Sybrina Fulton’s Testimony Before The Senate

Sybrina Fulton’s testimony before the U.S. Senate on Oct. 29, 2013, at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights examining the civil rights and public safety implications of “stand your ground” laws.

(Video courtesy of Senator Dick Durbin, D-IL)



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  1. He was a 16-just-turned-17-year-old kid, acting like a kid, buying candy and talking on the phone to a girl. The tears are starting all over again.


    • Such dignity, class and grace she has.


    • I am crying too, Rachael.

      Losing her precious child and all that she has been through in seeking justice and all she has done to support others……I just want to hug her.

      I so admire her strength and goodness.

      She spoke beautifully and sincerely for an important cause that will help so many of our fellow citizens.


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  4. Lucy McBath, spokesperson for Moms Demand Action and mother of Jordan Davis, has a petition to repeal stand your ground.

    You can also visit the campaign’s Facebook Page.


  5. She exhibits the definition of grace.


  6. The entire hour long hearing can be viewed at this link:


  7. Stand Up To Stand Your Ground – public service announcement


    • This video should be posted all over the internet!

      Thank you for posting it here, Xena!


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  9. I saw her and the whole hearing. I was so thrilled they brought up the part of Fl. SYG where you do have a duty to retreat if you’re the aggressor. This is what Judge corrupt refused into
    the jury instructions. Mantai fought for it. A University of Florida law professor asked why it wasn’t given to the jurors on a post the next morning. That was when I first realized the case was rigged. 😦

    My thoughts are Holder, sadly, did the right thing because the law hasn’t caught up with the more subtle ways of discrimination. It will come but it’s probably years away. I didn’t hear “coon” but Whonoze, who is an auditory expert did. I heard “punks” and that’s where the meaning is unclear, at least in a legal definition way. We know what tubby meant & he profiled Trayvon but what suspicious burgular wears white tennis shoes and tan pants and looks to rob houses at 7pm in the rain on a Sunday …that’s where the profile comes in because other than being an AA, nothing else ( not time, not clothing, not weather, not day) fits with raising any suspicion at all. That leaves color of skin and that is profiling.

    Senate inquired about MOM’s use of smearing the victim. I was so glad. And the tie in of the rape shield law to protect a rape victim was asked….this smearing the victim defense is why this law was enacted in rape cases. This question was discussed at the end of the hearing so O’Mara will have that shame follow him and hopefully mitigate his reputation as a hot shot defense attorney.

    Trayvon’s name now stands for something meaningful in spite of attempts to desecrate it and this hearing will be broadcast worldwide and maybe, even, become part of our national lexicon.

    The entire world will hear this verdict described as ” a perverse verdict” by a US REPUBLICAN senator . That is our victory and it is kind of awesome.;-)


    • @2dogsonly. I’ve ask that the DOJ confirm or clarify what that senator said, because just last week, it was being tweeted that the federal investigation is still ongoing.

      Senate inquired about MOM’s use of smearing the victim.

      I too am happy that was brought up. O’Mara didn’t win the case. Rather, he convicted Trayvon for being the same race as Emmanuel Burgess. It blames the victim for their own victimization. However, just like smearing rape victims, it also tells the mindset of the defendant including their motivation.

      And, O’Mara did use SYG in Zimmerman’s defense. He cited from SYG law to the jury and also said that according to the law, Zimmerman did not need any injuries. (I’m looking for that in his closing argument now along with all the rest of his SYG arguments at trial so I can compile them in one video.)

      Trayvon’s name now stands for something meaningful in spite of attempts to desecrate it …



      • Just what I want to see and review, Xena.

        And, to think how O’Mara kept SYG discussion going all year in the media long before the trial…..yes, no, yes, no.

        Also, would he seek an immunity hearing or not….maybe, maybe not, maybe, maybe not right down to the wire.


        • @Yahtzee. Oh yes — SYG — George couldn’t retreat — traditional self-defense. Then at trial, jury instructions that include SYG and O’Mara saying that according to law, George needed no injuries.

          Remember when O’Mara said this?


  10. omg i over slept and missed it live so i’m so scared to listen to this now! thank you 2dogs for the bright side of things and your always uniquely positive POV! really incredible you are! 🙂

    but i’m nervous! maybe i’ll wait till later after a glass of strawberry wine frm the gas station that tastes like koolaid…omg my chest hurts.


  11. Xena, Sybrina Fulton is a very strong lady! Well spoken, and presents herself well in public. I hope that she and Trayvon never leave the hearts and minds of so many people in this nation that rallied around them and supported them in the last several years… I know of few people that would have had her courage and strength to work so hard to right a wrong as she has, especially after suffering such a great loss…


  12. George Zimmerman left bullet riddled target on wall of house that he and Shellie shared. That can be perceived as a threat.

    Exclusives photos here:


    • from above link:

      The soon-to-be ex-wife of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman acquitted in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, discovered a used marksman target riddled with 17 bullet holes nailed to the wall of the home the estranged couple once shared, after he was forced to move out. has exclusively obtained the menacing photo which shows what Shellie Zimmerman and her parents uncovered inside the study at their Lake Mary, Fla., home.

      Yes, it DEFINITELY can be perceived as a threat.

      One has to be concerned about the behavior he has been exhibiting both past and present.


    • from the link:

      “This is the photo that Shellie sent to her lawyer and said, ‘Look at the subliminal message George left me,’ following their showdown in September,” a source with intimate knowledge of the situation revealed.

      “What else could a bullet-riddled marksman’s target mean?”


  13. Trevor Dooley Marissa Alexander Michael Giles convicted of all charges.
    George Zimmerman Ralph Wald acquitted of all charges.


    • Sad.


    • @M1. ‘nough said.

      Just in case anyone is wondering about Ralph Wald.


      • Now in the case of Ralph Wald. Ralph not only initiated the conflict against Walter Conley. A person to my knowledge that had no deadly weapon, no dangerous instrument,no hiv didn’t assault Wald or his wife.Ralph Wald committed the only act of violence. Yet claimed he genuinely believed Conley was going to attack him and only shot Conley in self-defense. His belief of being harmed was enough,the jury said as they acquitted him.


        • @m1. What I don’t understand is how a man walks up on his wife having sex; there is no forced entry into the house; her mouth is not covered from screaming; the man has no weapon, but the husband shoots him in cold blood on the claim that he thought his wife was being raped — because she won’t have sex with him.

          Just goes to demonstrate that when the witness is dead, the jury can choose to believe the defendant in spite of facts and evidence otherwise.

          Then too, Conley was stupid to go into Wald’s house to have sex with Wald’s wife. Then there’s the wife — okay, have an affair, but if your lover doesn’t have a house of his own, then it’s hotel or motel but not the hell in another man’s house and certainly, not with him being there.

          If this wasn’t a case where a man was murdered, I would say that the Wald’s should be on Jerry Springer’s show.