LLMPapa Sheds The Light

LLMPapa is dedicated to, and excellent in, showing to tell.

Before Zimmerman’s trial, LLMPapa went as far as purchasing materials necessary to demonstrate that Trayvon Martin’s shirts had to have been pulled and held in order for the bullet holes to match up in the clothing, but not match with the gunshot wound in Trayvon’s chest.

(Zimmerman’s defense would argue that the Arizona can in the pocket of Trayvon’s hoodie would cause that piece of clothing to sag, omitting that the bullet hole aligned with that in the sweatshirt that Trayvon wore underneath the hoodie.  That sweatshirt did not have a pocket and thus, no reason to sag and lining up perfectly with the bullet hole in the hoodie.)

Today, LLMPapa put together a video demonstrating that Robert Zimmerman Sr., and George Zimmerman’s account for what George was doing before he allegedly left for Target on the evening of Feb. 26, 2012, is inconsistent with Shellie ‘s account.

Is this important?  It could be.  For one, it questions George’s state of mind that evening.  Secondly, it questions why he felt it necessary to be dishonest.  If he indeed left his home to go to Target and was distracted by seeing a “suspicious” teen, then there was no reason to address what he did previous to leaving his home.

Here is LLMPapa’s video titled “Shame.”

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  1. OH He LIED! OMG. Never saw that coming. *snicker*


  2. @mindyme62. LOL!!!


  3. I just don’t understand the whole time this…is this and million other lies visible just to us? Nobody in the system,, who could of put this murderer behind bars for rest of his miserable life, just ignore everything? SMH
    Oh BTW it’s YvetteEU, I just changed my Twitter name.


    • @YvetteEU. Good to see your fonts.

      The lies were visible to the jurors also. According to Juror B37’s former literary agent, she voted not guilty due to the way Zimmerman was arrested. That was not discussed at trial. Juror B37 came in prejudiced and was given instructions by O’Mara during voir dire to “advise” other jurors that if didn’t come from the “witness stand,” it couldn’t be considered. He used “courtroom” when questioning other potential jurors.


  4. Oh, the lies!

    Seems that as Shellie comes clean, she will no longer support the lies of gz and those family members who support his edifice of lies.

    I think I can see the future:


    • What is going on in this man’s head?

      He seems to have no regard for other motorists.


    • kindheart101

      Oh Xena, I got such satisfaction out of Zimmerblob getting a speeding ticket. (And in Sanford no less!)

      What’s the matter Blob, is $256.00 going to cut into your daily food supply for the next two days? And why the rush? Are you really afraid you were being followed? LMAO! Now, Now……..let’s travel back in time …………………….

      Let me tell you a story …….(Feel free to grab your junk food and get comfortable Z) 🙂

      Once upon a time, on a rainy night, in a gated community, a child was walking home from the 7-11. This child was staying at a residence within this community with his Father. He was followed that night…….(Dispatcher: “Are you following him?”………YOU: “Yes”) confronted, and murdered. (By YOU) Why? (YOU: “These a**holes always get away”……….YOU: “Fckn C**ns”)

      Now don’t worry GeorgiePorgie…….there’s more to this story…………

      You and your attorneys “Stood your Ground” that to follow a person was NOT against the law…..remember? What’s your problem Z? Just stop your truck and get out and talk to them. LOL Maybe they were “Just going in the same direction.” ROFL!

      The End of the story is……This is your life Z. Isn’t it funny that what you fought so hard to claim as your rights, being able to follow an innocent child……….is now making you afraid for YOURS!

      Ha Ha Ha Ha! Karma!


    • d’oh! I just re-posted that link!!


  5. I was wondering how long it would take one of my HEROES to put this little LIE together on a video!! Thank you for posting it! I think there may be others LIES to follow.
    I see Florida wasn’t as kind as Texas was to ZimASS for his speeding.I wonder who it was that did not buy into someone was chasing him?
    No Yahtzee,he doesn’t seem to have any regards for other motorists,which shouldn’t be shocking since he didn’t have any regard for a CHILD’S LIFE.Whatever it is thats going on in his head is going to get someone else killed one way or the other.


    • It looked as if gz could not produce his registration and insurance after checking his glove compartment. Is this what the rest of you concluded?


      • two sides to a story

        Yep and here in the SW, he’d get an additional citation for not producing them, or at the very least a warning that would require him to mail in copies or show up at a clerk of court within 72 hours with them.


      • @Yahtzee. HA! That supports what I’ve been saying — that photo in the gun shop was photoshopped. Zimmerman is just a large in size as he was at trial and his hair is the same as it was at trial.

        He didn’t have the registration but it looks like the cop verified registration on his computer.


    • @Yorazigo. Thanks for the vid. So, that photo of Zim in the gun shop was photoshopped.

      Didn’t look like he had on his bullet proof vest.


      • Great catch, Xena!


        • @Yahtzee. Just an observation — remembered seeing the same facial pose in a photo — think it was with Junior when their dad was in the hospital. The face is too big for the body, and is a different color from the hands.


      • You’re welcome, Xena.

        I think all of the photo ops are publicity stunts, maybe even including Shellie’s interview.

        And as for “speeding,” for someone who has killed an innocent, unarmed child and thinks himself above the law, what’s a few extra mph?


        • @Yorazigo. Did you get the impression that Zimmerman was afraid of being shot by the cop? He asked if he could look in his glove compartment. Remember too that he said on Hannity’s that he was afraid the cop would arrive, see him with a firearm, and shoot him? Maybe Zimmerman has done a cop wrong and is afraid of retaliation, and that is the real threat he talks about — especially since no one knows where he lives.


          • I noticed he nervously asked permission. Who knows the answer to mysteries of that lunatic?


          • @Yorazigo. Yeah — he asked permission and then took all of one second looking in the glove compartment. Either it was empty or he knew the registration was not there.


          • towerflower

            To be honest any person would be wise to let a cop know they are going to search a glove compartment or something like a purse. Many a cop are killed at traffic stops and they get nervous when you start to reach for something.


          • @towerflower. That is true, but GZ knew his registration wasn’t there because it took him all of one second to say so. I’m thinking he may have wanted the cop to ask for the contents of the glove compartment. If that cop recognized him, I’m sure he already knew the possibility of GZ carrying.


  6. The one you’re rreferring to Xena, was part of a series he posted about Michael Knox’s “expert opinion”, which he named “Cardboard and Bullshit”. I’ve got it on my evidence pile and I also have made a play list called “The Best of LLMPapa”. Here you can also use the search box in the upper right corner to find the best of LLMPapa collection.

    I did not expect him to actually go as far as he did, since all of the boards agreed that he had Knox dead to rights. Knox went quiet and we heard no more about him, despite all of his glowing credential listed on his site. Proving that you can win with reasonable people.


    • @Lonnie Starr. Knox certainly did go silent after LLMPapa proved Knox wrong.


      • Yep, yet the prosecution never put on any forensic evidence in the trial! All they did was wave their hands in the air and make assertion after assertion without ever backing anything up. They then let the defense muddy the waters by tearing down every prosecution assertion with made up claims, which the prosecution never came back and challenged.
        The trial was a sham trial and gz was never in any danger of being convicted at all. The worst he faced was a possible hung jury, and it was the work of the Judge and the prosecution that allowed that to happen.

        Florida will never challenge the verdict, but DOJ should. They should go into federal court and show that the trial was a sham, such that gz never face any real jeopardy, because the prosecution was responsible for withholding evidence from the jury, that they needed to correctly assess the charges. This was not a question of the prosecution having a poor case, or not having enough evidence to win. It was a clear case of the prosecution withholding evidence and failing to challenge even the wildest assertions of the defense.

        Where was the rebuttal to “armed with a sidewalk”??? The trial was a sham!


        • @Lonnie Starr. I was so looking for to the State’s rebuttal case — and then there was none. Throughout pre-trial hearings from the first bond hearing, we heard the State speak about what the evidence showed, what they had evidence to support, etc. At trial, I looked for them to present that and thought Gilbreath would testify to support what he said at the bond hearing. Silence.

          Yet, I believe that the actual prosecutors had no idea what was planned and they did the best they good as supervised by Corey. Many times when leaving those Bar conferences, BDLR had a look on his face of disappointment and several times, he choked up afterwards. I can only imagine that Judge Nelson reminded them that she had a sequestered jury that wanted to go home. That didn’t stop West from going into hour long diatribes and 5 hours of cross-examination of one witness, however.

          Regardless, it is still my position that no matter what the State did, O’Mara had Juror B37 in the jury room to direct the jury’s decision. He told her at voir dire to advise the jury that if it didn’t come from the “witness stand,” it could not be considered. With other potential jurors, he stated “courtroom.” There’s a difference.

          When Juror B37 interviewed on AC360, she made it clear that GZ’s statements and the dummy demonstration meant nothing to her. Connect that dot — those things did not come from the “witness stand.”


          • Yes, but as I said on another blog, a bad presentation of the case and a stealth juror are not mutually exclusive things, so they could have had both, one reinforcing the other to achieve the intended result. After all, consider who made the mistake of putting gz’s defense claims before the jury, thus removing an incredible handicap that the defense could not otherwise surmount? At the time we thought this was part of some strategy, known only to the prosecution from the additional evidence they had that we did not. It turned out there was nothing at all to such a supposition. The prosecution merely removed a road block to acquittal, on behalf of the defense, without getting anything in return for the effort.

            We waited patiently for the lollapalooza of a rebuttal we were sure was coming, only to have them rest without a peep. Wonder what they think of that courtroom demeanor they found so nice about gz, in light of his most recent performance, eh?


          • @Lonnie Starr.

            We waited patiently for the lollapalooza of a rebuttal we were sure was coming, only to have them rest without a peep.

            That was the major disappointment for me. At the first bond hearing, Gilbreath said they had evidence contrary to Zimmerman’s claim of getting his head off the sidewalk then shooting Trayvon. At trial, we didn’t hear that evidence.

            At the hearing on one of O’Mara’s motions for acquittal, Mantei said that they have evidence that Zimmerman pursued Trayvon. Yet, the prosecution failed to drive-in the fact that Zimmerman’s story changed to a 40 ft stumble in effort to have Trayvon looking for him.

            Also at the first bond hearing, Gilbreath said there was a witness who saw the altercation move from where Trayvon was living down the T. At trial, the defense tried tainting that juror by alleging she “liked” a Facebook Page for justice for Trayvon. Yet, the defense presented witnesses who bought food and clothing for Zimmerman, and the Osterman’s who wrote a book where the proceeds go to Zimmerman.

            At closing, the prosecution did not tell the jury of the defense’s double-standard. Maybe Bernie and John thought that the jury had GOOD common sense, when all the time, Juror B37 was biased and had already decided that Zimmerman was arrested because of “riots.”


          • Any prosecutor knows that you don’t rely on the juries commons sense or deductive abilities to ferret out the truth. You state explicitly and emphatically what you have, putting it on record so it there and cannot be ignored. Jurors are constantly admonished not to use things they did not hear in the courtroom. Since they had not heard these things stated, they were correct not to try and figure them out for themselves.

            I barf when I read where the prosecution tries to say they tried as hard as they could. Because trying as hard as they could, has to include the fact that gz revealing himself as following Trayvon was a class 3 felony which they never put before the jury. Thus they did not try as hard as they could, they concealed incriminating evidence from the jury. That’s gross!!!


          • @Lonnie Starr. When I watched the Jodi Arias trial, it pumped me up for Zimmerman’s trial. At his closing argument, prosecutor Martinez didn’t just tell the jury Jodi’s lies, but he gave them a mental picture of what Travis did while being stabbed by Jodi.

            At Zimmerman’s trial, I anticipated that prosecutors would challenge the “Trayvon on top” with the lack of physical proof, such as none of Trayvon’s blood on the front of Zimmerman’s jacket neither blood spatter. I anticipated that they would paint a mental picture for the jury on how Trayvon screamed for help and in pain as Zimmerman used MMA holds to weaken and control him. (They had Pollock’s testimony that Zimmerman was taught that.)

            But mostly, I anticipated that the prosecution would remind the jury that when Zimmerman pulled, aimed, and shot his gun, that he admitted to having Trayvon’s arm pinned. Like what Martinez did in the Arias trial, the prosecution could have painted a mental picture of what that was like for Trayvon.

            Then again, I remember Juror B37 and conclude that regardless of the prosecution’s performance, she was biased and had already decided that Zimmerman should not have been arrested. I remember a legal analyst who said that the State lost the trial at jury selection, and I must agree.


          • I think that at jury selection the best that could have been won is a hung jury. Obviously, how can people hold out for or against conviction, if they don’t have the information they need to support their contentions? Have you ever lost an argument, for lack of some specific piece of information, that you later learned you should have won?

            The prosecution deprived the jurors of the specific information they needed to support their points of view. While the judge denied a juror, specific information about the law that was critical. Leaving a confused jury unable to counter the work of a stealth juror or others of differing opinion. Had the jurors been properly armed with the facts, by the prosecution, I doubt we’d have had an acquittal, probably a hung jury at best.


        • Lonnie I couldn’t agree with you more. there have been other attorneys who have stated that, the prosecution threw this case on purpose and, I believe them. like you said, he was never in any danger of being convicted and, I believe he knew it. Angela Corey can’t prove to me, that she in fact did not talk with him when he called and, then showed up in her office in Jacksonville.

          The prosecution was just as dirty and tainted as the defense was!


    • @Lonnie Starr. Ahhh. You mean the defense’s 4 minute argument, when it was actually 2 minutes give or take a few seconds? When I examined that, I used the time that GZ’s NEN call ended, the time that Trayvon’s call with Jeantel ended, and the compared that with the time of Jenna’s 911 phone call.

      Zidiots who believe that Trayvon had no rights, argue that Trayvon could have made it home. The responsibility was actually on GZ, who had more than enough time to return to his truck while he was still on the phone with Sean. And, if we go by his story, GZ would have been crossing the “T” returning to his truck while on the phone with Sean.

      (Sigh) It’s as ASA Mantei said; “There are two parties to this case. One of them is a liar and the other is dead.”


      • Officials are beginning to speak out now, perhaps they either fear the DOJ investigation or, maybe some of them realize that, when you import bigotry and racial bias into law enforcement, you are no longer doing law enforcement at all, but merely have become a goon squad. Remember “In the heat of the night”? Rod Steiger plays a bigoted southern cop. But, what sets him apart from the rest of the bigots and makes him a real law enforcement officer is, he refuses to let racial bias or bigotry get in the way of him, bringing law breakers to heel. Florida is full of gangs of goons in uniform, masquerading as law enforcement officials when they are nothing of the kind.