Upsetting The Apple Cart

Today is a day of technology and social media.  It keeps news flowing and people informed.  I am grateful for it, but also overwhelmed by it.  We continue seeking justice for Trayvon Martin, Ethan Saylor, Kendrick Johnson, Jonathan Ferrell, Jordan Davis, Marshall Coulter, Marlon Brown.

My fear?  That before I can write on or update what is happening in any of these cases, another person with a disability, or a kid, or with dark skin will be unjustly killed by someone with a badge, or a gun owner who thinks a license to carry is a license to summarily kill, or by an unknown party or parties.

This is a long article.  It is long because I want to answer a question that has been asked of me several times; i.e., why do I blog?  Why do I blog about Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, etc.

Originally from Chicago, I am all too aware of corruption, cover-up, and just plain laziness within law enforcement agencies.  Through my adult life and becoming acquainted with cops, federal investigators, politicians, and lawyers, I’ve learned to see them as individuals first based on the content of their character.  I sit straddle the fence, knowing good, bad, and mediocre.

Then too, there are those who work and do not work as public servants, who take advantage of the biases of those in law enforcement and the court system so that they are not held accountable for crimes they commit.

My first experience causing me to take notice of race relations, the justice system, and corruption within government agencies, was in 1969.  Does anyone remember the name Edward Hanrahan?  Ed Hanrahan is a former Cook County State’s Attorney whose political career was derailed by a deadly police raid that killed Fred Hampton as he slept in his bed.

Fred HamptonI was 18 years old when Fred Hampton was killed.  It was my first introduction to Chicago politics and corruption after coming out of my shell of a childhood.  I was 20 years old when the documentary film, The Murder of Fred Hampton, was released.  Newspaper reporters discovered that the holes in the wall that the police claimed were bullet holes fired at them by those present in the apartment, were actually nail holes where pictures once hung on the wall.

I was 20 years old when a grand jury indicted Ed Hanrahan and 12 police officers with conspiring to obstruct justice in the aftermath of the raid that killed Hampton.  I was 21 years old when Cook County Judge, Philip J. Romiti, issued a verdict of acquittal for all 13 defendants.

I was 39 years old when Fred’s brother, William (Bill) Hampton presented me with the Fred Hampton Scholarship Fund Image Award for projecting a positive image and profession in the community to help make society beneficial to others.

I was 58 years old when Ed Hanrahan died from complications of leukemia.  He was 88.

The Case of Rolando Cruz

In 1985, Rolando Cruz was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for the kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder of 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico in DuPage County, IL.  It was a case where a Latino was painted as a gang-banger, thief and thug.   Cruz always maintained his innocence.

Rolando Cruz

Rolando Cruz

Although a detective and assistant Attorney General resigned because they believed in Cruz’s innocence, a jury found him guilty.  Cruz’s conviction was overturned on January 19, 1989 due to a prosecutorial error.   His case was remanded for re-trial.  His retrial resulted in a hung jury.  His third trial was held in Winnebago County, IL, and he was convicted.  In 1994, the verdict was overturned again.  Cruz opted for a bench trial back in DuPage County.  A Sheriff’s deputy admitted that he lied under oath.  DNA testing was introduced proving that Cruz was not the sexual molester.

The charges against Cruz were dismissed.

The aftermath of the Cruz case is what is known as the DuPage Seven.   In December 1996, three DuPage County prosecutors and 4 Sheriff deputies were indicted by a grand jury on 47 charges of conspiracy to convict Cruz despite being aware of exculpatory evidence. The indictment rested on two main points, one of which was that prosecutors concealed a confession by a man named Brian Dugan, while knowing that it included accurate details indicating he had committed the crime.

The DuPage Seven were DuPage County Sheriff Lt. James Montesano and Robert Winkler, detectives Dennis Kurzawa and Thomas E. Vosburgh, and former prosecutors Robert K. Kilander, Patrick J. King Jr. and Thomas L. Knight.  In April 1999, the trial of the DuPage Seven began.  All seven officers were found not guilty.

Robert K. Kilander went on to become a circuit court judge in DuPage County.  Patrick J. King went on to become an Assistant U.S. Attorney.

In 2002, Cruz was fully pardoned by Illinois Governor George Ryan.

Brian Dugan

Mass murderer, Brian Dugan

Ten years after the charges against Cruz were dismissed, in November 2005, Brian Dugan was indicted for the Nicarico murder.  He was already serving two life sentences for two murders. On July 28, 2009, Dugan, then 52 years old, plead guilty with his 1985 confession being made public for the first time.

The public outcry from the Cruz case resulted in Governor George Ryan declaring a moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois.  On March 11, 2011, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation abolishing the death penalty in Illinois.  Effectively, the case of Rolando Cruz that started in 1985 resulted in something positive for the State of Illinois in 2011.  We would no longer need to worry about the wrongfully convicted being executed by the State.  I was 34 years old when Cruz was arrested.  I was 60 years old when as a result of his case, the death penalty in Illinois was abolished.

Lady Justice Moves Slow And Sometimes Gets Lost

Lady Justice is blindfolded.  She cannot see.  There are times I believe that is why she takes so long. She can’t see where to go, and those leading her take her in a direction where she finds that justice does not exist.  While she is feeling her way, the guilty are set free.

So, what interested me in Trayvon Martin?  The main reason has a name; Mark Anthony Barmore.

Not being a native of Rockford, and hearing natives ask “Why are they bringing outsiders here?” spoke volumes.   In large urban areas such as Cook and DuPage Counties, the justice system gets out of the starting gate and at times, runs into smoke and mirrors.  In small towns like Rockford, they often don’t want justice to get out the starting gate.  They don’t want their apple cart upset.

I read and heard people in Seminole County, Florida state things about “outsiders” causing problems for them.  Most recently, the Sheriff involved in the Kendrick Johnson incident said something along the same lines.  “Outsiders” do not cause problems.  Rather, they reveal those already existing.  Everything done in the dark comes to the light — eventually.


Mark Anthony Barmore

On August 24, 2009, 23-year-old Mark Anthony Barmore, an unarmed Black man, was killed by two White City of Rockford police officers; Oda Poole and Stan North.  Unarmed Barmore, who was committing no crime, was shot to death in Kingdom Authority International Ministries church, in the basement of the church that houses its daycare center. He was killed in the presence of children and two adults; the wife and daughter of Pastor Melvin Brown.  Those preschool children will live the rest of their lives remembering the sound of guns, the smell of blood, and the sound of the death gurgle.  Oda Poole and Stan North set an example for them that cops do not always serve and protect.  They kill, and they kill in sacred places where children are to be safe.

It was reported that Poole had shot and killed three unarmed Black men previously.  In previous cases, Poole said that he thought he saw a weapon.  In Barmore’s case, Poole said that Barmore went for his service firearm.  Both Poole and North were placed on paid administrative leave pending investigation.

Oda Poole and Stan North

Oda Poole and Stan North

Witnesses said that Barmore had his hands up; that Stan North shot him in the neck and after he fell, that Oda Poole shot Barmore in the back more than once.

Winnebago County Coroner Sue Fidducia said that Barmore died of multiple gunshot wounds, but she would go no further on the basis of there being an open investigation.  Sue Fidducia has ran in elections for county coroner in what seems like forever, unopposed.  She can be the only person voting for herself and win.

Rev. Jesse Jackson came to Rockford and asked to see Barmore’s body.  He upset the apple cart.  Whites became angry that Blacks brought in an outsider. Rev. Jackson saw bullet wounds in Barmore’s back.  North and Poole’s supporters however, argued that the wounds in Barmore’s back were exit wounds and that he had been shot in the chest.  Rev. Jackson said there were no wounds in Barmore’s chest. Fidducia addressed the media saying that Rev. Jackson was not a doctor.  That would be picked up by those supporting North and Poole.  That in fact, one Sheriff argued with me asking if I was a doctor.  As Judge Judy says, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining” was my response.    That officer, who once called me the “smartest woman” where we worked, never spoke to me again.

Pastor Melvin Brown stated that the Barmore family had an independent autopsy done on Barmore’s body.  The autopsy showed that Barmore was shot once in the neck and three times in the back.  The outsider was correct.


Kingdom Authority International Ministries

Oda Poole’s defense that he is not racist sounded very close to that of George Zimmerman’s claim of mentoring Black children.  Poole was awarded an Illinois medal of honor for rescuing two Black children from a fire in a Rockford housing project in 2006.  He passed them through a window to safety before collapsing from smoke inhalation and was rescued by a firefighter.  Subsequently in his defense, his wife would blame the adults in that burning house for leaving the children inside.  There is nothing documented to support her claim and it reeks of bigotry against Black parents. No matter what Poole did to earn the Illinois medal, it was rendered moot when he desecrated a church.

On December 23, 2009, the grand jury issued its decision that the police had used “justifiable force” and would not face any charges. Maryann Barmore, who raised Mark from childhood, told the local TV station that “it was as if Mark had been killed all over again.”

The two witnesses, the wife and daughter of Pastor Melvin Brown, were held in contempt of court for not appearing at the grand jury hearing, although their attorney had filed a motion apprising the court that the witnesses had arranged to take vacation out of State for Christmas and would not be available.   Subsequently, Marissa Brown, Pastor Brown’s daughter, was arrested for allegedly making a false police report unrelated to the Barmore case.  She was convicted and sentenced to 24 months probation.

In 2010, independent assessors submitted their report finding that Poole and North created the situation by failing to follow proper procedure.  For one, they were wrong to enter the church with their firearms drawn.

In June 2010, Stan North filed for disability for emotional issues resulting from the killing of Barmore.  His application was approved in 2011.   Nearly two years after the Barmore shooting, and while on paid administrative leave, Poole was dismissed from the police force for being unfit to return to work.

On April 24, 2013, the Illinois Appellate Court reversed the criminal contempt finding against the pastor’s wife and daughter. On May 6, 2013, the Appellant Court reversed Marissa’s conviction and remanded for a new trial.  Lady Justice slowly feels her way.

Holding the Accused Accountable When Those With Them Are Killed

Deputy Frank Pobjecky

Deputy Frank Pobjecky

In October 2011, off duty sheriff’s deputy Frank Pobjecky was in Marie’s Pizza in Rockford when Lamar Coates, Desmond Bellmon, Brandon Sago and Michael Sago Jr. entered the restaurant.  Lamar Coates had a gun and tried robbing the restaurant.  When Pobjecky showed a gun, all four ran.   All four men were shot by Pobjecky.  Three survived.  Unarmed 16-year-old Michael Sago, Jr. was shot 3 times in the back.  Michael fell to the ground and laid bleeding in the parking lot until he died.  Marie’s Pizza is located across the street from a hospital.  Pobjecky did nothing to get nor provide medical care to the dying teenager.

Michael Sago Jr.

Michael Sago Jr.
16 yr old shot in back 3 times
by off duty Sheriff deputy

A suspect in the case has stated that Michael had no knowledge that they intended to rob the restaurant.

Coates, Bellmon, and Brandon Sago have been charged with felony murder for Michael’s death because police say they were committing an armed robbery at the time.

Desmond Bellmon

Desmond Bellmon
Awaiting Trial

Brandon Sago

Brandon Sago
Awaiting Trial

In a statement released by his department several weeks after the shootings, Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers said that he believes that Deputy Pobjecky’s actions were “in compliance with all department policies and procedures and he acted according to proper police training.” Sheriff Meyers subsequently nominated Pobjecky for a law enforcement award for his actions.  Pobejcky received that award in August 2012.  (I want to cry with sadness that Illinois awarded Pobjejcky for killing an unarmed teen who posed no threat. It’s even more shocking that Pobejcky would want that award.)

Sago Jr’s family says that the actions and statements of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department are “sending the unmistakable message to Sheriff’s Deputies that shooting unarmed teenagers in the back is a proper act.” They also say that the Sheriff’s message directly encourages future abuses.

In my humble opinion, the family is behind in time.  With Oda Poole and Stan North, the City of Rockford already sent a message that shooting unarmed men in the back is a proper act.

Lamar Coates

Lamar Coates
Sentenced to 40 yrs for felony murder

Lamar Coates was found guilty of felony murder and sentenced to 40 years. Cases are still pending against Desmond Bellmon and Brandon Sago, both charged with felony murder.

On the other hand, in April 2008, Cody Moore, 19; drove Nathan Whitmire, 17; Justin Doyle, 15, and Travis Castle, 14, to a home in neighboring Ogle County.  Moore, Whitmire and Doyle all resided in Rockford.  Castle resided in Durand.  Moore drove them there to rob the house of guns and money, knowing that the owner was in the hospital.  He did not know, however, that there was a house guest.

The house guest heard breaking glass and coming out of the bedroom, saw 14-yr-old Travis with a gun, and fired two shots.  One grazed Travis on the neck, and the other was fired into his chest, killing the 14-year-old.

Cody Moore

Cody Moore Sentenced to 30 yrs for home invasion, and 5 yrs for involuntary manslaughter to run concurrently.

Nathan Whitmire

Nathan Whitmire Sentenced to 12 yrs for residential burglary without parole

Cody Moore was offered a plea deal and sentenced to 30 years for home invasion , with a concurrent sentence of 5 years for involuntary manslaughter.

In exchange for a plea of guilty to residential burglary, the State dismissed charges of felony murder and home invasion against Nathan Whitmire.  He was sentenced to 12 years.

Justin Doyle

Justin Doyle

Travis Castle

Travis Castle
Killed by house-sitter during burglary

Justin Doyle was sentenced to 5 years for involuntary manslaughter, and 30 years for home invasion.

Because Travis Castle was committing a crime, the house-sitter was not charged.  Castle’s dad filed a civil action against the house-sitter, but the case was dismissed.  He will have to live with two-men sentenced to 5 years each for involuntary manslaughter for the death of his son.

Yes, people must be held accountable for crimes they commit.  And, yes, in the deaths of Michael Sago Jr. and Travis Castle, the State is the same;  the races of the defendants and the sentences however, are different.

Sanford Police Didn’t Want Their Apple Cart Upset

When I heard about the killing of Trayvon Martin and that George Zimmerman had not been arrested, I thought, “Here we go again.”  Then I learned that Zimmerman is not deputized in any law enforcement capacity.  The demeaning of the victim and his parents, criticism against “outsiders,” etc., was like watching the Barmore situation all over again.  This time, it was not local people on local online news sources verbally vandalizing the comment sections.  It was worldwide. Zimmerman’s supporters and defense team would treat his conceal carry license as a badge to paint his killing of Trayvon Martin as a good-shoot.

I was also reminded of the Rolando Cruz case whose critics argued that the DuPage Seven did Illinois a favor imprisoning him for over 10 years for a crime he didn’t commit because he would have been in jail anyway for committing other crimes.

Now with the Kendrick Johnson situation, I am reminded of Michael Sago Jr. His family is represented by Chicago civil rights attorney Basileios “Bill” Foutris.  Sheriff’s deputy Frank Pobjecky’s claims for why he fired the gun, shooting all 4, including Michael in the back, are based on his statement that Coates pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him.  It was discovered that the entire incident was captured on the pizzeria’s video security system. Sago, Jr.’s family has not been permitted to view the video footage. Prosecutors in the criminal proceeding against the gunman in the Marie Pizza robbery successfully obtained a gag order on the video so that it cannot be shared with Sago, Jr.’s family or the media, according to Foutris.

Like the death of Kendrick Johnson, the school has surveillance photos of the gym where Kendrick’s body was found, but have refused to release them.

The blindfold on Lady Justice doesn’t make her impartial.  Rather, it makes her blind to the prejudices and biases in which decisions are made in the justice system.

With electronic communications and social media, we have opportunity to upset the apple carts.

Need anyone now ask why I blog?

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  2. it’s so hard to hear all these stories. and then to hear what all these criminals disguised as law enforcement/prosecutors get to do wrong, i couldn’t believe all the obstruction and lies they got away with, but i kept waiting for you to say something different, that someone didn’t get away with it this time!


    • @Shannon. I wish that I could have ended it differently. I also wish that I will see things change for the better in my lifetime.


  3. Once again Xena another great post. More proof as to why I’m glad I discovered this blog.The deliberate injustices that are on display,yet are supposed to be tolerated. What’s really interesting is that when you point out the obvious racial double standards,many of the people that have no problem with these injustices will quote MLK’s judge by content of character not color of skin quote.Yet will totally avoid MLK’s “Injustice anywhere,is a threat to justice anywhere”. Being from Chicago as you were I feel for you and how you and others had to experience the Terrorist known as John Burge(another one not held accountable for his actions). I for one am glad you blog on Zimmerman. Zimmerman shows the obvious if you’re classified as white as he was you’re allowed to kill a Black person and you’re suppsed to get off scott free or receive the least amount of punishment. This is why I will always bring up Trevor Dooley. Same scenario . Same state . Yet totally different treatment for Dooley from his arrest 2 days after killing David James. To being told SYG isn’t applicable. Even when Danielle James his own daughter said Trevor was walking away and her dad followed him. Still Dooley convicted of all charges in less time one spends watching an episode of Dancing with the Stars.


    • @m1.

      More proof as to why I’m glad I discovered this blog.

      I’m glad that you did, and appreciate your comments. You kept me on my toes about the Dooley case.

      Ahhh — Jon Burge. I moved out of Chicago shortly after the Bilandic winter, so wasn’t living in the city in 1982 when Burge was exposed. IIRC, his actions cost the City $17 million to review, and around $19 million in settlements. Still, he was never charged with torturing men to make false confessions. The federal charges were brought about due to his testimony in one of the civil cases; obstruction of justice and perjury. Four and a half years with 3 years supervised release is hardly justice for those who sat on death row because of Burge’s use of torture.

      Also if IIRC, his attorney tried to get him sentenced to only supervised release arguing that Burge has prostrate cancer and other health issues. Didn’t he go to club fed in 2012? So, some of his victims waited 3 decades to see him held accountable, which was really not holding him accountable for what he did to them.

      Thanks for reminding me. The Cruz case began the debate over the death penalty in Illinois, but Burge’s actions placed the period that ended that debate.


  4. Xena, Outstanding article! All I can think or say is simply Wow!


  5. Bravo, Xena!

    Your excellent article gives us an overview and insight into just how many people in law enforcement and investigation personnel have betrayed the public trust.

    And, you sum up this injustice beautifully when you write:

    The blindfold on Lady Justice doesn’t make her impartial. Rather, it makes her blind to the prejudices and biases in which decisions are made in the justice system.

    We need the Department of Justice now to look into these past cases and into the present- day cases of Trayvon Martin and Kendrick Jackson.

    I very much appreciate your past articles on and thorough research into the George Zimmerman case. The videos you created by using released evidence, by using TV interviews, and by using trial video excerpts have been very enlightening for me.

    You are so right when you write that the internet NOW allows the citizens of our country to challenge the injustices.

    Thank you, Xena, for all that you do in the cause of justice.


    • @Yahtzee. HEY!!! Thanks so much for your comment. Words cannot express how much they mean to me.

      The internet has been around for a long time, but it is now with social media that people are more informed.

      Because America has separation of powers in government, and a judicial system where only judges review the decisions of other judges, we’re pretty much limited to options in challenging injustices. The only option is to expose the injustices; to make historical records; to continue striving so that the accused are judged solely on the charges they face rather than assumptions and prejudices based on worth or value as a human being. That’s what O’Mara and West worked out for Zimmerman. They kept his past hidden while at the same time, using cardboard cut-outs to represent a David and Goliath physical perception to the jury with Trayvon being the giant that only a hollow-point bullet to the heart could take down.

      You’ve given me an idea for another video. 🙂


  6. Sharon Burney

    Xena, thank you so much for continuing to fight the good fight, for each and every one of us. A friend of mine led me to your page quite some time ago, and it is one of my first reads when I start my day. Somtimes we just need to let each other know the impact they make on lives they have no idea they are making, so thank you, for sharing with us. Keep up the great work. I have been speaking out on injustice since I was in elementary school, and over the years have been asked, “why are you so angry?”, my response..”Why aren’t you angry?”. Complacency and tolerance of hate, institutionalized racism, and inhumanity has us full circle back at the beginning of ignorance and hate in race relations in this country. It is time for everyone to say enough is enough and have an honest reality about RACISM.


    • @sharonmicheleburney. Welcome to Blackbutterfly7! It’s good to know that you’ve been reading and thank you for commenting.

      It is time for everyone to say enough is enough and have an honest reality about RACISM.

      True, because it causes harm to America. Like I wrote, I was pretty much green when stepping out into the adult world. I began understanding Hampton’s adult experience. Fred Hampton did not grow up in Chicago. He grew up in the Village of Maywood, which was a suburb which at that time, was integrated. It was known as the suburb where professional Blacks with higher than average incomes lived. It’s the classic one-family homes with white picket fences town.

      Hampton attended Proviso East High School, whose students included those from Melrose Park, (predominately Italian); and Broadview (predominately German).

      It is when stepping out of the integrated environment of high school that minorities (mainly Black males), experience rejection in employment. They realized that being educated in the same schools with non-minorities and even being on the honor role, didn’t make them “equal” to qualify for jobs where their White classmates and neighbors worked.

      That is a SHOCKING experience for those who do everything right to find out that the barriers of racial bigotry continue raising the bar perpetually. Unemployment and underemployment means that property is not maintained. When the law mower breaks and the mortgage is due, the mortgage gets paid and the grass doesn’t get cut. The churches don’t get donations; local businesses don’t do as much business. There is a domino effect.

      Okay, I’ll get off my soap box. 🙂 Thanks again for your comment and hope to read more from you.


    • Thanks for this important link, mindyme62!


    • @mindyme62. Thanks. Very revealing. So Dunn wants media support to give his side of the story, uh? And, he thinks that people should be armed to kill Blacks because “all” Blacks are thugs. Just after his arrest, there was a report about Dunn’s Facebook page where he posted sovereign citizenship ideology. Sovereign citizenship is a branch of White Supremacy ideology.

      Here is his interview with the police when he was arrested.


  7. My Dear Xena….You have finally validated my words that I have said to you over & over with this great post! I am always telling you that YOU are one of my HEROES because of all of the work you do with so much feeling & passion.I now understand WHY.There are Special places in heaven for people like You.I only wish that I had met you before the Trayvon case.I have had out of town company & just got to watch the show that was on CNN(which I had to DVR).God Bless that Frances Oliver with all of the Civil Rights work she has done.During this case I learned so much about Sanford of course & Goldsboro.Sanford known to be the Good Ole Boy Town,they take care of their own? My God that sounds so much like here in Texas.Its like Ms Oliver said,when the Trayvon case happened,the ugly SECRETS came out too.There was a national SPOTLIGHT shown on the secret racists which had been nothing but normal to them.Upsetting the Apple cart & putting a glaring spotlight on these people hopefully gets the attention of someone who can get something done about this.It is people like YOU who keep that spotlight glaring when the RIGHT thing was NOT done!
    I always thought it so strange that right off the bat the defense did NOT want this case moved out of Sanford….it didn’t take me long to see why that was.I don’t think I will ever understand so much in this case.I do understand why the defense did what they did,but the judge & pros.were they this corrupt too? You would think as close as the world watched Florida in Casey Anthony’s case that they would at least make an attempt to convict the KILLER of this child Trayvon.Its looking like they even knew about the fight that he had with Shellie.I also kept waiting on HIS phone records,some video showing his movements,something,anything!!But nothing ever came.I do want the spotlight to continue to shine on this KILLER so he will know we know what his actions are.I can barely sleep at night because of no justice for Trayvon…so I have no clue how those women on the jury can sleep.When the verdict came in Ms Frances Oliver said the people in her town felt like they had been hit by a canon in the chest….I agree with her.
    I still have HOPE for the Justice Dept & its people like YOU Xena that just might grab their attention,so Thank You from the bottom of my heart for ALL that you do.Once again God Bless You.


    • @Marilyn C. Great to see your fonts!!!
      Thank you for your humbling words, but I’m not anyone of significance.
      Yes, I found the CNN special educational as well as informative. Some history in Sanford, uh?

      The jury setting Zimmerman free proved us right — that biases and bigotry still exist in America. O’Mara and West proved us right — that they had to misrepresent and disregard facts and evidence, and paint Trayvon as person who deserved to be killed just because Zimmerman wrongfully profiled him. Even IF Zimmerman correctly profiled any person, it still didn’t give him authority to get out of his truck and follow.

      Also, IMO, O’Mara identified his stealth juror, B37, and during voir dire, gave her instructions on what she was to do in the jury room.

      The defense tied the prosecution’s hands when having the court order there would be no expert voice identification. While they argued about photos of Trayvon not being current, they presented “Georgie” as a whimpering child unable to raise a hand to do anything other than aim his gun at the heart of a real child.

      Marilyn, God bless you too.


  8. Hi Xena!
    here is a case where the cops didn’t get off and the AA kid was represented by two top white public defenders. Jury returned not guilty in 45 min. Made into a documentary that won Academy Award in 2001. Murder On A Sunday Morning, the story of Brenton Butler. Cops knew he didn’t commit the horrific murder almost immediately from finding the purse w/o his DNA. He was walking home after filling out a job application when he was arrested. They didn’t call his parents for hours, he was about Trayvon’s age. When he didn’t confess, they called the ” enforcer “to come take him someplace to encourage him to confess. The ” enforcer” was AA and the future sheriff’s son, Nat Glover. Nat Glover was a very respected sheriff and Jacksonville’s first AA sheriff. Later ran for mayor but Jax.wasn’t that progressive then. We do have an AA mayor now.

    The cops went to jail and video recording was instituted in police interrogation rooms.

    The documentary is so much more than the horror of what happened. It may be on Netflix but if you have a DVD player, it is well worth the 2.00 or what amazon has it for.

    An interesting side note that the public defenders bring up, remember this was 12 yrs. ago, was how difficult it was to convince Brenton and his parents to help them. There was a strong belief that God will solve this and the two white public defenders had to overcome that resistance.

    The head of the PD office, deceased now, received two tickets to the Academy awards and gave them to the two public defenders who did such great work so they attended and were there when the French documentarians won the Academy Award for best documentary 2001.

    Have a great weekend and thank you for your wonderful blog!


    • @2dogsonly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I found the movie online and thanks to you, I’m going to put it here on its own page.


  9. Xena we’ve been wondering about GZ’s text/emails BDLR talked about and why they weren’t used at trial and why they weren’t released in discovery to public. after reading about a guy who’s filing stuff in sanford to get more records ( i don’t know if it’s the same guy who wants the case moved to miami because he some how thinks gz can be charged here again but for Murder1)

    i’m kinda wondering if this guy was able to get the full email he wanted, with Sanford actually being responsible for supplying them, why hasn’t someone- more explicitly Ben Crump, why hasn’t he filed for the release of GZ’s explosive texts/emails??
    i’m kinda upset w/ Crump a little, concerning the way the defense used media to win but Crump wasn’t nearly as aggressive in Trayvon’s defense on the media… but anyway, i’m wondering if you know if regular citizens like me can file for GZ’s records now like that guy above did??

    gotta run errands but i’ll be checking into this later!! WE WANT THOSE RECORDS!~


    • @shannon. Thanks for including the link. I had not previously read that.

      Xena we’ve been wondering about GZ’s text/emails BDLR talked about and why they weren’t used at trial and why they weren’t released in discovery to public.

      After the bond hearing, O’Mara motioned to have Zimmerman’s phone records sealed and Judge Lester granted the motion.

      why hasn’t someone- more explicitly Ben Crump, why hasn’t he filed for the release of GZ’s explosive texts/emails??

      My best guess is because of the federal investigation. I also remember racerrodig saying before trial that some feds he know wouldn’t tell him much, but did say “phone records” convict Zimmerman. We need to keep in mind that Zimmerman was not charged with committing a hate crime in the State’s case. The federal investigation is very specific to determining Zimmerman’s state of mind prior to and after killing Trayvon.

      i’m kinda upset w/ Crump a little, concerning the way the defense used media to win but Crump wasn’t nearly as aggressive in Trayvon’s defense on the media…

      I understand, but attorney Crump had no need to defend the victim. Trayvon was not on trial. Zimmerman knew nothing about Trayvon other than his physical appearance. It was Zimmerman who decided to wrongfully profile Trayvon, follow, and kill him based on his personal appearance, how he walked, and the weather conditions. O’Mara’s demonizing of Trayvon actually supports racial profiling.

      but anyway, i’m wondering if you know if regular citizens like me can file for GZ’s records now like that guy above did??

      Anyone can file a FOIA. If denied, they can petition the court. I would only recommend that whomever does be prepared to fight in the long-run and have sufficient money to cover the costs.


  10. I am so happy I finally figured out how to list my new email. 😉
    Thank you, Xena for listing the film. Hope you watched it
    Setting up scene for you: one of my favorites.

    Public defender is having a smoke Says to detective right before calling him to stand:

    Detective:”so you’re still smoking one of those cancer sticks?”
    PD: “yep, some men like to have a smoke after they have sex, I like to have one before I screw someone….”

    That and the bit about how Pat arranges his suits. Just great editing! Very close to the classic of “To Kill A Mockingbird” and nonfiction to boot.


    • @2dogsonly. I’m so sorry. Because you changed your email address, your recent comments were held in moderation. I just received notice from Word Press. Generally, I get those notifications to moderate much sooner.

      Oh yeah — I like the line by the public defender. 🙂

      Thank you for bringing Brenton’s case to our attention.


  11. Xena, Florida is a sunshine state so almost everything is public. Now, if the records are sealed, I would file under that. Just google “Florida sunshine request to release” and a form should show. That is free.

    What I would like to know but think we already do, is why oh why would the victim’s texts be released but Judge Nelson allowed the guy who walked away, the one still able to breath, the one who actually killed the kid, his texts to be sealed?

    Oh, I forgot …the reason MOM gave is because Tubby’s texts were too incendiary but the victim, you know the dead kid’s, were just all about how he loved god, America, church, his parents, puppies, kittens, little children, sunshine, flowers, healthy food, organic stuff, homework, chastity, old people, & apple pie…

    yep, had to have been that explanation that Judge Corrupt accepted.;-)


    • @2dogsonly. What Judge Nelson did regarding Trayvon’s text messages is assist the defense in their attempt to disparage Trayvon. She listened to their music and then decided that the text messages could not entered into evidence because there was no way to verify who wrote them, neither what they meant. The defense had no witnesses to testify what they meant.

      The same is true for the photos that were found behind another section of the phone and password protected. There was no testimony as to whether Trayvon’s phone was pre-owned. If it was purchased from someone else, they could have put the photos behind that “wall” and Trayvon would not know it is there or if he did, how to access it. Just look at all the trouble experts went through to find and access that folder. So, while Judge Nelson entertained the defense, she did make the right decision to not allow that into evidence.

      As far as Zimmerman’s texts, they would have served no purpose to prove or disprove self-defense, but they will serve a purpose pertaining to his state of mind, and that is what the feds are interested in.


  12. Sorry, didn’t realize it was Judge Lester who granted it. I do think he was honest and that’s why they wanted him off the case but why the appellant court granted MOM’s motion because usually they are honest and further, appeals are so rarely granted in Florida.

    So tubbys were too incendiary but Trayvon’s ” creepy ass cracker” wasn’t?
    Didn’t MOM play that to death as proof of race bias?


  13. I am just happy to be with warriors again. Now, if I can just figure out how to use my puppy pix again.


    • @2dogsonly. Do you have a gravatar account? You can upload the puppy photo and it will attach it to your handle wherever you post.


      • Yes, just checked but it has my old email and asked was I sure I wanted to delete it. Xena, does it mean delete the email ( yes) or my account ( no).


        • @2dogsonly. If I’m not mistaken, it will delete the old email address and replace it with the new one, but will send an email to the old email address to verify that it is you changing the email address and not someone else.


          • I think I did it! With a little help from Xena! Thank you so much!


          • @2dogsonly. Look at those puppies!!! I want to get in their faces and talk baby talk. They are precious. Happy that gravatar worked out for you.


          • I loved your comment. You would love @animaljunkie on twitter. 😉

            GZ ‘s pix is now on my TL ? You will not believe your eyes. This is exactly what GZ’s head wounds looked like in the photo that he had Manalo take that evening.

            This pix is from the Domestic violence injunction he filed against girlfriend after she filed one in 2005!!!! He had wounded his own head as he states she came after him with a baseball bat and these are scratches.

            The entire petition for injunction is on my google doc. I want to link it to your blog but can’t figure out how. I did a snapshot of the picture and posted that.

            Go look at it. Just I am so angry again. Why didn’t the state present the fact that what he did on 2/26 is EXACTLY what he did in 2005.


          • I loved your comment. You would love @animaljunkie on twitter. 😉

            GZ ‘s pix is now on my TL. You will not believe your eyes. This is exactly what GZ’s head wounds looked like in the photo that he had Manalo take that evening.

            This pix is from the Domestic violence injunction he filed against girlfriend after she filed one in 2005!!!! He had wounded his own head as he states she came after him with a baseball bat and these are scratches.

            The entire petition for injunction is on my google doc. I want to link it to your blog but can’t figure out how. I did a snapshot of the picture and posted that.

            Go look at it. Just I am so angry again. Why didn’t the state present the fact that what he did on 2/26 is EXACTLY what he did in 2005.


          • @2dogsonly. Got the pic. Thanks. Amazing!

            I think with Google doc that you only have to copy the URL to the document, but I also think that unless people have a Google doc account that they won’t be able to access it.

            The State did not raise any of Zimmerman’s history with the courts at trial. O’Mara threatened to smear Trayvon even more, although Judge Nelson denied the entry of what O’Mara wanted to use. I also get the impression that Judge Nelson was rushing that trial because of the jury being sequestered. The State respected that, but the defense took up so much time, even repeating the same mantras. Don West should be in Congress with Ted Cruz. He would still be filibustering.


  14. Trayvon’s texts were released to the public. Yes, she blocked gun pics without asking, nor did the state , what pray tell, difference does it make if he has any pics of guns, what relevance to the night he was killed? Instead, she implied that since they couldn’t be proven,in a legal sense as belonging to the dead child, that is the reason she gave to block them.

    The nutters and even one of the smartest bcc.list bloggers ( Tchiopi) went nuts over them. He /she was shocked and he/she did all that incredible clubhouse spotting so it definitely served Tubby’s public image and hurt the poor dead child’s.

    Tubby, the one with the gun and hollow bullet was able to hide his text but the one on the wet cold ground was publicly released.


    • @2dogsonly. I understand, but let’s put the blame where it belongs — on Mark O’Mara. He released what was on Trayvon’s phone before going to court to see whether it would be considered evidence at trial. It was an O’Mara publicity stunt to disparage the victim and taint the jury pool. Mark O’Mara now has the reputation of presenting the victim as someone who society didn’t need. Zimmerman played God, and O’Mara approved his Jihad.


      • Because Judge Nelson wouldn’t issue a gag order but once state saw what they were going to do, why didn’t they counter to the public. If I remember correctly, BDLR said they weren’t going to try their case in public. Well, then hire a media person. It became a blame the victim, as that was the only defense tubs had but the sweet boy Trayvon was was never shown by State.

        I had saved the petition tubby filed for domestic injunction. Guess what is on it, yep, his bald head w/ blood. So he knew exactly what to do, scratch top as lots of blood in that area. It’s on my twitter TL but don’t know how to get it to your blog. He also copied almost verbatim what he said in his petition: ” I left her house and went to my friends where he bandaged me, wiped blood, and patted my boo boos” ( ok he didn’t say boo boos ) but he is quick to paint himself as a whittle wussy helpless baby. Just like he was portrayed in court.


  15. My twitter name is @puffytuffy if anyone want to see his head pix. I mean you will think it’s from 2/26 but it’s 2005. Swear, he’s not very creative but this injunction was public.


    • @2dogsonly. I’m still feeling my way around Twitter — did visit your page but didn’t see the photo. (boo-boo’s. That’s funny.)

      From the time I saw the photos of Zimmerman’s head taken at the police station, it has been my impression that those wounds were not fresh. They have scalps around the edges as well as the scratches on his face and side of his head were scalped. I stand firm in believing that Zimmerman was beat-up before 2/26/12 — maybe that Friday or Saturday.

      There are some people who believe that Zimmerman self-inflicted the head wounds by using his gun. I disagree. Someone would have seen that, and there is another reason also.

      Since Zimmerman lied about spreading Trayvon’s arms out, I gathered he had to have a reason to tell that lie. He had the head wounds — just needed blood. Then we hear at trial where Trayvon’s blood was on the sleeve of Zimmerman’s jacket. Trayvon was not bleeding before Zimmerman shot him, so it would only be possible for Zimmerman to come into contact with Trayvon’s blood afterward he shot him. And Selma Mora testified to seeing Zimmerman wipe his hand on his head as he walked toward the dog trash bin.

      The EMTs reported that the blood on Zimmerman’s head was dry. They cleaned it off without retaining the materials for DNA testing.

      After George arrived at the police station, it only took picking at the scalps to cause the bleeding again.

      We also have something else; Gorgone’s testimony of unidentified DNA on Zimmerman’s jacket where Trayvon was ruled out as a contributor. Someone else’s blood was on Zimmerman’s jacket, which supports that he was in fight before the evening of 2/26/12.

      We also have a shape of something on Zimmerman’s head around one of his boo-boo’s. It is my belief that the shape coincides with a carbinder or bracket used on gym equipment, and the two puncture wounds on Zimmerman’s head were likely to have been caused by screws holding the bracket to the floor. Those are puncture wounds — not wounds that result from having the head hit on flat concrete.

      In short, someone at Kokopelli’s gym beat the living daylights out of Zimmerman. It was enough to frighten Shellie who felt the need to leave and go to her dad’s that Saturday, but comfortable enough to be back with George that Sunday after the Osterman’s opened their house to them. Reasonably, she left George because she didn’t feel safe at the Retreat at Twin Lakes with whomever it was having it in with George, also having access to enter that gated community.

      George told a co-worker that he was mugged. There’s a possibility that George owed another gym member money, and they kicked his butt and took what money he had on him.

      If they haven’t already, the DOJ needs to examine who lives or lived at the Retreat at Twin Lakes who is also a member of Kokopelli’s Gym. In the alternative, they would know someone who lives there giving them access to enter. That’s the person who beat up George. Maybe it was John Goode who in exchange for not being charged with assault, gave his “MMA” lie to the police because he knows that someone other than Trayvon beat George MMA style inside of Kokopelli’s Gym.


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