Trayvon Martin’s Cell Phone – How Did It Get On the Ground?


Trayvon Martin’s cell phone at crime scene

Has anyone wore a hands-free headset for their cell phone, but carried their cell phone in their hand?

When I first heard George Zimmerman’s NEN call when his tone changed and he asked the dispatcher if the cop would call him and he would tell him where he was, I concluded then that he was alerted of or knew Trayvon’s whereabouts.


When Trayvon’s phone log was released and I saw that he received a call at 7:12 p.m., my first thought was that George Zimmerman heard Trayvon talking on his cell phone and began following his voice.  I am still under that impression.

Crime scene photos were subsequently released, and Trayvon’s cell phone was on the ground, the location indicated by Marker 7.

When Zimmerman told the big, fat lie about spreading Trayvon’s hands out because he thought something was in them, I anticipated that Zimmerman would say he found Trayvon’s cell phone in his hand.  However, Zimmerman did not make that claim.  It would not have been to his benefit because anyone planning a physical assault would not use their cell phone as a weapon.  Today’s cell phones are simply not heavy enough to cause damage.  If anyone did use their cell phone in an effort to cause harm, it would be in defense against their attacker.

George Zimmerman Omits Any Mention of Seeing Trayvon’s Cell Phonecrime scene

I tend to pay attention to what George Zimmerman omits.  In his statements and re-enactment, he omits mention that a witness took photos.  Zimmerman omits mention of the key chain flashlight; the tactical flashlight; and Trayvon’s cell phone.  Those things ended up on the ground and the omission of Trayvon’s cell phone is important.

According to Zimmerman’s story, after he was punched in the nose, Trayvon was ALWAYS on top of him.  That eliminates the possibility that Trayvon’s cell phone could fall out of a pocket.  By comparison, the bag of candy and the Arizona drink remained in Trayvon’s pockets.  Let’s go further — Zimmerman said that he wiggled, or shimmied, or shrimped (different descriptions that he stated to different people), and his cell phone did not come out of his pocket.

At trial, I anticipated that prosecutors would ask Rachel Jeantel, or Sybrina, Jahvaris or Tracy, that when Trayvon wore his headset, where did he carry his phone?  Did he put it in a pocket?  Was there a clip for his waistband?  They needed to tell the jury where Trayvon carried his cell phone when using his headset, and that it was not a matter of him taking it from where he carried it, and dropping it to the ground.

The prosecution failed to ask that question.  Trial ended without anyone hearing how Trayvon’s phone ended up on the ground not far from his body and Zimmerman’s tactical flashlight.

We Witnessed George Zimmerman Destroying Evidence

On September 9, 2013, Shellie Zimmerman called the police and reported a disturbance that included George taking her iPad and tearing it apart.  Shellie was using the iPad to record George while they were in the garage.   Video has since been released showing Zimmerman taking the iPad apart and throwing it to the ground.  The Lake Mary, Florida, police department has stated that the iPad could contain important information.  It is in pieces, and they have to send it out to specialists to see whether the recording can be recovered.  Effectively, George Zimmerman damaged Shellie’s iPad to destroy recorded evidence.

Considering What Rachel Jeantel Heard With What We Have Now Seen

When I watched the video of George destroying Shellie’s iPad, I thought about Rachel Jeantel’s testimony and Trayvon’s phone.  I watched her trial testimony again, and listened again to her interview with Bernie de la Rionda.  She was consistent, saying that she heard a “bump” and started screaming “Trayvon, Trayvon.”  Jeantel then says, the phone “just cut-off.”  In her recorded statement with de la Rionda, we hear what sounds like Jeantel slapping her hands together when saying, “it just cut-off.”

Since Jeantel and Trayvon had talked throughout that evening as Trayvon walked to and from the 7-Eleven, and their connections had dropped, it didn’t seem out of the ordinary to have her last call “drop.”  But, was the last call dropped, or intentionally (slap) “cut-off”?

After hearing the “bump,” Jeantel concluded that it was Trayvon’s headset and that it fell.  However, we know that his headset did not fall as it was still around his neck when the EMT’s arrived.  The “bump” apparently disconnected the headset from the cell phone, sending Jeantel’s voice screaming “Trayvon! Trayvon!” into the air, falling on Zimmerman’s ears.   Zimmerman became aware that there was a person on the other end hearing what was happening, and he didn’t want her to hear anything more.

That also makes it reasonable to believe that is how Zimmerman’s blood got on Trayvon’s sweatshirt that he wore underneath his hoodie.  It got there as Zimmerman wrestled with Trayvon, feeling for, and taking his cell phone.  Zimmerman already had blood on his hands. What caused it?  We do not know, and prosecutors, neither the defense, offered any explanation as to why Zimmerman’s blood ended up nowhere on Trayvon’s clothing other than the bottom hem of Trayvon’s sweatshirt that he wore underneath his hoodie.

The following video is titled “Revelation on George Zimmerman’s Rage, comparing what Rachel Jeantel heard, to what we have now seen George Zimmerman do to Shellie’s iPad.


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  1. such a good looking kid..I love the music on this Xena.


    • @mindyme62. The soundtrack is from an original song by Tears for Fears titled “Mad World.” The slower version is by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules. It was the featured song on Discovery Channel’s “Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets,” that featured mostly unsolved murders, and some solved murders, narrated from the point of view of victims.

      It’s one of the songs I like using as background because Trayvon’s voice was stolen by George Zimmerman, who also buried the truth.


  2. trayvonstruth

    Great post Xena and totally heartbreaking. It’s details like this that I’ve tried to avoid thinking about because it breaks my heart otherwise. Thank you so much for continued dedication and support of Trayvon.


    • I agree. I feel like I’m all tied up – because no matter exactly the details, we know full well what did NOT happen. And even if we were to know exactly what happened to the very detail, there is nothing that can be done now. I feel like what’s the point? I keep screaming and crying and kicking, but it does not good. Nothing does. As sad as this sounds, I actually take my strength from Trayvon’s family who is so strong in their faith and staying so dignified throughout this horrible nightmare. I know that is so wrong of me, because ideally, I would like to be there for them, I would like to be strong for them, but their strength makes me stronger.


      • @Rachael:

        I know how you feel. I only have some hope in the DOJ bringing charges but I don/’t put to much faith in that any longer. I have lost faith in so many things! I never had much faith in the Justice System anyway because it has always been against blacks! I alternate between anger, rage, sadness, crying, feeling indifferent, losing myself in my work, so I don’t have to think about that boy in that grave and wishing that Fogen meet street justice! The DOJ is not going to bring any charges against this man. He is layered in Teflon!! They used to call John Gotti the Teflon Don here in NYC, but his halo and teflon wore off eventually!

        Fogen has nine lives. No one will touch him! I know that, that is wrong to wish harm upon someone but this man needs to be removed from society!! All of his friends and his lying family also needs to suffer the consequences of their lies! He is a violent man who will not be stopped until he kills, and if it is a white individual, that will be when the authorities FINALLY arrest and convict his ASS!


    • @trayvonstruth. I understand what you mean about heart break. There are times as I write or compile a video, that my eyes fill with tears seeing and feeling as Trayvon must have on that dark, rainy night.

      As light overcomes darkness, and truth sets free, we now hear that even some of those defense witnesses such as Donnelly, are telling what they REALLY believe about George.

      We are watching the train wreck of George Zimmerman.


  3. trayvonstruth

    Also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the work you put into your blog posts. We have yet to be able to sit down and write any posts on our blog because it just hurts so damn bad.


  4. At timestamp 5:30 I think Trayvon is doing something with his phone. This is enlarged at timestamp 7:47.

    Then look at 5:42 where he is doing something else with the phone.


    • @Yahtc. Yes. I think the cord on the ear bud has a button to answer or disconnect and at one of the timestamps, Trayvon is answering his phone. I would need to go back to his phone log for the times, but even Jeantel said that she was talking to Trayvon while he was in the store. GOOD CATCH!


    • god he’s so skinny. he’s just a little dude doing kid things he’s not even trying to be cool.
      my hands are shaking and stomach is tight cas i’ve never seen him this close up on the videos i’ve seen, and i try not to concentrate on his face because i’m so scared to see his expressions…this boy was just alive and thinking about stuff and talking and so innocent he had no idea. poor Sybrina and Tracy and Trayvon.

      the thought of that fucking scumbag piece of shit putting his hands on him makes me nauseous and unbearably angry. i don’t know how Trayvon didn’t die of fright. omg i can’t stand it. i cant say what i’d do to that slob if i laid eyes on him.


  5. Timestamp 0:03:49 (6:03+ PM) a guy in baseball hat comes from back of the store in baseball cap with beard carrying two 6-packs of beer.

    Study him. Do you think he looks like anyone we know?


    • Look at top left screen after he leaves at the vehicle pulling away.


      • Who do you think it is? He seems kind of slim to be George. Jr?


      • Yahtzee, Zena…….

        OMG, go to you prior Lake Mary Chief has concerns about Zimmerman….Look at the first picture, the hat and the shoes, compare with Yatzee’s above post. Bingo.


        • IIRC, Sdunn5 pointed the guy out, and it was right around the time that jury selection started. She posted it on her blog which she has since removed. I blew the screen capture up, but that didn’t help. We’ve not seen GZ’s legs, and the guy in the store looks a bit shorter than GZ, but it’s hard to tell.

          Nevertheless, I have no doubt that GZ had been drinking that night.


          • Okay, I looked at it several more times, and had my husband look at it, and he thinks it is him also.GZ is not very tall, only about 5’7″. If you look closely, under the red shirt, he is wearing a grey long sleave shirt……but that hat, unless thats a commom hat everyone wears, I’d say it’s him.

            Zena, I agree, he was drinking that night, that why he didn’t want to go to the ER.


          • Sorry about spelling your namr incorrect, I saw it again just when I hit the button.


      • dreamer…..good catch with the hat, shoes, and grey shirt.

        The hat at Lake Mary is the same…just with the locations of the black and white reversed

        You might want to start at the beginning of the video…..The car gz goes to after his purchase seems to be the same car that a woman customer gets out of and then enters the store….but we don’t see her get back into the driver’s seat…..instead, we see gz get into it after his purchase.


        • I should have said “the man” not “gz”


          • Yahtzee,

            I don’t see the woman get out of the car. I see “the man” get out on the drivers side, and get back in on the drivers side.

            Shannnoninmiami, I can’t really see his facial features in the store video. It appears he is buying cigarettes and and looks like a black and mild or cigar. Do we know for sure that he doesn’t smoke? Maybe it’s me, but during the 911 call, at one point when he talking, I sounds like he took a drag off of sumptin. I’ll go back and listen to the call again.


    • Yes SDune does/did post this guy and thinks it’s him a long time ago. But to me He really does not look like him to me. here’s a few things that dissuade me.

      his profile seems different. nose in particular
      his posture is not up-right like chicken george likes to walk.
      he’s wearing flip-flops
      he’s buying cigarettes (Marlborough reds it appears)

      there are some similarities like his height and build.
      but it still seems he’s a bit heavier than chicken george was that day.
      and yes he is wearing a long-sleeve shirt under the red one.

      but again i don’t sense any familiarity at all.

      you know who was smoking tho last monday? that girl in the truck! when she walked to stand under the tree w.him she was smoking…


  6. I wish someone like you could have been the prosecutor in Travons case. The video is beautiful and so is Trayvon and his spirit.


    • @CarolMae. Bless your heart, but I didn’t miss my calling. I would not be able to be in the same room with O’Mara and West without throwing up. They are conniving, evil, men.

      Trayvon certainly is beautiful and his spirit lives in peace, while his murderer is in a living hell.


  7. kindheart101

    Yes Xena…………..It’s all about George Zimmerman’s RAGE!

    My tears still flow, I wonder why,
    it had to be, that I should die?
    He followed me, I ran away,
    What did I do? What did I say?

    Who was this man, where did he go,
    I turned around, then I would know!
    He stood there, looked me in the eyes,
    his anger raged, to my demise.

    I asked him “what his problem was?’
    he didn’t like me, “Just Because!”
    My hood was up, my skin was brown,
    next thing I knew, I’m on the ground.

    I cried, I screamed, he pulled a gun,
    I knew right then, my time was done.
    I begged him stop, please let me live,
    but that’s one wish he did not give.

    I heard the blast, I felt the pain,
    and as I died, I felt the rain.
    What did I do? What did I say?
    Oh Zimmerman….You’re going to pay!

    Both far and wide, the word was spread,
    for all to hear, TRAYVON IS DEAD!
    A hush broke out, the angels knew,
    exactly what, they had to do.

    They turned their tears, to gentle rain,
    that fell to earth, and took his pain.
    Their wings they spread, and held him tight,
    he now was theirs, as of that night.

    They parted clouds, the thunder roared,
    All heads were bowed, all knees were bent,

    In memory of: Trayvon Benjamin Martin (February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012)


    • @Kindheart101 Beautiful poem. (crying)


    • this is very sweet. What a wonderful tribute.


    • Thanks you, Kindheart, for sharing your movingly beautiful poem in memory of Trayvon.

      His spirit will ALWAYS live on!


    • ***They turned their tears, to gentle rain,
      that fell to earth, and took his pain.
      Their wings they spread, and held him tight,
      he now was theirs, as of that night.***

      speechless in hope.


    • kindheart,
      That IS absolutely the most beautiful poem that I have ever read!!!
      I read it like a picture. You could feel everything in it.
      IF you could send that to his family, it would help them so much.
      You have such a beautiful heart and soul.


  8. are you saying that the ear piece did not fall off his ear???
    and that that huge drink did NOT fall out of his pocket??
    so let me understand, because i didn’t really deal with this aspect of the evidence.
    was the 7/11 bag outside on the ground, empty? meaning the drink and candy were just found in his front pocket w/o the damn bag??? because i’m defiantly not gonna jump to conclusions and think Trayvon is going to just whip the stuff out of the bag it came in, just to then stuff the items into his pocket and then wander on home carrying an empty bag for the fun of it.
    i’m gonna go get the new audio video from Jose and bring it here, but i’m gonna try to stay calm because i must be confused about this evidence….


    • @Shannon. Good questions. The Arizona drink was placed in the bag by the store clerk, right? What I think happened is that when Trayvon ran, he put the drink in his pocket, with it still in the bag. How did it get out of the bag but still be in his pocket? Speculation only, that it might have been sticking out and the officer who asked Manalo for plastic wrap just grabbed it without thinking, or while searching through Trayvon’s pockets, GZ grabbed the bag and the drink fell out, or he removed the bag and replaced the drink can in Trayvon’s pocket once discovering that he was being watched.

      I tend leaning towards the second, because Trayvon’s blood was on the cuff of GZ’s right sleeve, and also on the bag of Skittles. My theory is that it got there by GZ reaching his hand into Trayvon’s wound for blood to smear on his already scalping head boo-boos.


      • i think the answer is one of the 3 most obvious scenarios Xena,
        chicken george snatched it out of Trayvon’s hand,
        chicken removed them from his pocket to search it after he murdered Trayvon
        or Trayvon dropped the whole bag with it’s belongings during the attack but chicken george tried to cover his ass and picked it up and placed it in his pocket before or after he smothered Trayvon by jumping on top of him!
        whatever happened prior it ended up in Trayvon’s pocket because it was chicken george who placed it there- i cant think of another reasonable explanation that the can would be in his pocket without the bag!

        I noticed in the 7/11 video that everything was placed in the bag by the clerk and he walked out carrying the bag. imo the drink a pretty good sized can for Trayvon to put in his pocket, but he might have because you can see from his hood being so snug on his head that Trayvon was cold that night. and carrying the bag would leave one hand out in the cold on the way home.. maybe he did stuff the bag in his pocket to be able to put his hands in a pocket to keep them warm…but then again can we believe chicken george when he said to NEN that “he’s got something in his hands”?

        just an observation, in my mind Trayvon was super skinny, that and for ppl living in south florida the weather up there was pretty cold. i think we’d consider it cold AF, possibly freezing because of the drizzling.
        also the sweatshirt seems to be too small for his long arms, maybe it was old or even a hand-me down from his brother. but it certainly wasn’t worn as a fashion statement, it was worn because it was damn cold! if his parents are anything like me, that was probably one of very few sweaters he owned because we may only need something like that a couple days a year so we arn’t going to be buying new sweaters for our kids that often.
        also in one of his pics with the girl at school he was also wearing a sweatshirt. someone suggested it was the same one. i wouldn’t doubt it for the reasons above. he’s a skinny kid and they tend to be cold alot, even just from the AC in a classroom. I remember bringing sweaters to school for the cold classrooms. i’m just so pissed ppl are trying to make him wearing a sweater into something deviant! my god, can they get any stupider??


    • Everyone of these people have Trayvon’s blood on their hands too. Shannon, Thank you for this. I know it has to be as heart wrenching for you to have put this together as it is for those who listen.


      • No mindy i didn’t do any videos, this was done by a guy on youtube named Jose. he’s done a few others on his channel. in some of those he seems to hear certain things i personally don’t hear but that’s just me. you can check them out and see if you agree with him.

        but i sure agree with you that there’s plenty of ppl who allowed and then covered up Trayvon’s murder. i’ll never get over how so many men in that community remain apathetic to a young boy’s lynching right in their own back yard! i’ll never understand how NO ONE went out there to expressly HELP the kid screaming! it’s unfathomable those ppl didn’t even attempt to rescue Trayvon, much less actually support the killer??? i cant help but still hope the DOJ makes those ppl pay too. the chances aren’t very high but that’s just they way i choose to keep my sanity in the face of this insanity!


  9. Xena, As I sit here on this beautiful Sunday morning pondering the events that surround the death of Trayvon Martin, several key points about the future come to mind. The first point of interest is the DOJ (FBI) investigation, while the wheels of justice move slow normally, this case is impeded by the politics of racism, and we really can not expect to have charges (if there are to be charges) filed until after the mid-term elections in Nov. 2014. The state of Florida is a political nightmare for both parties, and IMO if the DOJ does file charges prior to that time, it will ensure that Florida does swing back to the right and the GOP/TP will remain in control of the political circus in the state. While I do not fault the POTUS for commenting on the death of Trayvon as a person, but because the case was so racially charged prior to his comment, IMO it was not (in hind sight) the smartest thing to have done. His comments gave the racist political party in charge a valid reason (politically) to attack not only the POTUS, but the victim of a murder as well. Now there is one good thing that has taken place over the last week or so, and that is the incident between Shel-lie and the Fogdoit, it has for all practical purposes taken MOM out of the picture if a civil action is filed against the Fogdoit by the Martin family. I don’t think that MOM will want to risk his new venture with CNN to attempt to defend the Fogdoit in a Stand Your Ground post trial attempt to avoid civil judgement, which is questionable from a legal stand point. Ok, enough from my old and tired brain for now, one of the last two brain cells that I have left is starting to get tired…

    Xena, Lest I forget, I wish to thank you one more time for not deserting this case (as some other blogs for all practical purposes have done). We need someone to keep it out in the open and remain a thorn in the side of the racist minority in charge of justice as this time….


    • while i agree with your points about the President i wanna stomp up and down and scream how wrong you (should) be about Obama commenting about Trayvon! I wanna say the President’s comments are NOT a valid reason, in fact that an absurd suggestion, for the GOP to blame anyone other than the murderer. And they need to stfu about what our prez said bc he’s the best damn prez we’ve had in our whole life time and his opinion carries a lot of weight socially and legally bc he’s right and he IS the most influential man on this planet. They should respect that and revere him.

      The GOP should try at least to give the appearance of a united effort in seeking justice for any murdered boy and stop with the bulshit perpetuating racism just to further their scams to dominate everyone in the 99%.

      But honestly i’ve thought the same thing as you do about his comments. They did hurt Trayvon legally. that is incredible isn’t it, that if another prez said the same thing about a white boy there wouldn’t be this hate fest or blame the victim game. This is a terrible example of the crumbling democracy of the united states. and personally i’ve decided i don’t want to bring my son up in a place like this for fear he’d someday run into one of the POS grown powerful man and be influenced! i know i’d have to beat the hate out him myself it that happened, and so far he’s only needed one beat down in 7 years and i’d like to keep it like that since i don’t really believe in spanking.

      this sucks. but i think your right about that and i hate it! do you think the President knew what would happen yet did it anyway?


      • Shannoninmiami, You must realize that our opinions about the right of the POTUS to speak from his heart are the same. However, I also realize that because of race, that this president does not have the same liberty to voice his opinions that prior occupants (white) have held. I realize that it sucks that he is held to a different and not necessarily a higher standard, but we as mere humans have very little control over that, all we can do is voice our displeasure with the system and vote for people that are willing to make the changes necessary to bring about a more fair system for all people. Do I think the President knew what would happen, yet did it anyway? In all fairness to President Obama, I really do not think he realized the zeal that the racists under lords would react to his heart felt words. Perhaps if the people will actually unite and stand together for a change things will improve, but I honestly don’t think this old man will see it happen. I have, as a white man, watched the improvement in racial equality that many of us had been worked so hard to bring about, suddenly in five short years go back in time over fifty years,returning to where things were before so many of us stood together and demanded change. It is enough to call into question what the future will bring to this once united nation….. Sorry about the rambling post, there is so much that I would like to say and so little space to put the words…. Try to find it in your heart to forgive me for my inability to put into words some sort of coherent post reflecting my thoughts…..


        • @crazy1946:

          Your post is spot on!. I agree with Shannon wholeheartedly but we all know that Presidne Obama is judged by a different standard because he is black and the first black President.. President Bush, Clinton and Bush Sr. could have voiced their whole-heart sympathy in this case, and it would not have mattered. Because the President is black, he is not supposed ot have an opinion regarding crimes against other blacks. Not even ones considered hate crimes.

          Obama does not have that liberty unfortunately.It just gave those on the racist right and the ole bigots and racists voice to lash out at the President and stand behind Fogen. These ate the sub humans who want to, “take this country back!” Back to the old Jim Crow days of subservient black americans! They hate President so bad. They despise him and they are letting the country suffer because of their hatred for him! Everything he does, they scrutinize him for it. Even if he does the exact same thnigs that his predecessors did like putting his feet on his desk in the Oval office. His birth place is still a source of debate by the right. it is disgusting and we all know just another racist ploy by his racist enemies!


          • @Deborah From NYC.

            They hate President so bad.

            Yes, because they hate the equality laws making it possible for him to have the galls to qualify, run, and be elected President.

            That begins with the “system” which is not suppose to allow Black men an “equal” education. No matter if they are geniuses, White teachers are suppose to give them low grades, fail them — never have them believe that they are equal to Whites and/or smarter than some Whites. As far as Black teachers, well, bigoted racists believe they have their jobs due to affirmative action.

            Thus, affirmative action is criticized and accused of making it possible for people of color and women of all colors, to receive and be successful in achieving a higher education.

            Never mind that Barack Obama passed the Illinois State Bar, which along with California, is said to be the most difficult Bar exams to pass. (Affirmative Action wasn’t helping him with the Bar exam, but White Supremacists forget that.)

            Then we have the campaigning process. White Supremacists wanted to nip that in the bud by spreading rumors about Obama’s religion. In their hypocritical fashion, they said he was Muslim, then said he sat under the mentorship of Rev. Wright, a Christian minister. So, which was it? They could not explain.

            That is what actually led to the Birther claims because in the mind of White Supremacists, no Black man born in America is ever suppose to believe that he is equal to Whites and good enough to be President of the United States. They give their oppressive actions and attitudes too much credit and power and project them onto people of color. As another example, they paint all Hispanics as illegal aliens, not knowing or recognizing those from Mexico, South America, Cuba, and Dominican Republic from Puerto Ricans who were never “illegal aliens.”

            NOTE: Juror B37 thinks that “Spanish” is a race rather than a language.

            Then we get to the democratic election process in America. White Supremacists never dreamed that Whites of any political persuasion would vote for Obama/Biden. Thus, during the campaign, they tried denigrating all Whites associated with the Obama/Biden campaign in hope of humiliating or embarrassing them enough to abandon the campaign, leaving Obama with no campaign staff.

            There are mainly four fronts that are under White Supremacist attack; education, jobs, laws and politics.

            In most situations involving Black victims, such as what we see with Trayvon Martin, White Supremacists incorporate at least two of their four fronts. That’s because if they can’t convince other Whites on one front, they have a backup front to use.


          • @Xena:

            Great, great post! ^5! This blog itself has posted video’s of the The Tea-Bagger racists with their racist signs, one bagger carrying a monkey, photos of the Obamas as caricatures of monkeys, the Whtie House laws depicted as a Watermelon patch, one bagger with a voodoo doll with a bone in its nose………and not to mention Trump and the birther BS shich continues, cries of taking this country back…back from whom? The Native Americans which the white racist, slaughtered, pillaged and raped to get the land from THEM?? The many, many racists comments and statements coming from the white racists camp, has been incredible but, we both know why. The racist element in this country can’t stand the fact that a black man is in The White House! Black men according to them, are just not intelligent enough to be in The White House! When they see black men, they think gangsta, or Stephen Fetchin!

            I only know to well, the stories from my dad, mom and their brothers and sisters about growing up in racist South Carolina during the Jim Crow era. Blacks had to remain subservient to whites, they could not look a white man in the eye…..momma and grand-mom could enter establishments through the white front door as long as they were with “The Missus” but if the Missus was with them, the back door it was. Xena, please see this website:

            Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University Home

            You will read where and why the racist mentality originated and why. It is such a shame tthe way the former slaves were treated after post slavery, during resonstruction and during Jim Crow. The angry and rage still simmers and brews today. To see a black man in The White House makes these racists angry and so enraged because they still see blacks as inferior and not worthy of anything. They pretend not to know why AA is in place in the first place. They pretend not to know why we have Civil Rights Laws on the books. They don’t want to face the truth. They prefer to live indarkness. When someone like Fogen came along, it gave tthem the ammunition that they needed to get behind him because of their hatred for blacks. Never mind the fact that Fogen and his mom and his siblings are as black as I am! In fact, my bi-racisl family members are lighter than they are! It is amazing how they wish to pass themselves off as European “white” and most racists would kill them too, if they crossed them!


          • @Deborah From NYC.

            Xena, please see this website:

            Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University Home

            Will do. I was a child during the migration of Blacks from the South, and know what they shared about living in that bigoted society. When they came “North” they found a different brand of Jim Crow. It didn’t prevent them from going in front doors, or forced them to sit in the back of buses or theaters. Rather, it steered them into massive apartment buildings under management of slum landlords in sections of town where the city didn’t pick up garbage, and the police didn’t come when called.

            It allowed Black men to make things with their hands and sell them on the street, until someone White wanted to do the same. Then, the cities passed ordinances for licenses, limited the time and places of selling, and required sellers to charge taxes that also required merchants to fill out forms and pay those taxes to the city. Many of the Black merchants found that the paperwork was above their meager educational ability. So, some teamed with Whites to do business and found they were cheated out of assets.

            Even as late as the 1980’s, there were numerous Black construction companies wanting to subcontract on government work, but the paperwork was beyond what they could do. I know. I was called upon during that time to assist an organization trying to help them. I was unsuccessful because the subcontractors needed consistent organization of paperwork and accounting. They needed to hire their own staff. Well, that led to other requirements, such as payroll. Then came the bidding. Then came the corruption as White male owned companies began bidding as White women owned companies, when the women named as owners were housewives of the men.


  10. I see nothing wrong with the comment the President made. If the truth hurts, oh well. It just goes to show that we still have a long way to go in race relations. Should the President not be proud of his race? When I see where the comments are coming from, it sure doesn’t make me proud of my race. We should be past this, and it sad to see ln world that we can view in living color, that so many still choose to see in black and white.

    It’s just another excuse brought on by the same people who still bitch about his birth certificate, and the same people who bitch about him putting his feet on the desk. You sure don’t hear a peep out of them since the pictures came out with the other Presidents feet on the desk.


    • dreamer, I honestly hope you do not think that I was implying that what President Obama said was wrong. What I was attempting to say was that because of the racist element looking so hard to find some way to make the death of Trayvon into a political triumph for the GOP/TP/NRA, that the point that he was trying to make was lost in the diatribe that ensued after his words were spoken. Did his words make a difference in this case? Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone could argue that they did not cause a negative result to occur, his words empowered the racists to support a man that murdered a child, many of whom would never have become involved if it had not been for the hatred they held/hold for the president that was elected by the people of this nation. It is wrong that it did so, however to think that it did not, is to deny the truth. Remember, this is the world that the GOP/TP wants to take this country back to! I don’t know about you, but I refuse to allow “our” country to return back to those good ole days of slavery….. We as a people, are all in the same boat, if they deny any one of us our rights as a citizen, then they deny all of us our rights….


      • crazy1946, No, I didn’t think that, and I agree with what you said. I see exactly what they are trying to do. Like they say, the names may change, but the game remains the same.

        We as a people, are all in the same boat, if they deny any one of us our rights as a citizen, then they deny all of us our rights….

        It seems some people are a little slow, the haven’t grasped on to that thought yet. I’ll bet it’s that same group of people that wake up every morning pissed that we have a black President. They think the only people he should be serving is them, at the dinner table.


  11. No conclusions to offer here but a couple of comments: TM’s call to RJ dropped at or near the exact time he ran off the roadway and RJ called him back a very short time thereafter, to soon for GZ to have heard that initial exchange, as he was still closer to his vehicle at that time. Tragically, if RJ had waited to call, Trayvon may have kept running home, we can’t know for certain. It is likely however that the teen stopped running in order to answer the call.

    Many things are possible. What GZ claims happened was not possible.

    IMO It’s vital to remember that GZ never once offered the information that the teen ran away. He only speaks to it when prompted, and omitted the running from every account he gave on his own including his written one and what he told Sean Hannity. The timing of the NEN call recording and the actions described strongly suggest that a car-to-pedestrian chase occurred on Twin Trees Lane and that as the teen started to run, his call to Racheal Jeantel dropped. This is one reason why she knows Trayvon ran, and speaks to the issue but only with secondary levels of assurance – she talks about his breathing heavily as though recovering, not so much as his huffing and puffing while he was doing the actual running. But she does speak to the issue of the MOVING car following Trayvon. She speaks on this issue in her initial talk with Crump/ABC News but the exact significance is unclear to CRump, and sadly BDLR doesn’t ask her about it (the moving car following Trayvon AFTER he’s left the mail kiosk) because he doesn’t realize the significance either.

    (incredibly, she does speak to the car to pedestrian chase issue at trial – and this is when she was being cross-examined by Don West! It seems as though even he didn’t know the truth and he blunders into the question and once again the prosecution missed it. )

    Like in the case with Dr. Bao, the prosecution never asked her the relevant questions when she was deposed or on the stand. I don’t know why and am not going to speculate about that here. But the fact remains that she wasn’t asked about the car-to-pedestrian chase, even though she knows some things about it.

    It is possible that GZ heard Trayvon speaking on the phone before he saw him, and it’s possible this is why he ended his NEN call quickly and amended the meeting place, but we can’t know for certain. We can know that at the time GZ ended his call, TM WAS on the phone with RJ. Call records confirm this.

    As for the issue of the headphone/earbud, it seems the device had only one earpiece and a dangling mic. In the 7Eleven video he puts something into his mouth that may be the mic after the 5:30 mark. It could also be the drawstring to his hoodie that he is chewing on, but it seems larger than that. Kids chew on drawstrings as a habit sometimes. It’s worth noting that his earpiece cord is long enough to allow him to leave his phone in SOME pocket, either the pants or the hoodie pocket as the cord is not strained as he uses both hands to get his purchse money, some seemingly in change to the clerk.

    Also keep in mind the rain. Trayvon may have held his phone in his hand on occasion that evening but were he to do so in the rain he’d be risking ruining the device. Keeping it in his pocket makes sense. But also consider the issue of the heavy soda can. At some point the soda and the skittles went into the hoodie pocket where they were found by first responders. If you were waking along – or running – you may not want to have a heavy can banging around loose with a cell phone.

    GZ told the NEN call taker that the teen had something in his hands. It was likely that his hand was on the can to steady it from shifting around as he walked. I suspect that Trayvon took the can out as he walked from 7ELeven to the mail kiosk, and did so because those plastic bags tend to cut into your hand on a long walk. He may also have wanted to put the cell phone inside the protective plastic bag to waterproof it.

    What is interesting is that the “bloody head” photo taken by Jon Manalo shows GZ squatting on the sidewalk at the same spot where a tan bag was later found. (Was this the 7ELeven bag? It seems possible.) The bag is not visible in the shot, but it’s possible that GZ discarded it there personally after finding it on Trayvon and searching it hoping to find drugs or stolen articles, etc. It seems he did frisk the teen after shooting him. A soda can is obvious to the touch, as is a candy wrapper but the bag, if it had been loose in the hoodie pocket would be an item of curiosity for Zimmerman. He’d not found a weapon. Was he hoping to find drugs?

    So, after all this – was the phone in Trayvon’s hand when the physical altercation began? I tend to think so. The teen had been talking on it, and it’s likely he had to activate the device to answer the phone call. Trayvon may have tried to strike GZ with the phone but we don’t have any information about DNA from the phone itself, sadly. MY strongest suspicion is that the altercation consisted mostly of GZ trying to (illegally) detain the teen and the youth trying to free himself by any and all means. If GZ had both hands holding onto the hoodie, this would explain how they may have moved from perpendicular to the sidewalk to parallel with the sidewalk – by means not of wriggling or “shrimping” but as the teen more or less carried his attacker like a possum with it’s young clinging to the belly. (It’s an odd metaphor and a strange image but I’m not sure how else to explain. )

    GZ continually tells the tale of an initial blow that drove him to the ground. He may be telling the truth about that – (we can’t know) but its obvious the blow to the nose did not occur at the T side walk intersection, or else the body would have been found there as well. The supposed “stumbling” is an obvious lie.

    GZ’s face looks like he ran into tree limbs and branches. The lack of blood or DNA on TM’s hands suggest he was struck with something else – possibly the phone, or an elbow or forehead, or that GZ fall onto his face of his own accord, from slipping in wet grass or falling while refusing to let go of the teen’s hoodie with both hands. We just don’t know. Recoil from the firearm has been suggested by many and the lack of blood leading distinctly out of the nostrils seems to add fuel to that theory as well.

    The keychain flashlight was likely dropped as the surrender to ofc Tim Smith happened, minutes after the shooting. Everything else was found in arm’s reach almost of the body f the slain teen.

    Many things are possible. What GZ claims happened is not possible.

    The phone is south of the body and to the west of the sidewalk. Were the initial physical confrontation such that GZ approached TM from the south and the two ended up face to face on the sidewalk. Were Trayvon to have dropped his phone – or had it knocked from his right hand, the placement seems to indicate the two were driven north and tumbled to the ground where GZ dropped his tactical flashlight.

    We just don’t know, and absent a credible confession we aren’t ever going to know. All we can do is compile the obvious lies and the evidence bit by bit. The violent, threatening incident with the iPad shows us a lot about what GZ’s personality is like. He’s a hothead with a temper and a strong desire to control a situation and deny his “opponent” the ability to present the truth – probably the truth of him being the initiator of a physical attack, like seems likely with Dean and TM. He blames the other for his own actions. And so on. Thanks Xena for pointing all this out.

    Anyone who has an interest in the minutiae of this case needs to take a LONG look at the map and a stopwatch and consider the car-to-pedestian chase as a potential key to the puzzle. GZ moved his car shortly after saying, “these axxholes always get away” and it was this movement that caused the teen to run off the roadway and into the proverbial “dark alley” where GZ then went on foot, causing a confrontation. According to the statues of Florida, once GZ initiated the aggressive act of following the teen with his moving vehicle, he’d already lost any right to a claim of self-defense. He was criminally stalking the teen with his car, much less whatever he did on foot that led to the physical altercation. . GZ himself told the SPD that he moved his car DURING the NEN call. He just lies about where from and when he did so, rather poorly I might add. But these lies were necessary to conceal the car-to-pedestrian chase that GZ knew was a no-no, legally speaking. His preference for several impossible and obvious lies shows how strongly he knew he had to omit, obfuscate and obscure the car-to-pesestrain chase. To me this is the PROVABLE lie at the heart of the case that the investigators missed.

    Most of the rest, while compelling, is not yet provable BARD to a jury. But whatever happened in the dark of the dog walk, GZ was already a guilty criminal continuing an aggressive criminal act against an unarmed teen who had every right to defend himself.


    • willisnewton,
      you pointed out several things that I’ve wondered so much about myself.
      I think geore was real close to Trayvon when he told the dispatcher that he didn’t want to give out his address because he didn’t want Trayvon to hear him.
      Also, why he didn’t have his flashlight on. He didn’t want Trayvon to see or hear him.
      You know he practically whispered to the dispatcher and I believe where ever he was and came out at Trayvon, he had snuck up on him, grabbed him and I will always believe like Xena mentioned that george had his arm in the police throw down position and that’s when Trayvon was crying in pain and begging for his life.

      I also have believed george ran into something because if his nose was broken wouldn’t it have continued to bleed. I’ve never believed that Trayvon had a chance at all and you are so right he had every right to defend himself. Just about 6 weeks ago I ran into the corner of a wall and it knocked me down. I broke my nose and had a cut on it about like george’s. They told me at the hospital (because I kept asking them if my nose was broken) that they really couldn’t say for sure without the x-rays.
      george was sneaking and running around in the dark, he could have ran into anything.
      I do believe that’s what happened.

      I think that george followed him in the car as much as he could and then got out, but I believe Trayvon thought that most of the time george was in his truck until it was even too late. Trayvon must have been terrified. You can tell by the scream.
      I believe that this has effected so many people, the fact the george got to walk out of that courtroom and still have a gun or guns.
      6, just 6 made that decission.
      B37 said things that made no sense whatsoever. How do you decide this verdict by how gearge was arrested?
      They didn’t listen beause they already had their minds made up.


  12. It’s so hard to believe that we have such stupid people that want to grab on and hold nothing but that Trayvon looked suspicious ( george’s words) and therefore he deserved to die. Ever since hearing those words and asking WHY he looked suspicious, you got crickets from the Trayvon haters.
    They didn’t want their stupidity to show by saying that “suspicious” to them meant black.
    The 911 dispatcher said well let us know IF he does anything else! Let us know?????
    Really???? Like what, look more suspicious??
    george was going to kill him that night, that’s all he wanted, he did it and every lie he told after that was forgiven.
    Even saying he had no regrets??? How many trials have we seen where the person is charged because one of the signs were he had NO remorse. Here’s someone that ADMITS
    no remorse, No regrets???? That in itself just is something I can’t wrap my head around. PLUS they played it for the jury and they heard it. ( no regrets, it was God’s plan????
    The first time I heard someone say that was george screaming for help. Here comes stupid again. Anyone in their right mind KNEW it wasn’t george, BUT they pulled it off.

    Obama says He could have been my son!
    Oh my all hell broke lose. WHY?? He COULD have been. Truth I guess hurts again.
    And stupid comes out again, How dare him put race in his speech! He had every right to, that’s exactly how he felt.
    BTW, when children of any color are mudered, Obama says he thinks about his daughters.
    That’s just a Father talking.
    It wouldn’t have mattered what he said, to them, it would have been wrong.

    Just like the night in the rain or sunshine or cold or just because, Trayvon was wearing a hoodie!!! Oh myyyyyyyy, here comes stupids again, he shouldn’t have been wearing a hoodie.
    All of this is total bullshit!

    The only reason Trayon was killed that night was GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, period. Trayvon didn’t do a damn thing wrong, NOT a thing.
    Trayvon certainly DID NOT deserve to be killed.
    Zimmerman murdered an inncent teenager for no damn reason except he is a racist and was gun ho to kill him PLUS he knew he was just a kid and also knew he was not armed.

    Obama is president that I’m proud of. I love to hear him speak. He brings calm to me and I like that. He HAS done so much in spite of the Right saying they weren’t going to vote for anything he wanted, they wanted him to fail.
    NOW, isn’t that pratriotic???
    I’m so proud of Obama, our President and think he did a good job in picking Biden.
    I love the First Family! They have a heart of gold and they truly do care.

    Racism is ugly. Will it ever change?
    I don’t know! I hope!
    It’s been my dream for a long time!


    • @Lolypop.

      They didn’t want their stupidity to show by saying that “suspicious” to them meant black.

      Well of course. A White teen walking in the rain in a gated community would be thought as someone going to a friend’s house to watch the game.

      The 911 dispatcher said well let us know IF he does anything else! Let us know?????

      That’s because George said the suspicious guy was walking towards him with something in his hand. The dispatcher asking to let him know if the guy does anything else was thinking such as showing he has a weapon in his hands. It was not as GZ interpreted it to mean that he was suppose to follow a person who he just described as having his hand in his waistband.

      Even saying he had no regrets???

      None, which really shows his dysfunctional thinking. Anyone taking a human life has regrets and often rethinks what they could have done differently to avoid it. Heck! People even think that way who have car accidents.

      Obama says He could have been my son! Oh my all hell broke lose. WHY??

      Because it was an acknowledgement of race. It reminded White Supremacists and sovereign citizens that the President of the United States is not of Caucasian, European descent.

      The only reason Trayon was killed that night was GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, period.


      Racism is ugly. Will it ever change?

      No, but we can take the power from it.


      • Xena,

        “No but we can take the power from it!”

        Yes, you’re right and I like that! I’m going to change my brain! : )
        At times I get so depressed and that poem that kindheart wrote was so touching.

        You know, I have to say this. When I lost my son a friend wrote a poem just for him.
        It helped me so much.
        Jeff hadn’t been a teacher long and I wanted to do something to help my grief.
        I had one of my favorite pictures of him put on a bookmarker with the poem. Then I started doing more bookmarkers in his memory.

        He had so many books that were donated to the school and I had donated in his memory bookmakers made up. They were so him and it was a good thing for mamy friends that I could give them one and to the school.

        I say this because, I didn’t think I could do anything or even care too, then I did that and it was a start.
        That’s why I said that poem would mean a whole lot to Trayvon’s Mother, Dad, Brother and everyone else that loved him.
        It is so beautiful and although it was so sad, it helped because I could see the angels taking Trayvon in comfort instead of on the grass that cold night.
        You know what I mean?
        Sometimes I wonder if I make any sense.
        You know me! : )


        • Loly….I had no idea that you had lost a Son.God Bless You.That explains why you have tackled this case with such passion.Mine was b/c I have a Son & could not imagine something happening to him.I don’t know HOW Mothers make it through loosing a Child.I believe I would loose what is left of my mind.My Sympathy & Prayers are with you & it makes your fight for Trayvon mean that much more in my eyes.I love the story about the book markers.I am sure your Son was a wonderful person & would like to hear more about him.Take care my Friend.


          • Thanks Marilyn,
            I know that if I had not lost my son, I would look at it like you. I think we all have that same fear, What if and how could life go on?
            I know that at times, I’ve mentioned him and like kindheart wrote such a touching and personal poem about Trayvon, I had to tell the story about the poem and the boomarkers and how much they meant to me.
            Sometimes you never know who you might help in these circumstances so I feel, it may be a little too personal, but yet if it helps one person I feel the need to share it.
            Plus, we were all so close I love talking about him as though he is still here.

            The fact that an innocent young teenager, a son, a brother and a friend was murdered is unthinkable but the poem that kindheart wrote brought in a new picture, not just the
            last agonizing moments that the Martins had to hear and pictures that they will forever have in their mind.

            Some things you think about, are so difficult it helps so much to try and replace them with another picture. I believe like kindhearts poem, that immediately there were angels all around. I’m not a religious person, but I am a spiritial person. I like to think of it like that. I know my son said just hours before he was out of this world that there were angels everywhere.

            HOWEVER, I do hope that george and those that think so highly of him, hear Trayvons screams in their sleep. I hope that they can’t sleep. I hope they can not have any peace until they tell the Martins the truth. I hope the jury can’t sleep.
            That may not sound so forgiving, but what they did and continue to do will never change until they want peace themselves.
            When a person has no regrets, that’s just a cold very cold person.
            They could start by telling the truth, right? Like that will happen!
            Thanks again Marilyn! : )
            I love you! : )


  13. @Xena, for these people who have lied in a court of law for this mad man, to now come out and tell what they know on him is, too little and a hell of a lot too late. when they could have done the right thing when it mattered, they were all too willing to lie for him and, that’s exactly what they did. with the exception of a few people who took the witness stand, every last one of those people are nothing but liars. we now know why Jeremy W20 didn’t testify don’t we? he was part of Fogen’s posse who saw and heard everything that went down that night and, so did his lying wife Jenna.

    Jeremy can be heard crying and, saying “he warned me he would shoot him” as well as, “why kill him?” after Jeremy mutters those words to his lying wife Jenna, he can be heard weeping and his wife asking if he was OK. this woman is heartless as well as being a liar.

    They have since moved away from R@TL but, they will never be able to escape the truth of what they were a part of on the night of 02/26/12. Jenna knew who was screaming outside and she also knew why. this woman has no heart at ALL!


    • @ladystclaire. My thoughts on Jeremy are many, but I think the State intentionally did not call him as a witness because he’s on reserve for the federal case.


  14. Am I the only person on the face of the earth that listens to a person speak (or a film clip) and hears what they say, only to later realize that they also said things that they probably did not intend? Take MOM’s interview after the altercation between the Fogdoit’s, how many of you realize that he said that the both of them were violent toward the other? Now, if you take that statement and then remember that Shel-lie and the Fogdoit had allegedly had a disagreement severe enough that she had left and gone to her families home, brings to question the injuries that the Fogdoit had. Some people in the past have suggested that most of the injuries that the Fogdoit had appeared to not be fresh, could most if not all the injuries that he had actually been the result of a violent confrontation between he and Shel-lie the night before? Ok, perhaps I’m trying too hard to understand the truth of what happened on that night…..


    • @crazy1946. I’m leaning to believe that Shellie caused the wounds on GZ’s face and head, or someone at Kokopelli’s Gym, or someone else, such as the guy that GZ refused to pay for serving in at his (non) graduation party.


      • Xena, Like you, I don’t know for sure who caused the injuries, but I am sure it was not Trayvon! The injuries were not ancient, so as I said the most likely person to have caused the injuries was Shel-lie, but will we ever know for sure? Probably not, unless the person that the Fogdoit set up in court as a liar, confesses, then he will simply say, “you believe her? She is a convicted liar”, and his supporters will continue to pay and pay and pay some more…. If you stop to think about it for a moment, the Fogdoit needs us, if we simply quit speaking and went quiet for a few months his source of income (supporters) will dry up and he will be forced to find a new scam….. The Fogdoits will do what ever it takes to keep the money flowing, even divorce……


        • @crazy1946.

          If you stop to think about it for a moment, the Fogdoit needs us, if we simply quit speaking and went quiet for a few months his source of income (supporters) will dry up and he will be forced to find a new scam…..

          Money in — money out. I understand what you’re saying, but for me personally, as long as the DOJ is investigating, I shall not be silent because justice for Trayvon is more important to this nation than idiots giving their money to Zimmerman.


          • but for me personally, as long as the DOJ is investigating, I shall not be silent because justice for Trayvon is more important to this nation than idiots giving their money to Zimmerman.

            Bless you, Xena. You truly are a Trayvon warrior.


          • @Yahtzee. Bless your heart. A butterfly!! Butterflies know what the struggle brings.


          • Xena, Wow, I guess that what I said came out wrong. I definitely do not want you to quit the journey to make the Fogdoit pay for the murder of Trayvon. You are one of the few site’s that are still keeping his memory alive, and it is appreciated greatly by some of us… I was merely reflecting that it is our keeping the investigation alive that is keeping his income rolling in. If the fools that pay the Fogdoit to run around like a mad killer on the loose want to waste their money on his life style, then they deserve what they get in return…. Like I have said before, I can’t see the DOJ doing much of anything until after the mid term elections, simply because of the politics involved… That sucks doesn’t it. It really is depressing that the death of a child by a gun slinging scum bag has become a political hot potato….


          • @crazy1946. Let me apologize for responding in the wrong manner. Please forgive me. I’ve read too many comments since the verdict where people are negative and feel hopeless. I came out “preachy” — didn’t mean to take it out on you.

            Like I have said before, I can’t see the DOJ doing much of anything until after the mid term elections, simply because of the politics involved…

            Since U.S. Attorneys are not elected, I don’t see any hesitation from the DOJ because of politics. Oh — let me clarify that — only if the senior U.S. Senator in Florida is running for re-election and plans on replacing their U.S. Attorney.

            The investigative arm of the DOJ, the FBI, are very, very patient people. They will track, bug, go undercover — whatever it takes to get evidence. This is not a case of proving that Zimmerman murdered Trayvon but rather, that he did so because of Trayvon’s race. Well, Junior is giving them lots of evidence of his attitude towards Black. The feds will want to see the same expressed by George — if George was encouraging Junior to say those things — anything else associated with contacts who are known White Supremacists or racist.


          • Xena, You did nothing for me to forgive! You, in my eyes are the best… The problem is on this end, sometimes I have a difficult time making a point in a way that it is not misunderstood, (can I blame that on old age?)… Take a moment and think about the headlines in the MSM if the DOJ decided to charge the Fogdoit. Try this one “Obama Presses Charges Against White Man For Murder Of Black Thug”, or something similar, it will not be the folks on the ground (FBI, DOJ employees) who take the blame from the Right Wing Racists Politicians and the NRA, the Tea Party, and the Alleged Christian Groups. They would/will use the case as a means of stirring up more racial division and hatred. Is that right, no it is not, but if you don’t think it will happen, you fail to grasp the political power of racism…. That power is what IMO allowed the Fogdoit to walk free out of that Kangaroo Court in the Banana Republic of Florida…. Save the world, feed a racist to an alligator daily….


          • @crazy1946. Uh — let’s not talk about old age. 🙂

            You’re right about the MSM. Too many people are yet ignorant and not able to discern truth from fiction. I remember last year when Zidiots referred to attorney Crump as if he was the State’s Attorney. They failed to understand that he was not prosecuting the criminal case.


          • Xena, Out of all the things that I have done during my time here on this planet, the one thing that I have not managed (in any way) to screw up is getting old! I have done a bang up job on getting old, actually I think that is probably the only thing that I have ever done that no one has told me that I did it wrong…. I’m the guy that if a police officer was to give a parking ticket and I did not pay it, would receive what could only be considered a life sentence in jail for an unpaid traffic ticket… 😉


          • @crazy1946. A friend sent me an email of jokes for those over 60 today. One said “I’m retired. I was tired yesterday, and I’m tired today.”

            That resembles me. LOL!!


          • @crazy1946.

            Save the world, feed a racist to an alligator daily….

            That is funny. LOL!!

            Btw, thanks so much for your understanding.


    • I believe MOM would say that anyway, don’t you?
      He tried to make light of the situation by saying it was over pots and pans.
      How did he know or was he saying that george told him that both of them were violent towards each other? I really doubt Shellie knew him that well and after their confrontation she realized it.
      He’s probably good at conning a lot of people.
      The real reason that it matters at all about george and Shellie is that he got away with murdering a teenager and what he did at home that day was the REAL george.
      And is still able to carry a consealed weapon.


      • Lolypop, Actually I don’t think that MOM realized that he was opening a can of worms when he said something to the effect that if you (we) had been around the Fogdoits as long as he had been, we would know not to get between them during a dispute… IMO the main difference between the Fogdoits is the gender part. I think they are both unstable individuals with the ability to play the victim and or the aggressor to meet their needs at the time. Right now, Shel-lie is using the victim mode to accomplish her goals, one of which is to be rid of the Fogdoit (allegedly). l might be wrong, but there is a lot more to this story than we know at this point, and the whole story may never reach our ears. When the trial ended (or very shortly after) I made the comment that Shel-lie would have to go, only because it would be impossible for the Fogdoit to remain a gun owner/carrier if they remained together. Is the divorce genuine or another gimmick that they are pulling out of a hat to fool the idiot supporters of the Fogdoit and possibly allow Shel-lie to set up a beg site as well? I keep waiting to hear of the new web site….
        As I have said in the past, one good thing that came out of the alleged confrontation between the Fogdoits is that MOM removed himself as the Fogdoit attorney. That should be great news for the family of Trayvon Martin, as it would be difficult if not impossible for MOM to leave his new job (paying) to spend the time necessary to bring about a new stand your ground hearing post trial, it would require a lot of work to force the court to re-evaluate the way the law is written requiring it to be held before the trial and not after…..


        • crazy1946,
          Remember when Casey Anthony got to come home for just awhike, george anthony went out a bought a gun KNOWING that Casey couldn’t be where there was one?
          Or did you follow that?
          Anyway, that reminded me when you said Shellie would have to go because george had a gun.

          If Shellie goes back to george then she has a BIG problem. Like a lot of women do that go back to abusive husbands/boyfriends.

          But, as far as MOM not knowing he was opening a can of worms, I believe everything he say’s as much as george zimmerman.
          I really, really don’t have any trust in him.


  15. roderick2012

    Xena, when I think you can’t outdo yourself you prove me wrong.

    Excellent observations and logic,

    Now, how the heck do we get you inside the DOJ investigation against Piglet so you can teach them a thing or two about this case.


    • @Roderick2012. Thank George Zimmerman for that. Before his arrest and then his Hannity interview, the more he talked, the more he gave us to scrutinize. Now, he shows us on video that he destroys recorded evidence.

      Someone informed me last week that they were sending info that I present to the DOJ.


      • I hope not only the DOJ reads all of your blogs,watches your videos,etc…PLUS the IDIOT 6 from Sanford Florida who set this ZimASS FREE!! I wonder how they are feeling about right now? It seems like he needs a new place to live….maybe he could move in next door to B 37.When are they going to release their names so we can write them a nice little letter with some questions & statements….Like you can’t fix STUPID!

        You know to me ZimASS looked pretty damn suspicious in the front yard the other day when he was loosing his temper & destroying property(AGAIN)…I wonder how many neighbors called NEN ???


        • @Marilyn C. Regarding the jury. Their verdict effectively told citizens to submit to the person following them, do not cry out for help, do not raise a hand to protect themselves. It says that if the person finds the victim “suspicious,” that they can kill and not be guilty of murder because of their “intent.”

          “Intent” as postured by Juror B37, is justified by profiling a group of people who are blamed for activities in the neighborhood that “concerned citizens” disapprove of. For instance, if a neighborhood has prostitutes that wear white shoes and are all blondes, then those like Zimmerman can call the police to report them, get out of his truck to follow them, and when the woman maces him or hits him with her purse, he can shoot her in the heart and claim self-defense. Those like Juror B37 will say his “intent” was good, justifying murdering a woman who, for all intents and purposes, is not from the area knowing what prostitutes there wear, and was on her way home from the store.

          Juror B37 racially profiled Trayvon Martin as much as George Zimmerman did. Based on Juror B37’s statements, the DOJ should really consider that what the defense proved at trial to the jury, is that George Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon Martin and was found not guilty because he profiled.


  16. You’ll know his friends called him Slim.
    He’s so slender he has to continually pull his cords up. Just a slip of a kid.
    The ME is going to blow this case wise open .we don’t have to wait on DOJ.


    • @2dogsonly. I truly hope that Bao is successful in his lawsuit, but that doesn’t put Zimmerman behind bars. The feds need to do that.


  17. Yes, Xena it won’t put him in prison. He will do that on his own but the biggest injustice will be exposed even if Bao loses his law suit. The crooked state and I hope that crooked Judge Nelson will be exposed. The state really screwed up by firing him, did they really think they could use him in their crooked sham of a trial and then fire him and he would just go quietly away? Tubby is a weak meaningless nothing…a dime a dozen murdering coward.

    But a Governor instructing an entire district and a Judge to make a mockery of our justice system and to follow the script , that is along the lines of Watergate which was much more than a simple burglary and brought down a President.

    Our dear boy’s death will stand in history as much much more than what it initially appeared to be.

    Stay Strong For Trayvon.

    A white Deep South grandmother ( and I’m not the only one, I promise you young AA’s that!)


    • @2dogsonly.

      The crooked state and I hope that crooked Judge Nelson will be exposed.

      As I have read more of Dr. Bao’s statements since announcing he was suing, it appears that he places responsibility for the botched trial on the SPD and State’s Attorney. Truly, I don’t believe that the prosecutors did as Corey instructed. Other than the first bond hearing, she was absent at pre-trial hearings and Bernie was a bulldog at those hearings.

      Judge Nelson made two decisions that helped the defense to cheat. First, she ordered against voice recognition experts at trial. Second, she allowed John Donnelly to violate witness sequestration. There is no way that Judge Nelson should have allowed the defense to not decide to use him as a witness until after he had sat in court for 2 days. And, how did the defense use him? As a voice recognition expert.

      Yes, prosecutors could have done some things differently and also did other things. They should have put on a rebuttal case also. However, after listening to Juror B37, it’s my opinion that it would not have made any difference what prosecutors did or didn’t do. She was O’Mara’s stealth. During voir dire, after identifying her as the stealth, O’Mara gave her instructions on what she was to do right there in open court.


    • Great post zdogsonly
      No, you’re not! My very best friend would agree and speaking for Marilyn C,
      she’s 100% behind the Martins and Trayvon.
      I also know that JB lives in the south and has been and still is a very strong supporter of Trayvon.
      There are many of us and when you see and hear the likes of others, that are for zimmerman, it’s an emarrasesment to all of us Mothers and Grandmothers and speaking for my husband, he feels the same.

      How can any parent or Grandparent believe that Zimmerman had a right to kill the Martins son? It doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. How would they feel if was their child just walking home from the store?
      A child of any color, a person of any color, it doesn’t make any difference.
      Everyone of us are the same!

      Haters always say leave the country!!! OH, that’s easy. I say all of the haters get together and LEAVE, just go away, far far away.
      Imagine, I live in Texas!!!
      Perry says he wants our state to be out of America.
      Who the hell does he think he is???
      He can’t possibly do that.
      People like him make me sick.
      He’s an embaressment to Texas and America.


  18. Profound article. It also goes to show physical evidence that the prosecution missed bringing up at trial.