Documentary Film On Trayvon Martin In The Making

“I am 17-years-old, black, love rap music, eat Skittles, drink iced tea, have posted photos of myself on the internet with my middle finger up, hat turned backwards, pants sagging and I wear hoodies. Those things do not define me. “I am an award-winning filmmaker, Emmy-winning voice-over actor, public speaker, education activist, scholar, author, athlete, a well-spoken and God fearing young man from a solid middle class family. I am Trayvon; I am the future of America so why would anyone want to kill me?”

This sets the tone for Jordan Coleman’s documentary film titled “I Am Trayvon.”

Jordan Coleman is a freshman studying film making at American University in Washington, D.C. He was recently named one the 25 Most Influential People in Our Children’s Lives by Children’s Health magazine, and debuted his first documentary “Say It Loud” in 2008.


Jordan Coleman

In “I Am Trayvon,” Coleman sets out on a soul-searching journey to learn more about the inner thoughts of his peers from all walks of life. He will encourage dialogue with them about the death of Martin, the Zimmerman verdict, race relations and what African-American young men need to do to find their place in our society.

“The shooting of Trayvon Martin and the Zimmerman verdict sent a clear message to African-American young men that our lives are not valued, said the filmmaker. “Hopefully my film will give a voice to these young men who have been silenced, ignored, neglected, stereotyped, misunderstood, discriminated against and symbolically left for dead.”

Coleman has already collected more than 10 hours of heartfelt and emotional footage and has a wish list of interview subjects he hopes to land for his “I Am Trayvon” documentary that includes Michael Moore, Jaime Foxx and President Barack Obama among others.

Coleman is raising budget to fund the film on Indiegogo.  If you are unable to contribute monetarily to making this film, you can email a photo of yourself wearing a hoodie, or a one minute video with your honest feelings about the Zimmerman verdict.

Jordan Coleman’s email address is provided on Indiegogo. He also requests help to pass the information through social media. Jordan has made the below video to help promote the fund raising effort to complete the film.

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  1. This is fabulous…..absolutely fabulous. I still haven’t seen any Fogen tributes, foundations, scholarships and the like. Nope, just some flaming, wild wheel standing assholes from Ohio who gave him some money for more guns ‘n ammo.

    Maybe it’s me but that’s not what makes the world go ’round is it??


    • @racerrodig. Haha! Just a bunch of re-cycled defense garbage for George. He didn’t have one supporter to put a roof over his head and had to depend on Shellie’s dad for that.


      • Yep….I can just see the wives of Zidiots going down this road.

        “…..I just opened the mail……I thought you said you made the mortgage payments…”

        Zidiot “…..Well, George needed our support and I just had to help”

        “Help who…..for what and why??”

        Zidiot “He’s that guy who was defending himself from…..”

        “Spare me the grief Billy Bob, it’s all propaganda and why did you buy another pistol?”

        Zidiot “We can never have enough protection”

        “Get a grip, and I’m sick and tired of tripping over all these damn gun books……and why is this late notice in the trash for the electric bill?”

        Zidiot “I didn’t want ya to worry……”

        “About what……………the lights being turned off…….because YOU think some fat nobody was getting his ass kicked by a kid with the nickname “Slim” ?? Riiiiight”

        Zidiot “But it’s about ouir God given 2nd Amend…..”

        “Buuuuuuuullllshit…….it has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, ain’t nobody takin’ anyone’s precious guns away in our lifetime…..don’t bs me on that line. I’m just sick of your….(looks out window curiously)……..and why the fuck is that guy towing mu SUV away………………….!!!!!!!”

        Yep, I’m pretty sure there were many conversations along that line.


  2. Thank you Xena. I’m sharing this on my FB!


    • @mindyme62. Thank you. Jordan Coleman is a teen way beyond his years in wisdom.


      • For you, Xena

        Your experience allows you to share your wisdom and heart.

        Thank you.

        And, thank you for all you do for the cause.


        • @Yahtzee. Bless your heart. You know that’s our theme song here at Blackbutterfly7. 🙂 And, thank you for your support. (((hugs)))


        • Yes, I know that it is your theme song…..I just wanted to post it tonight because of its line that begins with “The world has come to see….”

          I, too, have come to see how you are.


          • @Yahtzee. I LOVE THAT SONG!!! Bless your heart.

            You know, that applies to all butterflies, and butterflies come in all colors. They all go through the same transformation process. And, that is why we can relate to each other. If only all of mankind could learn from that.


  3. Jueseppi B.

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  4. Looking forward to this documentary. To racerrodig the post on the zidiot is funny as Xena correctly stated. I like to do that with zidiots,throw their pretzel logic back at them. Also Xena could you do a post on Michael Giles. Giles is another example of Blacks and SYG is like oil and water.


    • @m1. Could you give me a bit more info on Michael Giles, such as the state and year that the case started? I tried searching but there are too many Michael Giles for me to sort through. Please forgive my ignorance not knowing about the case.


      • Michael Giles case happened in Tallahassee Florida. His parents put up his case on I’m trying to find out about Giles attackers.


        • @M1. Thanks for the info. I’ll see what I can find.


        • @M1. Now I remember!! As soon as I got the first search results using Tallahassee, I remembered reading about the case. It upset me because Zimmerman should have been charged with the same crime as Giles and Alexander. By Zimmerman’s own admission, he fired his gun in a residential area and did not know whether he shot Trayvon. Rather than having concern for where the bullet went, he jumped on Trayvon’s back and said he did so to restrain him.

          Stand Your Ground law is not impartially applied in Florida. I’ll do a post on Giles as soon as I can.


  5. Don’t hesitate to inflame them, because the Zidiots are getting no support in serious forums. The more they expose themselves the fewer people they influence. So keep them talking.


  6. Jordan Colman this is a much needed film to open the eyes to the world on the injustice of laws that are over due for change in this country. Hate Crime, Racial Profiling, Child Abuse, and false claims of Stand Your Ground along with Self Defense all with the resulting in death was what happened to Trayvon Martin in this case of Zimmerman murdering and innocent kid.

    This murder was one that became about politics because of the cover up that the Sanford PD violated the Civil Rights of Trayvon Martin allowing Zimmerman to lie about what took place and not investigate the what really happen by eliminating witnesses with true accounts. The poor handling of Trayvon Martin’s body wasn’t justified under the laws of human rights, his body laid in the rain for three hours before he was covered and removed. As Trayvon’s was placed in the morgue from Feb. 26-28 before his parents were notified of his murder.

    Trayvon’s a drug test was performed on his dead body but not on his killer as his killer was free for 44 days before his arrest because the mayor Rick Scott demanded that Zimmerman not be arrested. The NRA chimed in to say that Zimmerman had the rights to bare-arms against an unarmed black kid walking in the rain accused of being specious and attacked by a Volunteer Neighborhood Watch person, breaking rules carrying a weapon. The state prosecutors intentionally failed to challenge the inconsistency with Zimmerman as medical examiners proved nothing matching with Zimmerman’s statements. Clear and simple this was a premeditated murder and your film I trust will expose what truly happened in the black community when protection is on the wrong side.


  7. Oh, lets not forget that, it is believed that Zimmerman did not act alone based on evidence and witness tampering by the state and the shuffling of key people who could be brought up on charges.