Florida Tweaks Stand Your Ground Law

On October 8, 2013, by a 7-2 vote, the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee passed changes to Florida’s stand your ground law.  It has two more committee stops before it can be considered by the full Senate.

We Can Dream 2Republican Senator David Simmons’ and Democratic Senator Chris Smith’s bills were combined, although the two still have differences over how much protection to provide for people who use deadly force.   They said those differences would be worked out later.  Senator

Smith voted against the 2005 bill that created the law, and said that he still believes people should be required to retreat first, if possible, before using force against an attacker.  Senator Smith stated that he worked with Simmons on areas where they can agree. Both senators attended hearings around the state to discuss the law. Senator Smith wants a broader definition of “aggressors” and for the state to track the use of the law statewide to get better data than the anecdotal cases collected so far.

Florida House Rep. Alan Williams, (D-Tallahassee) has filed a bill to repeal stand your ground entirely.We can Dream

The bill prohibits people who are the “aggressors” in confrontations from claiming stand your ground immunity.  The changes also specify that law enforcement must still conduct a full investigation in shootings where the law is being claimed as a defense.  It adds language that clarifies that anyone who uses force against an attacker can still be responsible if they injure or kill an uninvolved bystander.

The current bill also requires the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to develop training guidelines for neighborhood watch groups that, among other things, addresses unlawful use of force and conduct that could create or escalate a confrontation.

These are small changes that the Judiciary Committee believes that House Republicans will successfully pass into law.

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin
Feb. 6, 1995 – Feb. 26, 2012

Trayvon Martin’s death has spurred many positive things for the benefit of others.  Along with changes to Florida’s stand your ground law, many young Blacks have received scholarships.  Rachel Jeantel, who was on the phone with Trayvon and heard George Zimmerman ask him what he was doing around there, and a bump to Trayvon’s headset, received a full scholarship through Tom Joyner.





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  1. We all knew this, that the aggressor should not be allowed to claim SYG. I hope this bill passes the next 2 stops!! I also hope justice is still found for the family of Trayvon Martin and his killer faces legal consequences for his death.


  2. I love this picture of Trayvon that you posted here. Thank you for your tireless efforts to seek Justice for Trayvon and all!


  3. Congratulations….don’t minimize what they went up against. NRA is the largest lobby and they were able to amend this,I think,in some real ways, e.g.. SYG defenses have to be fully investigated. No more attitude that Det. Serino expressed to tubby when he said :” well, if this teen was a bad guy, ok” That kind of wrongheaded thinking was being accepted and is what made Fl’s SYG law so dangerous.

    They had a SYG in an over 55 Del Webb community in Fl. A very mentally ill resident had posted a sign that said ” Del Webb is Unfair To Veterans”. His home was in foreclosure, utilities had been shut off but the HOA refused to and probably couldn’t file eviction papers and police said it’s an HOA so he’s your problem. Instead of waiting for the bank to send sheriff , a resident decided to entice this mentally ill man into a situation. He and his wife went for a walk, husband takes his gun. They move this man’s sign knowing he was probably watching. The deranged man comes running out waving a butter knife, and resident shoots him dead. No charges, man claimed he was in fear for his life but he clearly provoked the mentally deranged man.

    That incident was never investigated and I think received very little media because of SYG when, I believe, this man provoked a situation and killed a mentally ill veteran. His wife was hysterical and maybe more than a few of his neighbors thought along Det.Serino’s bone headed reasoning of “well, taking the undesirables out is ok”.

    I can guarantee any pats of “attaboy” were short lived and this jerk who decided to take a leisurely walk, with his wife, and his pistol ( who takes their gun on their walks…I mean it’s not like he was going to Target ;-)… is left with a deep horror at what he did. He will die with the memory he killed a mentally ill man in cold blood.

    Average citizens cannot be allowed to take the law into their hands and this re-stating “NO, you MAY NOT kill someone when you have initially provoked the situation and it WILL be investigated may be restating the 2nd part of the law already enacted but as we witnessed with Judge corrupt Nelson, it can be ignored.

    I am very much in awe of the courage of these politicians, the dream defenders! the Martins, who without their constant ability to control their rightful anger ( superhuman ability there), nothing would have changed.

    You’ll moved a mountain…take a bow and a huge ATTABOY and ATTAGIRL from an old,lady!


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    • @Rachael. Those parents may not realize how their fear is interpreted by their children. Concerned?!?! No, stereotyping — stereotyping by clothes.


  5. that’s a pretty damn good majority vote! and if you ask me it think it’s gonna make it. it may be that the only decent thing that comes out of Trayvon’s murder is that SYG will be severely revised, because of the acquittal in fact!

    omg! ok i know this is gonna sound almost as crazy as 99% of the conspiracy theories going around abt this case, but it just popped in my mind as i wrote that last sentence; what IF the real purpose for the failed prosecution was to get the SYG law OFF the books??? could it have been used to work up enough support of the ppl so outraged at this acquittal, who blame that law to use in getting that law over turned??
    i know it sounds crazy to think that any of the players in the state could actually have another agenda that’s possibly a good one for the majority of ppl besides the gun lobby and the elites w.their power and deep pockets, but it’s also crazy to think anyone with a tiny bit of moral fiber would actually WANT to let that POS zimmerman go free.
    could someone who’s planning on running for some political office, wanting to use gun law issues as a platform have enough power to be behind the negotiations of this catastrophe from the beginning?!

    because i really did believe zim would be convicted, because if not and he was let go it would be the worst case scenario for SYG. ppl said it was the opposite and that they wanted him to be let go because of SYG. but i just don’t see it that way. this case was such a clear straight up murder of an innocent kid and i think most ppl who are reasonable do agree that SYG was not intended to protect some cowardly punkass nobody, wanna be vigilante who stalks and shoots an unarmed teenager point blank in the heart! i think most ppl can see how perverted that is if it did protect that kind of crime.

    just an idea..probably just wishful thinking..


  6. This is a major accomplishment considering the lobby against it, I don’t personally think the state threw this so it could be amended on the notion that it could have failed.

    Now they have a proven killer on the loose, armed no less AND empowered and how many thousands of his ilk just looking to Target someone as well.

    But it’s FL, the gunshine state so…………who knows.


  7. Everyone talks about how to make things better, however, no one talks about how loved ones will come back to life after they are dead and burried. It seems like everyone wants to complain about the government in taking away the second Amendment. The government is not taking away anything but the use of machine guns and other weapons that are concerned with overly protecting a home. As my mother have told me when I was younger, and my dad… if you don’t go where weapons are used, you would not have to worry about them being used on you.

    No one knows how hard it is to be black in America, but if you watch the movie Soul Man with James Earl Jones and C.Thomas Howell (a 1986 movie), maybe others will understand. It is amazing how this movie was made in 1986 and here we are in 2013, things are still the same as it was then, now.


  8. Well, I’m glad that Florida is thinking of making SYG law a little bit less insane, and I hope this bill can make it through Florida Senate and Rick Scott.


  9. If this leads to the removal of stand your ground, I’m all for it. The part about the aggressor not claiming SYG is good. However the real issue is the racial double standard in applications of self-defense SYG matters. You cant say Zimmerman can be the agressor kill someone and its ok. You cant say Ralph Wald can be the aggressor kill someone by committing the only violence and its ok. Then say to Trevor Dooley its not ok for you because you were the aggressor, its not ok for you because David James had the right not to be subjected to violence.


  10. “Today in Tallahassee the democratic process won out and a first compromise was reached,” said Attorney Benjamin Crump who represents Trayvon Martin’s family.

    “Tracy and I have said from the beginning that our hope is that the tragedy of Trayvon’s death can be turned into real change so that other parents don’t have to experience the grief we have endured” said Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin. “The work here is not done and we fear an uphill battle going forward to achieve real change in our son’s name. We encourage everyone to visit changefortrayvon.com and help us ensure that real change for Trayvon occurs in Florida and other states across the country.”



  11. Looks like FogenPhoole will be filing another lawsuit now, being made a cartoon of and all, not to mention being found guilty of anything. Yep……never my fault Fogen will be looking for more easy money.

    And what will The Zidiot Nation be saying……


    • two sides to a story

      A lot of his supporters are refusing to look at it after some did and told others not to. HAHAHAHAHAHA!


    • @racerrodig
      @two sides

      Just goes to show that he’s under no threat. He was married, had kids, and living without Wes standing around to guard him.

      South Park executed him. He can’t file suit. He’s dead. 🙂


  12. A Poem for Trayvon:

    Posted on Youtube by BeautifulEHuman