in the “Media” section.  In pertinent part, he describes his blog as:

U.S. Hypocrisy“ or “United States Hypocrisy” is basically a collection of my views and opinions on different topics involving current and historical events. The themes explored deal with racism, capitalism, imperialism, American police brutality & violence, religion, (in)tolerance, capital punishment, prison and incarceration.

Caleb G. supports the Word Press community by reblogging.


In his About, Glenn tells his readers that is of Irish, German, Dutch, English & Austrian diaspora.  He enjoys the topics of sociology, anthropology, psychology, history and politics.   Glenn supports the Word Press community by providing  Featured Communities and a blogroll.  Mixedamericanlife is easy to navigate.   His homepage provides snippets of recent posts making them easy to find.


What can I say about Shaun?  A short paragraph doesn’t do him justice, but I have to restrain myself.  Shaun reaches out to others, and we reach back.  He’s from the country of my maternal grandparents’ birth; i.e. Scotland.  Shaun is genuine.  He actively contributes in comments, and he blogs on a variety of subjects.  He supports the Word Press Community by following other blogs, and contributing to comments.


It is What it Is; Dr. Rex, (Horty), is a magnificent, busy blogger.  I don’t know how she does it.  She begins the day with a good morning post, and ends her blogging day with an end of the day post.  In between, Horty posts on a variety of subjects and always finds time to discuss with those commenting.  She keeps up with the news, the news within the news, and the news that’s waiting to become news. Her blog is VIBRANT.  Horty supports the Word Press Community by displaying blogs that she follows, and she always finds time to visit other blogs and leave her calling card by way of leaving a like and/or a comment.  When I grow up, I want to be like Horty.

Now, I’m on my way to deliver the news to the nominees.

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  1. Congratulations, well deserved!!!!


  2. My dear BB7 … I’m honored. I humbly and very gratefully accept this award that you have nominated my blog with.
    I have really enjoyed the way you described the blogs that you have chosen to nominated. VIBRANT! Wow …. this is a word that you have used!! Thank you for describing my blog like you have … coming from you, this means a lot to me.
    I’m beyond words to express my gratitude and “wonderment” at your opinion of the blog that I started in March 2013.

    I’m honored and I humbly accept this award!! TY, TY, TY ….
    I will be working on this sometime later today …..
    Hugs and blessing sent to you, your collaborators and yours!! Thank you …..


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is a very nice post to wake up to … Thank you. I’m honored and I accept this prestigious award very humbly!! TY ….


  4. Xena, Congrats, this award is well deserved.. While we may disagree on some things, IMO you are the best…


    • Crazy1946. We respectfully disagree with each other when we do disagree. You, dear sir, have my respect. (But don’t push it.) LOL!!


      • Xena,

        ” (But don’t push it.)”

        I would rather walk bare footed across burning coals, than to do that… 🙂 I already have plenty of people mad at me, and do not desire to add one more to the list… I miss the friendship of another person on this blog, who no longer talks to me, and feel a great loss because of that 😦 . Have a good day, stay warm and enjoy your day…


        • @crazy1946.

          I miss the friendship of another person on this blog, who no longer talks to me, …

          Give it time.


        • crazy1946,

          I love all the questions you bring to discussions.

          Whenever you have a differing viewpoint, it always causes me to reflect on my viewpoint and sharpen my thinking.

          I, like Xena, appreciate that at certain times we can both agree to disagree.


          • Yahtzee, Out of all the people in the blog world (and physical one as well) that I would hate to bring to anger, you and Xena are at the top of the list. I will admit there are many that I truly don’t care about how they respond to my words, but the two of you are not on that list… Please accept my apology for allowing my words to upset you? I think it is now a good time to retreat back to my rock and reflect on the future… Have a good day!


          • Thanks your comments, crazy1946…all is fine.

            Wishing you a super day!


  5. Xena,


    I have always loved coming to your blog and reading your excellent, well-thought-out and carefully researched articles and videos!

    You have a beautiful way of being involved in discussions that follow your articles which I so much appreciate.

    Please know that I feel you are making a difference in the world as you pursue your cause for justice and equality for all.

    When I think of one of my favorite poems (which I will quote here), I think of YOU, Xena. With your blog, you do what is contained in this poem.

    When the poem ends with “Now it is up to you”, I feel that you, Xena, early on in your life, took up this challenge and CHOSE this way of living life.

    by Nathan Chan

    One phrase can frame the moment.
    One thought can wake the dream.
    One tree can start a forest.
    One word can shine a beam.

    One smile begins a friendship,
    One touch will lift the soul.
    One star can guide a ship at sea.
    One word can change the goal.

    One vote can change a nation.
    One sunbeam light a room.
    One candle wipe out darkness,
    One laugh conquer gloom.

    One step must start each journey.
    One word must start each prayer.
    One hope will raise our spirits.
    One touch can show you care.

    One voice can speak with wisdom.
    One mind can know what’s true.
    One life can make the difference.
    Now it’s up to you.


  6. OMG! I’m so excited and honored by this Xena!! You have no idea. I feel so touched and thankful that you would recognize me for such an honor 0-= ! I’m speechless right now. It makes me want to stay home from work and just blog all day Lol. I’ll be sure to catch up with you this afternoon. I hope this shift goes by quickly so I can get back here to give my acceptance speech. I didn’t write one in advance because I being nominated was honor enough. I never dreamed I’d win (in my MJ voice).


    • Caleb, your blog is inspiring. And you work too? You deserve the award.


      • Thank you! And yes I certainly do work.. a lot lol. And sometimes I’m like, “I could be getting so much more important stuff written if I didn’t always have to be in a rush to go to work!” lol


        • LOL@Caleb. I feel that way about housecleaning, cooking, sleep …. 🙂


          • I’m FINALLY back! I’ve been waay to busy. I haven’t even got a chance to add the award to my blog yet to show it off! How is everything on your end friend?!


          • Check it out. I opened up a special page for my new award (-:

            Liked by 1 person

          • Ooo. Gotta go see.

            Still waiting here for 2 stars — and I thought of another blog that I should have nominated. There’s always that feeling that I’ve left someone out.


          • Hi Xena! A wonderful blog was @bcc.list never had a troll cause of his insistence on first stating where you are getting your opinion from and only then stating your conclusion. Whonoze has picked it up. These are considered the scientific blogs and the people were amazing.
            Strictly a suggestion as bcc.list is inactive now but he did an amazing thing.


          • @2dogsonly. I nominated the bcclist for another award — didn’t hear anything back.

            One thing with Word Press awards is to promote the Word Press community by associating with other blogs. That might come by way of participating on other blogs, providing a blog roll or some other “widget” such as “blogs I follow” or “Community.”

            I shared on Whonoze’s blog from time to time. One reason I have not nominated his blog for awards is because of the criteria — he does not have a blogroll or “Community.”

            Another criteria is that the blog has an “About” page, because that is where the nomination is posted.

            There are several blogs that I visit and enjoy reading, and even post comments to, but they either do not have an “About” page or lack a blogroll. I can ask that they put up an “About” page, but I feel rather intrusive about asking that they develop a blogroll.

            Word Press has now introduced the “My Community” widget and I just launched it here — love it!


        • Xena, are you kidding. You quote papa zim as credible? Don’t get that at all,? Why would you think anything he says is credible?
          Further, what difference does it make what MOM ‘s contract bono or not..
          The November defense fund ??is paying because the defense fund has an obligation to pay for defense expenses?? What??
          What makes you say that or even think there is any defense fund left.
          My question was MOM reports security lawsuit was paid by Orlando says no other info available
          . Tubs puts on request for public defender that he is broke except for 140.00. Public defender is granted. Two days later click Orlando reports “security firm was paid off to the tune of 30k by zimmermanis”


          • @2dogsonly.

            Xena, are you kidding. You quote papa zim as credible? Don’t get that at all,? Why would you think anything he says is credible?

            Might as well use his words as it pertains to George’s allowance. 🙂

            Further, what difference does it make what MOM ‘s contract bono or not..

            Because contract law includes agreements between attorneys and clients. Many a lawyer has been called before disciplinary boards for not adhering to the four-corners of their agreement.

            The November defense fund ??is paying because the defense fund has an obligation to pay for defense expenses?? What??

            The money in the defense fund as of July 13, 2013 and thereafter would have to pay costs of the Trust. That is why George is only able to get an allowance. If the Trust is still opened and not dissolved, then it is still paying for the “legal defense” and costs generated by George while awaiting trial.

            What makes you say that or even think there is any defense fund left.

            Because O’Mara is still hoping to get paid. Now, that doesn’t mean that the defense fund is liquid — just that it has not been dissolved.

            Tubs puts on request for public defender that he is broke except for 140.00. Public defender is granted. Two days later click Orlando reports “security firm was paid off to the tune of 30k by zimmermanis”

            Which suggests that O’Mara loaned them the money. As an the alternative, maybe the clerk of the court paid something to O’Mara for costs of trial. He did say that defense experts had been paid. I don’t think that O’Mara has given an accounting for the legal defense funds since around April.

            Here’s another thought. Remember the money that Shellie spent paying debts while George was in jail the first time? Maybe they had to agree to reimburse that amount to the Trust, which reduced their monthly stipends. The amount of settlement sure is close to the amount that paid off their past due debts back in April last year. Who knows? With a qualified accountant and the IRS, some arrangement may have been made to prevent them from having to pay taxes on money used for their personal debts rather than “legal defense.”


          • Orange County public records is closed down for maintenance this weekend. My guess is since MOM was included in lawsuit and boy was he totally creepy with these guys. e.g., not returning calls time and again. Really unprofessional. Anyway, I’m guessing with his new CNN gig and needing to clean up any lawsuits naming him as a defendant, he paid it. He was as legally responsible as tubs..maybe much more so since he hired and approved the services.


          • @2dogsonly.

            He was as legally responsible as tubs..maybe much more so since he hired and approved the services.

            Yes, as I’m sure that he didn’t want the blonde babysitter having to litigate the case. That would have required communicating with George and Shellie and no one wants that cocktail now.


  7. Oh my gosh Xena….another AWARD!Congratulations!! Honey YOU deserve any & all that the blog world offers! I appreciate also all of the people behind the scenes as you usually say,so I guess I should cover everyone by saying thank you to the people behind you,beside you,in front of you,etc.You get my drift.You work really hard to try to make a difference in this world.I do know that in a couple of months I will turn 65…but when I grow up…I want to be just like YOU!! Great Job!


    • Marilyn C. HEY!! Thank you.

      so I guess I should cover everyone by saying thank you to the people behind you,beside you,in front of you,etc.You get my drift.

      I give credit to those who post suggestions in comments for cases I should read and/or present; and those who are johnny-on-the-spot keeping up with Florida news and also those who link to documents. You’re included in that Marilyn. Your encouragement is energy. We are really a “community” here and I share the honor of this nomination with all of you.


    Security lawsuit settled for 30k ” paid by Zimmerman” click Orlando says no further info provided.
    So who and how was this lawsuit paid when tubs states he has no assets and owes 2.5 million on his court document?


    • @2dogsonly. Thanks for the story about the settlement. I’m going to post it on the page about O’Mara in the media so others don’t miss it.


      • Xen! How do you think this 30k was paid?


        • @2dogsonly. The article says that the Zimmermans paid it. If so, the money must have been that donated since July. In the alternative, O’Mara loaned it to Shellie and George with a lien on the defense fund Trust.


          • Xena, tubs puts on court document his assets are only 144.00 so unless he’s lying on his court document he doesn’t have any donations left, although he does leave blank the space under ” trusts”. And he owes MOM 2.4 million and MOM said on AC360 he may or may not ever be paid but something along it’s in contract he and West had put in 3000 hours each and in event any money is ever collected in future …..they may be. It’s all very vague and questionable but that security lawsuit was paid from somewhere.


          • @2dogsonly. I remember Papa Zim telling Barbara Walters that George receives a monthly allowance from the defense trust and that wasn’t going to last long. Maybe the $144 is what remained from his November monthly allowance. The defense fund has an obligation to pay for the costs of defense.

            The $30K settlement is a way for O’Mara to get one more iron out of the fire that ties him to George.

            I would really like to see the agreement signed by George for O’Mara representing him to know whether it says “pro bono” is contingent on donations to the defense fund.


  9. Oh, Xena big congratulations!!



    (Pressed for time but wanted to let everyone know)

    Blackbutterfly7 has received its third star for Blog of the Year 2013 Award. Six stars are required in order to move from nominee to award recipient.

    Each time that a “star” is added, it requires complying with the rules, so I’ll work on nominating other blogs and get those posted.


  11. Congratulations to you and to me because we are winners!! (-: And thanks for the comments about my blog. I had no idea 11 posts in a month was a lot! lol Adding to my cool Awards page.


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