The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is the nation’s largest citizens’ lobby to prevent gun violence.  They work to pass, enforce, and protect sensible laws and public policy that address gun violence at the federal and state level.  Their advocacy campaigns include the Million Mom March and Brady Chapters, working locally to educate people about the risks of gun ownership, honor victims of gun violence, and pass sensible gun laws.

The Brady Center provides “Take Action” that includes 5 steps that individuals can take to make our voices heard and have meaningful legislation passed at the federal level.  Among the actions, the Brady Center provides a forum where Americans of all ages can share how gun violence has affected them personally.

Through their Legal Action Center, the Brady Center seeks justice in the courts for victims of gun violence, bringing civil liability cases against irresponsible gun sellers and owners. Their attorneys have won millions of dollars in damages for gun violence victims, as well as forcing changes in how gun companies do business.


Dan Gross President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence called the verdict in the George Zimmerman case, “part of a tragic event that could have easily been prevented.”

Gross said, “There is sharp disagreement over the verdict, but there can be no disagreement over the reason why Trayvon Martin is dead.  George Zimmerman had a gun that night, and the state of Florida allowed him to carry it virtually anywhere despite a violent history.  Virtually anybody roaming our neighborhoods with hidden handguns is the gun lobby’s vision, but it is not the vision of the rest of the American public truly committed to safer communities.  We will work as long, and as hard as it takes to prevent more tragedies like Trayvon Martin’s.”

The Brady Center, the legal arm of the Brady Campaign, recently filed an amicus brief on behalf of the parents of Trayvon Martin, and Jordan Davis, asking the entire United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit to review and reverse a 2-1 decision that held Illinois law restricting the public carrying of firearms unconstitutional.

Trayvon Martin - horse

Trayvon Martin
1995 – 2012

“The American people should be allowed to decide whether they want people like George Zimmerman carrying loaded guns in public places where their children walk home,” said Brady Center Legal Action Project Director Jonathan Lowy.  “Most courts have properly recognized that reasonable public safety laws do not infringe on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.  Courts should listen to the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, who lost their sons to people whose states entitled them to carry guns in public.”

Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis
1995 – 2012

Its website includes scorecard ranking all 50 states on the basis of laws that can prevent gun violence, such as background checks on all gun sales, permit-to-purchase requirements, limiting handgun purchases to one a month, and retention of sales records.

This is an organization worth supporting.  Please subscribe to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to stay up-to-date with their activities and what we can do to have our voices heard.


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  1. Thank You for this. So many senseless deaths. The odds of a family member being accidentally killed far outweigh the possibility that one may use a gun to protect one’s family. 63 out of every 100 gun deaths is a suicide. I do think we should have the right to bear reasonable arms. But like getting a drivers license or registering one’s car, there should be more information/education and training before passing them out like candy.
    Reagan banned open carry in California when he was Governor. Sarah Palin disarmed an Alaskan Militia group, Mitt Romney voted to ban assault rifles. Obama is not trying to take everyone’s guns as is the hysterical cry..

    Here in Jacksonville, a local DJ has dedicated the song Strawberry Letter 23 as Jordan’s song. On the Friday after Jordan was killed, we had a ‘turn it up’ day for listening to music as loud as anyone wanted to.

    Dunn is done. Even some here who are the most hatefully racist believe this.


    • I haven’t listened to that song in years!! About Dunn, I hope you’re right. It’s time for Americans who serve on juries to apply facts and evidence to law, rather than thinking for defendants so they can acquit them.

      The Brady Center is not against gun ownership but advocates for background checks, responsible gun dealers, and no “shadow sales.” The allegations that President Obama wants to take guns from Americans was a lie that was passed around before the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

      Thanks for sharing the info and the video.


  2. Like Trayon, Jordan was such a beautiful kid.


  3. Hi Xena,
    Isn’t a shame that after all of the years that we have to keep worryig about the crazies that keep crying, Don’t take my gun away. Brady was shot in 1982, something like that and throughout the struggle of rehab, more surgeries that he and wiife and family have endured over these years and yet we have the babies crying we don’t want gun laws.

    I am so sick of guns. I don’t have one and don’t want one, BUT I’ve never said the babies should keep crying about someone taking their rights away.
    They KNOW it won’t happen, AND yet NOT only did Zimmerman get to have a gun prior to his killing Trayvon, he also got to leave the court house and take off to no particular place with a loaded gun in his car.

    That has pissed me off, but nothing new, they have a way of doing that all of the time and nothing happens because we have idiots out shooting their guns, like the chief in Penn and shooting his mouth off JUST BECAUSE he has that RIGHT.Growing up you had privileges, that if you abused them, they were taken away for awhile.

    I think our kids act more mature than a lot of the adults, yet they have a very slim chance of growing up with the supposedly mature adults and their bratty ways.

    WE that have free speech also WANT our voices heard. WE DON’t want anymore Trayvon’s and Jordon’s murdered. We want to know our kids are protected. How many more years do we have to ask for OUR voices to be heard.

    This Stand Your Ground law is total bullshit. TOTAL!!! What about the idiot that just killed his wife, shot her to death, he says he was tired of her abuse. Give me a f’ing break! He goes to the police and turns himself in. WHAT AN ASS!!!

    I’m so damn mad now, I can’t say it enough, WHY is it legal all of a sudden to carry a gun? Everyone can carry a gun? What have we turned into?
    It Should NOT be legal.

    Thanks Xena for writing this.
    We know that we do when we say something about it, it just gets the NRA and the NRA idiots pissed off and they just get more guns. They must live a PARANOID life to fear someone like me.


    • Hey Lolypop! The Brady Center has info about the number of children killed by guns, and says that more children in non-urban areas are killed by accident or suicide than those in urban areas.

      People no longer act responsibly to work out differences. Guns have become the solution, not for protection, but for making other statements. Remember Columbine.


  4. They sure aren’t responsible gun owners. How many times do we have to hear there was one just laying around waiting for a child to pick one up that belongs to a “RESPONIBLE” gun owner?
    You’re right, guns have become the solution, not the protection, Xena.
    When are they actually going to have to say enough” not losing our children to guns and say
    stop worrying about your damn guns and worry about the ones that are so worried MORE about their rights.
    They aren’t going to lose them, BUT we are going to lose more children.
    That’s a fact!


    • @Lolypop.

      They aren’t going to lose them, BUT we are going to lose more children.
      That’s a fact!

      They hate President Obama more than they love their children.


      • “They hate President Obama more than they love their children.”

        omg that’s so true Xena. They really do.


        • They really do!
          In my lifetime, I have never seen someone SO DAMN GOOD, So hated!!
          And all of theses haters are free to carry a gun. I don’t carry one.
          WTH are they so damn afraid of? The fact that there are people that actually LIKE the First Family!! They can’t take it. That’s the reason.


          • @Lolypop. When Romney was invited to speak at a conservative Christian college, I said something similar — they hate President Obama more than they love Jesus Christ. Most Christian denominations believe that Mormonism is a cult, and those that do not believe that are also cults who believe like Mormons; that their denomination or church is the only “true” belief.

            When people can put all dividing issues into one pot, that pot is called “race.”


        • @mindyme62. They have no idea how the rest of the world is watching us, especially those countries where guns are banned. Haters aren’t making President Obama look bad to them. Rather, those countries on the other side of the great pond are saying, “Boy. Are we glad their forefathers got the hell out of this country!”


  5. I pray that people will open their hearts and reach out to appreciate the souls of one another.

    Healing will then begin and the sun will shine.


    • @Yahtzee. I was in the drug store the other night and listened to two young men of different races as they talked about sports. Not meaning to intrude, I asked them if I could say something and told them that they found the “meeting ground of interest” that crosses race lines; i.e., sports. The young White guy spoke up and said that his pastor teaches that we cannot love others as ourselves, unless we love ourselves first. We must have talked about 20 minutes or more.

      This was a young man — early 20’s, and he was not afraid, neither ashamed, to speak forth such wisdom.

      Thanks for your support and encouragement, Yahtzee.


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