To Go Where The Brave Dare Not Go

butterfliesFor all those seeking answers,

seeking to understand,




about children gone too soon.

For all those who are butterflies,

or going through transformation to be free,

Be encouraged.

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    • @Jueseppi B. How are you today?

      As always, thanks for your support.

      • I’m good. Waiting on the next SYG trial in Florida, Davis vs Dunn

        • @Jueseppi. Oh yes! I’m hoping the trial will be aired live and plan to follow and blog on it.

          Dunn is another case where I wonder if the feds should have taken over from the beginning. His state of mind prior to committing the crime is pretty obvious by his Facebook page where he posted sovereign citizen ideology. That is rooted in White Supremacists and believes that Blacks and immigrants are “constitutional” citizens while Whites are “natural born citizens.”

          Hmmm. Sounds pretty much like the birthers.

          • Xena, from what is known about Michael Dunn I am just about convinced that he is a psychopath. I have it in the back of my mind that there may be a better chance for justice for Jordan Davis if this trial were conducted quietly and without media attention. I just don’t know, but I would be interested in your opinion.

            • @Liza. Personally, I want to see the trial. Corey is suppose to personally prosecute and I would also like to see her in action.

            • Yeah, I sort of guessed that. As for me, I just want a “guilty” verdict and life without parole for the perpetrator. I haven’t got a great deal of confidence in AC or her team after Zimmerman’s trial.

            • @Liza. Seeing Corey in action will help me to decide. I saw lots of cheating and lying by Zimmerman’s defense and of course, their stealth juror B37. There were things the prosecution could have done differently, and they could have also put on a rebuttal, but with Juror B37, it might have all been in vain anyway.

              Know what prosecutor I like? Juan Martinez in Arizona. He is re-trying a case now involving a cop that resulted in a guilty verdict on one count, but a hung jury on the other counts. He prosecuted Jodie Arias.

            • Yeah, I live in AZ. Another cop gone wild story, and I really hope JM wins this one.

            • @Liza. I’ve tried keeping up with that case, but my plate is becoming a platter. 🙂 If you want, feel free to keep us up to date. I would certainly appreciate it. You can even guest blog here on it if you’d like.

            • @Xena. I have not followed the case closely and I didn’t follow the Jodi Arias trial either. The news sources in AZ are really lame and I tend to avoid all things that emanate from Maricopa County. In fact, the only relatively recent AZ murder trial I followed was the Shawna Forde trial.

            • Xena, you know another thing is that I feel so much more connected to what is going on in Florida because I grew up there, in Jax. Jordan Davis was gunned down just six and a half miles south of the house that I grew up in. My 15 year old grandnephew is biracial and lives in west Jax. He’s already tall, broad shouldered and lean, looks older. I think about him…

            • @Liza. Your comment went to moderation. Don’t know why.

              I can understand your concern. Sovereign citizen and White Supremacist ideology is increasing in Florida. On one hand, I wish it would become an alligator reserve and on the other hand, I know some very dear people who live there, and I pray for their safety and the State.

            • Two sides to a story

              Maybe the gators could just take out Dunn, Zimmerman, and others who refuse to wake up.

            • @Two sides. That would be great, but unlike human beings, I don’t think reptiles discriminate. I had a friend years ago who had a dog that I swore discriminated. That dog only barked when White people passed the house.

            • Two sides to a story

              Maybe there’s a mutant virus that’ll make gators discriminate. You never know what’ll happen next in FL!

            • @Two sides.

              Maybe there’s a mutant virus that’ll make gators discriminate. You never know what’ll happen next in FL!

              (GULP!) ROFLOL!!

            • Xena, I’m not sure what happened to FL because I have been gone a long time. Northern FL and the innards of the state were always culturally identified as the Deep South, but no one ever compared Jax to Birmingham. The panhandle, however, may as well be Alabama. But this is the 21st century, for crying out loud. It’s like they are hardwired into their racist, southern ways which is why it is so important for there to be equal protection under the law.

          • I am disappointed in AG Holder and his lack of pursuing Hate Crime cases, which are obvious hate crimes to my mind.

            • @Jueseppi. Whenever the States have law to prosecute, the feds have always demonstrated holding back and allowing the States to go forth in prosecuting first. That doesn’t always make things expedient, but it makes it more likely that the feds will prevail.

  1. Thank you Xena.

  2. So moving *tears*,

    So strengthening *YES I CAN*,

    So inspirational *I WILL STAND UP FOR JUSTICE”

    So soothing *I know that my time and life is well spent when I take part in JUST CAUSES*

    THANK YOU, Xena, for your words of encouragement and the beautiful video song.

    The world CAN become a better place through our efforts.

    • @Yahtzee. This deserves repeating;

      The world CAN become a better place through our efforts.

      Thank you.

  3. Thank You Xena….THIS is just WHAT I needed today.Now that I have cried for 30 minutes,I see WHY again so many people are drawn to YOU My Dear.You find so many ways to reach out to ENCOURAGE & INSPIRE so many others.This is one of my favorite artist & song.Who knew that I needed to hear it today? XENA DID!! God Bless You! It really DOES matter what we all do.

    • @Marilyn C. Bless your heart. You are a blessing to me.

      Vehicles of transportation have to refuel. As humans, we sometimes forget that we need to refuel.

      Be blessed.

  4. Beautiful, Thank you Xena

  5. @Liza. Nesting got a little narrow there, so I’m replying to you by starting a new “thread.”

    Xena, I’m not sure what happened to FL because I have been gone a long time. Northern FL and the innards of the state were always culturally identified as the Deep South, but no one ever compared Jax to Birmingham. The panhandle, however, may as well be Alabama.

    I should get out more. 🙂 When I think Florida, I think tourists, cruise ships, Miami with diversity of people and culture.

    After Zimmerman was arrested, a friend asked me what I up to one day and I said reading about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. She stated to me,”He’s going to get off.” I asked why because there had been an investigation and she replied, “It’s the South. They’re not going to convict anyone of killing a Black boy unless the murderer is Black.”

    I didn’t want to believe her. Then, after the jury was selected, I was talking with an attorney friend and he said, “Those women are going to let Zimmerman walk.” I asked why. He replied, “Because it’s the south and that’s their culture. That’s the way they do things.”

    Yep. It’s the 21st Century but man has not progressed. I heard a saying today that America has a legal system but it’s not a justice system.

  6. I decided to come back to your encouragement page here, Xena, and quote part of the song you posted:

    To fight for the right, without question or pause …
    To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause …

    And I know if I’ll only be true, to this glorious quest,
    That my heart will lie will lie peaceful and calm

    This is what you and all of us here have been willing to do this year in the cause of justice and equality.

    I wrote this on another blog and thought I would bring it here to bring words of encouragement to remind all of us that everything that we do in this cause(no matter how small) DOES help to bring about change and better the world.

    Here is what I wrote with the song I included:

    When will the waters of decency and compassion flood our land to wash away the hate and racism…..and give drink, fairness, safety and justice to those who have been wronged?

    When will the sunlight of justice shine brightly EVERYWHERE and overcome the hateful, evil darkness?

    It will only come when people of truth and conscience demand it.

    It will only come when people do not have their heads in the sand.

    It will only come when people STAY on the alert to erosive forces that threaten to turn the clock back.

    This case is but one example of that which must be done to stand against those who would turn the clock back and those who would push to allow racism and hate to spread.

    2.3 million people signed a petition to see to it that an injustice would not be swept under the rug.

    People such as us have kept the pressure on.

    There is no magic wand or wish that can create a “presto” moment where all problems go away and only love and goodwill exist.

    No. It is a constant struggle where single victories or accomplishments are achieved one by one through steady determination step by step and inch by inch.

    I am committed to this approach.

    Inch by inch, row by row,
    Gonna make this garden grow.
    Gonna mulch it deep and low.
    Gonna make it fertile ground.

    Inch by inch, row by row.
    Please bless these seeds I sow.
    Pease keep them safe below
    Til the rain comes tumbling down.

    Pullin’ weeds, pickin’ stones,
    We are made of dreams and bones.
    Need a spot to call my own
    Til the time is close at hand.

    Grain for grain, sun and rain
    Find my way in nature’s chain.
    Tune my body and my brain to the music of the land.

    Plant your rows short or long,
    Season them with a prayer and a song.
    Mother earth will keep you strong
    If you give her loving care.