A Message To Re-Bloggers, Friends, and Supporters

cycle of bullyingYesterday, someone brought to my attention that they visited a blog that was linked on  Blackbutterfly7, and discovered a disparaging comment about me personally.  A blogger who re-blogged Shellie Zimmerman’s letter to Judge Lester has not yet approved my comment in response to Miss Filth, so I have copied it below.

(9/4/2013 UPDATE.  I checked on http://teesepowell.wordpress.com, and she approved my comment, and also removed Miss Filth’s comment.    Thank you, Tess. At your convenience, please check out Tess’ blog.)

Those who know about the cyber-harasser, doxer, impersonator, identity thief, know that I refer to her as Miss Filth.  Of the year that Miss Filth has stalked, harassed, and threatened me, I’ve only posted one comment in response to her on this blog.   That time, I thought it was necessary to expose that she sends comments to blogs using the names or handles of  George Zimmerman supporters — people that she agrees with on Zimmerman support and White Supremacists blogs.    If she doesn’t use their handles or names as the sender, she uses them in the fake email addresses.  (Her IP address is always the same.)

This is another time that I feel it is necessary to address Miss Filth’s actions because in the past week, at least four (4) concerned persons have contacted me about Miss Filth’s behavior.  I am posting this for the benefit of those who are concerned about me and this blog and to thank them for their concern.  Rather than having to send emails each time there is a concern, I am posting this.

BullyingBe aware that if you have reblogged from this blog, are listed on this blog’s blogroll, or can be contacted otherwise through your own blog or social media, that Miss Filth has promised to pay you a visit and try to verbally vandalize your page under the guise that she is “exposing” me as a “fraud” with a laundry list of profane, vile names.  According to Miss Filth, if you read her comments about “the real” me, you will hate me.

You see, according to Miss Filth, for over a year now,  I scammed everyone who reads this blog, my comments on other blogs, and videos that I put together, into believing that Zimmerman is guilty of murder by presenting to them that I’m a person of compassion, intelligence, and respect for others.

To Miss Filth, once you realize and accept that I am a scam artist, you will feel bad for supporting a “thug.”  Thus, hating me, accomplishes in her mind, that you also hate Trayvon Martin.    They did that by trying to get people to disrespect Sybrina and Tracy, attorneys Crump and Jackson.   If you hate the parents, then you have to hate the child — that’s their theory.

Along with sending malicious comments about me,  Miss Filth is also impersonating me on online newspaper comments.  Her comments are hateful, provoking, and encourage the killing of Black men for being “feral.”  That’s not all . . .

After spreading what she purports to be my real name, she sends filthy comments to blogs using that name as the sender.  That’s not all …

She has stalked and read where I posted having a son, and now infers threats against his life.   She even accuses him of being another “Trayvon” who she hopes will be killed in “self-defense.”  That’s not all …

Miss Filth is not satisfied taking sole credit for her actions.  She commented to another blog administrator that a person involved in the press release promoting Lonnie Starr’s petition told her my real name because she thinks I’m a “snob.”  This is a person who Miss Filth and her comrade also doxed — wrongly.

The press release WAS PUBLISHED ON YAHOO NEWS.  IMHO, that’s quite an accomplishment.

On the other hand, around January when I had her comments going into moderation, Miss Filth gave credit to her comrade for “outing me.”  This was around the same time that based on a complaint to Word Press by Frederick Leatherman, Miss Filth’s comrade’s blog was suspended for violation of Terms of Service, and he deleted the other blog.

Based on the name of the contact person on the press release,  and since Miss Filth neither her comrade could find that name on the internet,  Miss Filth has used variations of that name, (all common names) and in those variations, setup profiles on websites that are to search for people and/or conduct background checks.   I have communicated with most, if not all of those sites.   The reason I did so is because her comrade posted on the CTH that I have many aliases.  I wanted to see what he was leading them to.  Representatives of those websites verified that in the last several months, the profile was just added, or edited, adding aliases, previous residences , and names of associated people.    Miss Filth created the people, and then uses her own, fraudulent creation in effort to disparage and defame me.

That’s not all …

When I spoke with a representative of one of those people search websites, she is of the impression that whomever set up the profiles combined information from several other people with the same name.  Therefore, Miss Filth now has women with the same name all previously living in the same States,  with their ages ranging from 32 to 89.   She even revived a deceased person.  That’s not all . . .

One representative informed me that the email address used to post a profile was “talktalk.com.”  That sounds just like Miss Filth conveying her purpose for posting profiles in her effort to defame me.

Anyway — here is the response I left for Miss Filth on the other blog, that as of the time this is posted, is in moderation.

Miss Filth,
Still trying to make up an identity for me, uh?

Tess, since I opened Blackbutterfly7, Miss Filth lurks there. Anyone who posts a link to reblog or is listed on the blogroll is subject to be attacked with verbal vandalism. I am sorry that you have been targeted.

Some history:
Miss Filth has been cyber-stalking, cyber-harassing, and threatening me for over a year now, beginning last year by warning me if I continued commenting on TheJBMIssion, and did not delete or abandon my blog, that she would “destroy” my reputation. Her attempts posting disparaging comments about “Xena” on pro-Zimmerman blogs did not discourage me. She then found a court decision pertaining to case where I live, and alleges that it is me.

After her internet service providers received complaints of her harassment and threats to present information purporting to be me, Miss Filth took to using proxy IP addresses to continue her threats. (She went through 3 ISPs before using proxies.) Two of the proxy websites have blocked their IP addresses from accessing Blackbutterfly7 and 3Chicspolitico. Miss Filth became angry, threatened to spread information that she purports to be me, presenting it in a false and mocking light, and is sending it to blogs that are like-minded to Blackbutterfly7.

(Actually, when reading the court decision, it is not as Miss Filth falsely presents. The same name appears in an article published by the Winnebago Bar Association, which contradicts the false representation that Miss Filth gives of the court’s decision and that person.)

Miss Filth has also gone as far as to set up fraudulent internet profiles in the name that she alleges is my real name, and suggests that people Google that name, sending them to the false profiles that she has set up.

Another thing is that Miss Filth also submits comments to blogs using the names of pro-Zimmerman folks. She also uses fake email addresses including their names, hoping to generate online responses since blog administrators cannot correspond with the fake email address. She and The_Hoff71 piggy back playing that game where he tweets the person who Miss Filth impersonates letting them know that there is response accusing them of sending threats to blog administrators. You can see this played out on a blog whose URL I will not post here to avoid sending traffic to it, but if you want, email me and I will send it to you.

Miss Filth has sent comments to my blog (from the same IP address) impersonating Annette Nettles, Diawataman, Jordan2222, David Piercy, and Viki Pate. Thus, she is stealing the identity of the person she alleges to be me, in addition to using the identities of those who she purports to agree with.

To protect herself and apparently deflect attention, she has sent comments to my blog “outing” The_Hoff71 and members of his family, giving him credit for doxing, and giving credit to David Piercy for leading her to proxy websites. She has provided me with the additional personal information of others who she purports to agree with, as if hoping that I will post it publicly in retaliation.

I don’t violate law. Rather, I use available options at law.

Not telling you how to run your blog, but most blog administrators have learned that they must use the option to have first time comments sent to moderation. If the comment is vile and ILLEGAL, (like the one above), they place the IP address in the “blacklist” sending all future comments from the same IP address into the black hole of spam.

I’ve placed all 25 proxy IP addresses of Velia.net in the blacklist. They begin with 193. If you want them, please let me know.

(End of response)

Bullying2In conclusion, I would like comments on the subject of bullying.  What is behind people who want to humiliate, mock and demean private individuals?

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Xena I’m so sorry to here this. People say the ugliest things on posts. I try to visit only sights I know don’t let the ugly in. Take care of you.


    • @CarolMaeWY. Thank you.
      Around May of 2012, I left the comment section of Yahoo news behind. The comments were mean-spirited, people played games impersonating others and with the thumb ratings. They used creative ways of getting racial slurs posted and no matter the subject of the article, all they posted were racial derogatory comments.

      After that, I stopped reading the comment section of online news source. However, last week, someone sent me a screen shot of a comment where the idiot uses my handle and also Leatherman’s name. The comment advocated killing Black youth. So, Miss Filth was getting no where painting me as a ” racists Trayvonite” so, she paints me as a violent White Supremacist.


      • How awful. I’m sorry that happened to you. It’s so bad to label someone like that. I’ve never been on Yahoo, but on the early days of MSNBC I decided it wasn’t worth being on a chat room. There was no respectful discussion at all. Are you able to report it to someone? Hope someone can take it down.


        • @CarolMae

          How awful. I’m sorry that happened to you.

          Bless your heart. I learned. Mindyme has a saying that I remember;
          “Hurting people hurt others.”

          It helped me to also remember to not return evil for evil and when evil is rampant, leave.

          Are you able to report it to someone? Hope someone can take it down.

          Strange as this might sound, I want it to remain as evidence.


          • You take care and don’t let them get under your skin. Did you take a screen shot? Took me forever to learn how to do that. 😉


          • @CaroleMae. I was sent a screenshot. There is something within me that can’t stomach comments on online newspapers and Zimmerman supporter blogs. It rakes against my spirit and puts me on my knees praying for people who are that mean-spirited.


          • I understand. Zimmerman has hurt us all.


      • two sides to a story

        I don’t understand what satisfaction they receive from being so stupid and childish. I had threats to ruin my career, etc. Hahahaha. I told ’em no one could possibly take ’em seriously in the first place, and in the second, I’m a freelancer and control my own destiny.


        • @Two sides. HEY!!

          I don’t understand what satisfaction they receive from being so stupid and childish.

          Call me stupid, but I truly believed that people grow out of being bullies once they step out of controlled environments such as school and step into the real world.

          … I’m a freelancer and control my own destiny.

          You bring up a good point. Some of the accusations are really fishing expeditions. The threats are in hope that you’ll reveal information in defense of yourself. So, if you said “contact my employer,” they would know that you work somewhere and then try to find out your career and companies in the area where you could possibly work. All the time, they are guessing as to where you live. They will throw out “Alaska” to see if you take the bait and correct them.

          Miss Filth lurked on the JBMission and knows or has good reason to know that I’m retired, but she has written comments demeaning me for being “unemployed.” Maybe she doesn’t know what the word “retired” means. (shrug)


          • two sides to a story

            Hi Xena! Yes, a fishing expedition in part. A lot of blowhard too! They were going to make certain I never worked in publishing again – LOL – like that’s some sort of monolithic industry. *facepalm*


          • @Two sides. HA! I’m surprised they didn’t accuse you of being Michael Skolnick. LOL!!


          • two sides to a story

            LOL. When I first started commenting on the case at the GZLC FB page (and shortly afterward on the Leatherman blog), the Fogen crowd insisted I was someone else and that I had a fake profile. I always used my personal FB at GZLC with my real name (and real photo) and I was always puzzled at their accusations. Then lo and behold, one day one of the most vocal and vicious Fogen supporters who always raged about Trayvon supporters making fake profiles accidentally posted with his fake profile . . . hahahahaha! He didn’t much like being called out on that one.


          • @Two sides. When I was posting on Yahoo News, I noticed that Z supporters maliciously accused every positive, intelligent person of having multiple handles. Then, one Zidiot admitted having 30 accounts and he used them to thumb up his comments and thumb down positive comments into hiding. There must be a medical term to describe that type of behavior.

            I don’t have Facebook and after reading what they did to Trent Sawyer on FB, I’m happy to have the head’s up so if I ever do decide to open a FB account, I’m going into it with that information.


      • Blackbutterfly1968
        .1 Fans
        Become a fan
        42 minutes ago ( 5:03 PM)
        Wow! I’m happy her story had a positive ending and to the 2 young men who would on a normal day not get such praise… Thank you for recognizing the situation for what it was, not being too afraid to act on it and get this woman help. Let’s all learn from her situation altho we have no idea exactly how she came to be abducted. I would rather offend an innocent person by crossing the street, taking an alternate route, not rolling down my car window or going back inside a place of business if I encounter someone who raises my radar that they may have ill intentions for me. Be safe, your families will appreciate it.
        Xena, just found this on HP, is this Ms.Filth? I was unable to finish reading your post on this subject but read enough to know there’s an imposture. HP for the longest had one copying Fred Leatherman.
        note* located under
        Aaron Arias, Jamal Harris Save Woman Kidnapped By Charles Atkins Lewis (911 CALL)


        • @peni4yothot. Don’t know if that is Miss Filth, since Miss Filth would have posted an unintelligent comment to demean me. The “handle” isn’t insulting. Chances are that Miss Filth would have used a handle intended to insult.

          Months ago, people reported on Leatherman’s blog that someone was on Huff Post impersonating him. As I understand it, others posted saying it was an imposter. What that does is encourage readers to look for the real individual, and it takes all credibility from the imposter.

          It happened here as a result of someone using my and Leatherman’s handle on OS. This blog received numerous “hits” from people using search engines for “Xena” and “Leatherman.” Some even spelled his name wrong, but found this blog anyway.

          Thanks for your concern.


  2. Xena, Hang tough, the fool only damages their own reputation. You do realize you must be doing things right for someone to work so hard to stop you…. Those of us who know and value your words pay no attention to the words of people like those who work so hard to damage your reputation… You are the greatest in my book… 😉


    • @crazy1946. Hanging tough just like a butterfly breaking forth to spread her wings. 🙂 You too, are the greatest!


  3. haters gonna hate, Xena! We know this!


    • @mindyme62. I’ve watched you in action throwing verbal punches, upper cuts, jabs, and knockout body shots. I’m glad you’re on our side. LOL!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Contact you know who. They will put a stop to it pronto! She sounds like a very paranoid person and you may want to alert FBI to this. The law hasn’t caught up to social media but they are closing in on the gaps.


    • @2dogsonly. Thanks for the advice.

      I won’t post here what is in process for reasons that I’m sure you understand. In January of this year, Illinois repealed its old law and a new statute went into effect. It also amended its Criminal Code giving local LE authority to arrest and prosecute anyone directing a cyber crime at a resident in this state. That also applies to identity theft. The Illinois Attorney General has a section now that concentrates on cyber law. We even have a law on impersonating.

      The accused don’t have to get names correct — they only have to believe that they are stealing the identity of, and/or impersonating a real person.


  5. “Judge who blames 14-year-old victim needs to go.”
    Petition is at
    http://act.weareultraviolet.org sign/montana_judge_sp?sp_ref=9652242.39.528.o.1.2&referring_akid=593.409539.78oa2W

    Judges and juries blaming kids for their own victimization by adults. What type of message are we sending to our youth? (SMH)


  6. Xena,
    I agree with zdogsonly about alerting the FBI.
    There’s something dispertly wrong with people who do that and they need to
    know it is against the law. You can’t use someone else’s identity and it’s even worse
    to use a dead person’s.
    Isn’t that fraud?
    So, they told you you couldn’t continue to comment on the Mission and still have a blog?
    Who the hell do they think they are?
    You know, I’m always commenting on JB’s and no wonder we have been missing you.
    I wish that I knew who she/he was.

    I am always happy to have you, JB and other blogs because I am so sick of the haters, I never felt anything but sick going to any of them so for a long time I stay away from them.
    Remember they gave JB a hard time too? It was shortly near the end of Casey’s trial that I found JB and it’s always good to find others that feel the same way about the Zimmerman fiasco. To me it’s not only maddening but so damn worried and sad about going backwards.
    If it were left up to those who are so spiteful, they would take this country so far back.
    In MY mind there are too many that are not going to let that happen.
    I really hope that you can get whoever this is and they can be charged. What they are doing is criminal.

    See you back at JB’s. Don’t let this asshole stop you.


    • @Lolypop. The threat that they would ruin my good reputation if I continued commenting on JB’s blog was back in September 2012. As you can see, I don’t succumb to bullying. Recently, I haven’t been back since JB went on vacation because she went on vacation. 🙂

      JB and I compared notes. When there is a harasser like Miss Filth, we know it’s the same person regardless of the handle she uses because her IP address is the same. Around March of this year, she took to using proxy websites to hide behind their IP, but that’s not really hidden. Those IP addresses assigned to proxy websites track back to the hosting company — not the website.

      The proxy website is like a middle-man because no matter who uses it, and where they go on the internet, it leaves a record on the computer of the hosting company.

      Also, the hosting company might be located anywhere on planet Earth, but as long as they do business in the U.S., they must comply with U.S. law. For instance, HideMyAss is located in the U.K. They were very cooperative cutting off harassers from accessing this blog.


  7. Hi Xena…..I hope You know by now people are NOT going to believe CRAP about You.Anyone who has read your blog,read your comments,watched your videos,etc.they know WHO & WHAT You are all about!! Which is a GREAT PERSON!! We ALL have your back & support YOU at all times.I wish there was something we could do to help.I really don’t understand some people anymore.I get that there are people not agreeing on things & voicing their opinions,but to go this FAR? This is CRAZY & who ever this is needs some serious help or locked up! We got your back!


    • @Marilyn C. Great to see you!!

      Hi Xena…..I hope You know by now people are NOT going to believe CRAP about You.Anyone who has read your blog,read your comments,watched your videos,etc.they know WHO & WHAT You are all about!! Which is a GREAT PERSON!!

      Bless your heart. Yeah — I’m pretty transparent. 🙂 Guess that is why some folks like Miss Filth think that I can be bullied.

      When Miss Filth first started harassing me, it was around the same time that they began viciously attacking Leatherman. He’s significant. I’m not. Most people on the blogs sharing about the GZ case were active back in March or April of last year. IIRC, I started visiting Yahoo News after GZ was arrested. I was a late comer. I found TheJBMission around June 2012. I was unfamiliar with other blogs and of those I learned about, it was through TheJBMission. I saw my first LLMPapa video on the JBMission and immediately became a fan.

      You guys on TheJBMission are among the best!! JB has a sincere heart and she knows how to setup a blog. Remember, she offered to help me learn HTML coding after this blog opened.

      Thanks for your support and encouragement.


  8. Xena,

    Sorry to hear about this annoying, buzzing fly of an imposter.

    I can’t see what purpose such heckling achieves nor why anyone would devote so much time to this activity when they could use such time instead to enjoy recreational activities with their friends and family….and also to enjoy all that the internet has to offer.

    I personally enjoy using the internet to keep up with the news and to watch interesting documentaries about history, nature, science + seeing great movies that are now available for free.

    Xena, you have my full support! We all know who you are and what you stand for. In fact, at this point, after almost a year and a half, most people know the regular posters (on both sides of the GZ case), how and what they post, and so no regular reader can be misled.

    If, in the future, I see an imposter using your handle, I will let you know so that you will have more evidence to turn over to LE.


    • @Yahtzee. Bless your heart. You are one smart, strong woman with varying interests, and you pour your heart into them all.

      The only answer I have for such bullying behavior is to again repeat what Mindyme has stated; “Hurting people hurt others.”

      If, in the future, I see an imposter using your handle, I will let you know so that you will have more evidence to turn over to LE.

      Thanks, I appreciate that. Figure it is mostly in comments of online newspapers, since blog administrators don’t generally allow their blogs to be verbally vandalized. No need to hunt for them. I’m not sure just how much Miss Filth posts in those comments, but I see on the admin side that this blog is getting views using search terms of “Xena” and “Leatherman.”

      Maybe I should thank her for driving traffic here. 🙂


  9. http://www.lancescurv.com/dr-vibert-white-ph-d-speaks-on-the-national-leadership-coalitions-open-letter-to-the-black-community/

    Xena listen to this guy he’s got some serious ideas that sound doable by everyone! i’m almost in tears because it sounds like it will work towards the change we need in this very real economically motivated world!
    it’s a radio interview with a PHD professor here in university of central fl, oh and there’s another video I heard and tweeted last night by him from before the verdict i’ll post it here so you can see first. brb


    • @Shannon. Thanks. Going now to read and watch.


      • I’m not even done yet but I’m gonna have to listen again bc i was being harassed (boy child needed stuff! smh) so anyway he made good points one in particular was about Burger King, mc Donald’s etc. and none of them
        showing direct support for Trayvon during trial in Sanford. I’d never thought of these Types of things!

        I’m a little upset now & i didnt hear everything & some religious stuff I’m not down w, but once I hear it again im sure there’s some way to organize some things he mentioned.

        I can’t wait to hear what you think! I hope I’m not crazy. Oh I better send to 3chics. They should have summin to say! 🙂


        • @Shannon. I watched the Youtube, but when I went to the channel for his program, I couldn’t find how to launch it. Then, I went back to Youtube because it said the Aug. 8th program was uploaded there after 2 days, but I couldn’t find it. 😦

          Maybe I could use a nap. 🙂


  10. what happens if Zimmerman walks?


  11. To Xena and ShannonInMiami: This might be the program that you were looking for, if you have any problems with viewing it just let me know at Lance@LanceScurv.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTgOAgcECkU


    • @Lance, welcome to Blackbutterfly7. I am honored by your visit and help. Thank you so much. (Now going to watch the video.)


      • Thank you so much for your kind words Xena! If I can help in any way with your wonderful blog, just give me the word because you have a good thing going on over here!


        • @Lance. No — thank you! I started listening to the video, but was distracted and didn’t finish. Maybe I can lock myself in the office with the dog outside and the phone turned off. LOL!!!


  12. Yeah I don’t even know how that comment got approved on my blog, she must have hacked the account. People like that have no lives. It’s happened to me before, but I will not let it deter me from speaking my mind.
    She is also so obviously mentally disturbed she outs herself. She may even be my former stalker/ hacker.
    I don’t know or care, just keep doing what your doing. Crazies don’t realize they out themselves with their obsessive stalking behavior.


    • @Tess. First, I want to thank you. Secondly, I am so sorry to hear that you have also been subjected to cyber-harassment and stalking. After a year, Miss Filth should know that I don’t give in to bullying.

      Your blog is very interesting and I do hope that our supporters here pay it a visit. I have to practice what I preach and come by more often also. I didn’t see a “follow” button for your blog. Did I miss it?

      Words from the song “Blackbutterfly”;
      “Tell your sons and your daughters, what the struggle brings.”


  13. Excellent!! Just saw this …. have to reblog!!!


  14. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is a real-life situation … it’s a story that needs to be told. It’s happening …. it’s happened to me!


    • Horty, thank you. There is only one main harasser and from time-to-time, there is one person who tries covering his back. There used to be two, but one uses the other to do his dirty work, and the one doing the dirty work uses another to try leading off his trail.


  15. I have a reverse stalker issue. I can’t call her a bully because nobody is ever allowed to bully me. I am amused at her stupidity and lack of a working brain though and at times she amuses me by posting on her blog and twitter account about me harassing and stalking her. Ironic that I never mention her or her blog in my tweets or in post on my blog, never write one word to her or about her….yet she has labeled ME the obsessed stalker.

    Says she has over 30 e-mails from me…wishful thinking is what that is and she says I disrespect women….truth is I disrespect stupid people, no matter the gender. My advice to you Blackbutterfly7 is to ignore your bully. Ignore them and they will self-destruct. My stalker implodes every frw months and i sit back and watch her start a twitter campaign against me or write a rant blog post about me…and my twitter followers grow and my blog post and site gets more visits and followers.

    Life is magnificent.


    • Jueseppi, thanks for your words and advice. Like you, I don’t let bullies define me. It drives the main cyber-bully mad that he cannot. The threats started last year and harassers should see that their activities have only led to those they TRY bullying to unite. I’m a butterfly. I’m free, and each action by others that tries putting me back into a cocoon only makes me soar higher in strength.

      … and my twitter followers grow and my blog post and site gets more visits and followers.

      BINGO! What they mean for evil works to our good.


  16. prayingforoneday

    Xena I Hey xx I helped a friend of both of us deal with this the other night, exact same story here. I spent some time trying to help find the culprit (Long story). I am sorry this happened to you, it has happened to many of us. The are idiots who don’t know their arse from their elbow. As someone said “A fishing trip” I have been worse off and seen worse in my 19 years online. I managed to calm our friend down the other night and remind that person these things, sadly do happen. People will, can and do sit behind a screen in the safety of their home and shoot you to death. I have had it bad.. 😀

    It is an experience that can be brutal and some can and do lose sleep over it. I tend to, these days laugh, ignore and block. I know better methods at blocking.

    I hope this IDIOT gets what is coming to them. If I had my way they would, maybe they already have? Who knows..

    Glad you are ok… x


    • Shaun, thank you so very much for being there for our friend. The person who does the harassing is powerless. His mouth and keyboard are his only friends and it serves as a pattern for how he treats his human friends — use and abuse.

      We should maybe trade some blocking and tracking secrets. 🙂

      Actually, I must admit that it gives me a laugh knowing that the harasser’s only means of accessing proxy IP addresses now sends him all the way to using websites hosted by companies in such nations as Bulgaria and Egypt. His actions now fall under federal jurisdiction.

      We only need to be patient.


    • “People will, can and do sit behind a screen in the safety of their home and shoot you to death. I have had it bad.. :D”

      LOL – I’m pretty sure I’ve been virtually murdered a few times! 😀 😀


      • prayingforoneday

        HA HA HA 😀
        Yeah,,,,Happens when you have an opinion or meet someone who doesn’t know how to debate. I call them “fuds”
        Scottish word for “Fuds”



    • Shaun, did you get my email?


  17. Xena, I found your article through a link, and I realize I am late to the party, but I wanted to respond to your question about bullies. They are basically sociopaths who are seething with jealousy that you can do what they only pretend to do; and a sociopath’s goal is to destroy their target. Reputation, financial, emotional, etc. It’s almost impossible to play their game without destroying/losing yourself in the process.

    Some time ago, I was bullied at work, and I found this website, Bully Online. Although this is about workplace bullies, the information contained can be easily transferred to cyber bullying. Maybe something here will give you an answer (Scroll down for links to their articles

    “Those who can, do.
    Those who can’t, bully”



    • sweetiepie,
      Welcome to Blackbutterfly7. Thanks for the comment. The one thing I immediately recognize about bullies is that they seek to redefine their target victims. I define myself. I don’t give them power.

      The subject parties who harass and attempt extortion, do so because of race or what they perceive as race. It’s sad, and I leave them to worry about their schemes while I continue blogging.


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