Why George Zimmerman Turned Down Citizens On Patrol

Perris new COP Burb2 WDuring George Zimmerman’s trial, witness Wendy Dorvial testified that she asked George Zimmerman if he wanted to be a volunteer member of Citizens on Patrol.  She testified that Zimmerman turned down her offer.  At closing argument, Mark O’Mara, defense attorney for George Zimmerman, argued that if Zimmerman was a wannabe cop, that he would have taken the offer to join Citizens on Patrol.  Mark O’Mara then proceeded to outright lie about the program saying that its volunteers get to act like cops.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement produced an abstract of Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.), taking a survey from counties using that program.  The abstract provides references, one in which is the National Association of Citizens on Patrol.

NACP has an extensive, informative website.  Along with describing its purpose and the benefit of being a volunteer in the community, it also provides accomplishments and the stories of volunteers.  What caught my attention in regards to George Zimmerman, is the following;

“As the name implies, Citizens On Patrol are Citizens who, after being screened, background checked, and trained by their local law enforcement agency, patrol their communities acting as “Eyes and Ears” for law enforcement.” 

The C.O.P. program provides vehicles with emergency lights.  Volunteers ride two per car.”

The national association also sets forth;

“C.O.P.’s do not take enforcement action, they only observe and report. Citizen Patrol Volunteers are not authorized to carry weapons and are encouraged to avoid physical contact. C.O.P.’s greatest weapon is their established bond with local law enforcement and their ability to communicate directly with them by radio or cellular phones using special dedicated phone numbers.”

While medical clearance and passing a criminal background check might concern Zimmerman copcarin meeting the qualifications, it’s two conditions of C.O.P. that immediately come to my attention that would cause Zimmerman to turn down Ms. Dorvial’s offer.  Those conditions are that volunteers work in twos, and they cannot carry weapons.

As Wendy Dorvial testified, there are distinct differences between neighborhood watch and C.O.P.  One is that volunteers with C.O.P. actually patrol.  In Neighbor Watch, residents are not supposed to do anything beyond their everyday activities.  Although Zimmerman was not supposed to patrol, he did.  At least one time, he used his dog as an excuse for seeing a suspicious person outside of Frank Taaffe’s house.   Anyone looking at the map for Retreat at Twin Lakes for where Zimmerman resided, where Frank Taaffe resides, and the location of the dog walk, can see there is no logical reason why Zimmerman would walk from his house to Frank Taaffe’s house to get to the dog walk.  Zimmerman did say that he walked his dog on the dog walk where he killed Trayvon.   That dog walk and Frank Taaffe’s house are in opposite directions.

Another distinct difference is that C.O.P. volunteers work in pairs.  It is logically safer to work in pairs when patrolling.   George Zimmerman patrolling alone, gave him opportunity to do what he wanted without witnesses.

An important distinction is that C.O.P. volunteers cannot carry weapons.  Zimmerman stated on Sean Hannity’s program that he carried his gun everywhere other than to work.  Having a conceal carry license does not give C.O.P. volunteers authority to carry weapons, anymore than employees working in an airport or courthouse with conceal carry permits cannot carry weapons at work.  Citizens on Patrol are not deputized.

In conclusion, George Zimmerman did not refuse volunteering for C.O.P. because he isn’t a cop wannabe.  Rather, George Zimmerman refused volunteering for C.O.P. because its rules of working in pairs, and not carrying weapons, were too restricting.

The following video contains testimony by Wendy Dorvial regarding C.O.P., and Mark O’Mara’s misrepresentation to the jury.

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  1. ChrisNY~Laurie

    Yeah, he turned it down because he would have to ride with someone and definitely wouldn’t be able to carry his gun.


    • Morning ChrisNY. Right. Vigilantes like working alone.


      • Especially vigilantes seeking recognition to compensate for life’s failures.

        I am sure that gz’s being rejected from the police academy gnawed at him daily.

        Sometime I should go back to the RaTL newsletters and residents’ statements to both the media and the police as to how gz always wanted to be contacted by them so that he could be at the center of things to better his chances of recognition.


        • @Yahtzee. Hehehe. It was probably to better his chances at knowing when to tell his gang of thieves to run.


  2. maybe he was avoiding that background check too..


    • Morning mindyme62. You’re right. Additionally, once the police ran his fingerprints, they probably would have come back from the State of Virginia while he was a juvenile. And, he had already been eliminated as a candidate for the police dept. in Virginia due to bad credit.


      • Wouldn’t that be interesting, to know what kind of problems he had as a juvenile. Besides being a sexual deviant who would molest his kinfolk..

        Good Morning Xena!


        • @mindyme62. GZ doesn’t have a gang tattoo for style. His parents didn’t ship him off to Florida after he turned 18 because he was such a good whittle boy at home. They didn’t even try to get him in college — just shipped him off to live alone in their retirement home before they retired.


        • Cercando Luce

          We don’t actually know why he was eliminated as a candidate for VA police work.


  3. I think you are right about this, Xena.

    We know from his statements that gz carried his concealed gun at all times except when he went to work. We also know from some of the residents that he was often seen “patrolling” the Retreat at TL in his car with his headlights turned off. No way would he want a partner who would hamper his modus operandi. He wanted to play cop and be the only one in charge with no one witnessing his activity.

    Why else would gz not fulfill his duties as NW coordinator to train and work closely with the original HOA members who showed an interest. The HOA board members stated that they were unaware of any substantive NW meetings coordinated by gz. GZ never answered Wendy Dorival’s queries later in the after her power point presentation when gz was selected as coordinator as to how things were coming along and who were the volunteers that had signed up. Frank Taaffe says he stopped being involved with NW in December of 2011 and did not tell anyone because the Retreat’s NW was so loosely organized.

    This all points to gz wanting free reign to do his thing. He wanted to patrol and did. He tried to cover his tracks about this beginning with his first interview after he killed Trayvon. He made a point of telling Singleton that he was on the way to Target when he spotted Trayvon. He continued this story throughout, all the way to the Hannity program where he embellished it to add that he and Shellie always did their grocery shopping on Sunday nights.


    • Morning Yahtzee. You connected dots. Excellent analysis.


      • Good morning and TY, Xena.

        I just returned with this additional comment:

        It is interesting that gz was caught in a mobius strip with no escape by his two statements that he used to exonerate himself from carrying a gun on patrol:

        1. He always carried a gun except at work.
        2. He was on his way to Target.

        The fact that gz felt the need to talk about Target indicates that he knew he had to hide the fact that he did indeed know he should not acknowledge that his usual routine was to patrol and with his gun.

        His attempted excuse that he always carried a gun did not serve to exonerate him but, I think, just buried him deeper in his inexcusable behavior. He actually painted himself into a corner.


        • “he was on his way to Target” for his and ShelLie’s weekly shopping trip only he didn’t take ShelLie…

          why did this not come up in court?


          • @Yahtzee
            The prosecution no doubt did not bring it up during trial because since GZ did not take the stand, they could not examine him about it. They could have pointed out the inconsistency in his statement like they did with his other statements, but they would not have been able to connect a reason for why he lied about ShelLIE being or not being with him.


          • They could have sought Target receipts to verify if the Sunday evening shopping claim was even true, assuming he paid by debit or credit card.


          • @2small2fail. I’m not sure if verifying where Zimmerman was going would help the case. The clubhouse videos provide that he followed Trayvon by vehicle very closely. That is intimidating and frightened Trayvon — he ran.


        • Cercando Luce

          Didn’t GZ have 14 hours of Neighborhood Watch training from Ms. Dorival? Of course he knew he wasn’t supposed to patrol, to carry a gun, to give chase. Prosecution brought this up (Guy, I believe), but jurors opted not to listen.


          • @Cercando Luce. Based on juror B37’s literary agent, B37 did not believe GZ should have been charged. Based on juror B37’s voir doir, she thought that the “riots” were overdone. Putting the 2 together, she was a stealth, Zidiot juror. GZ never stood trial in that jury room because of B37.


          • Cercando Luce

            I want to know how she came to dominate the 3 women who at first perceived M2 or Man-slaughter.


          • @Cercando Luce.

            I want to know how she came to dominate the 3 women who at first perceived M2 or Man-slaughter.

            O’Mara told her how. During her voir dire he asked her if any juror tried deciding based on things they heard in the media, if she would “advise” them that if it wasn’t said on the witness stand, then it cannot be considered? She answered “yes.” (We know that O’Mara has the tendency to start his questions in smoke and mirrors.) Listening to her AC360 interview, GZ’s taped and video interviews, and the straddling demonstration, were disregarded. They did not take place from the witness stand.

            Sequestration and her having an attorney husband who she probably bragged about and name dropped of people she know, would be intimidating to other juror members disagreeing with her.


  4. It would be interesting sometime to list from interview statements the comments that gz made that really were either curious OR superfluous to his JUST telling what happened THAT night. ( and then determine why he added this curious or extraneous material.)


    1.Going to Target (He did not find this necessary to mention to NEN dispatcher)

    2.Super detailed (oddly so) account of his surrender to Ofc Smith.

    3. When his NEN call was being played back to him, why did he say, out of the blue:
    a. That he did not even remember mentioning the button that Trayvon was wearing?
    b. That he was tapping on his flashlight when he listened to the “click clack click” and tapping before and after he gave his last name to the dispatcher?

    4. Mentioning that maybe he hit a sign when interviewed by Singleton the first night.

    5. That it felt like Trayvon had something in his hand as gz was being pounded:

    At the well known tree (reenactment), was that swatting motion on the left to keep the follower off really Trayvon’s attempt to get gz of him. Had Trayvon swung his 7-11 bag with the ice tea back behind him at gz as he was trying to escape from gz?

    There are many more examples that we should consider.


  5. Hi black butterfly!
    Have you seen the work whonoze over at bcclist.diasporia is sending to Sanford.Florida@usdoj.gov? DOJ is really looking for information not presented at trial and they have put a hold on SPD evidence .

    Tomorrow Jax., where I I live, is holding a rally. The media focus has been wonderfully intense for the family. I didn’t follow CA trial but I don’t remember any rallys to enact new child protection laws following her not guilty verdict.

    Thank you for all your work. At the very least,Trayvon’s loving family are being honored and GZ’s are not.I haven’t seen one TV show highlighting his victory, O’Mara and West appeared some but where was their innocent, just trying to be a Boy Scout mame,good citizen,just watching over my neighborhood client?

    In hiding, you say? Why would that even be necessary? And why on earth do the jury members need counseling?
    Did CA jurists need counseling? Nothing comes up indicating so in a google search and I’m pretty sure they had to move and yet state didn’t have to pay for therapy so they could sleep.


    • @2dogsonly. Papa and Mama Zim had a television interview where they said they had no contact with GZ after the verdict. Speaks volumes.

      Counseling for Zim’s jury — sure that isn’t a way of getting info for the feds? 🙂


      • ooohh counseling?? that’s a good one!!
        but then i think hipa laws would cover those too.. but what about group therapy? or what about a juror with a guilty conscience? maybe they’d feel better if they just confessed?!


        • @Shannon. HEY!!! They need more than counseling, IMO. They need experience. Maybe they should all have their children take a walk about Osterman’s house in the rain, just after the sun goes down, one at a time; and have Mark follow them.


  6. More of zmans lies. However the prosecutors that were supposed to be Trayvon Martin’s advocates obviously werent. They did what Alan Dershowitz and Geraldo Rivera said they shouldnt have done. Advocate for the victim was wrong according to both guys who are lawyers. This was the 1st time I ever heard of someone being upset at a prosecutor for advocating gor the victim. Remember the racial double standard done to Trevor Dooley. 100 minutes to convict Trevor on all charges. I’m sure Trevor will not have his conviction overturned. Also remember Angela Corey’s vigorous prosecution of Marissa Alexander. Told she should have left the house SYG didn’t apply to her .20 yrs for a domestic violence victim.


    • @m1. Speaking of Trevor Dooley, I’m updating the chart of comparison that was posted back in January. This is a time I have to ask for forgiveness from those who said that Trevor was found guilty because of his race and the race of the victim. I had held hope that the jury entered a verdict based on law, and because of “initial aggressor” in the law, that GZ would also be convicted. I was wrong.


      • I’m sure your asking of forgiveness will be granted,although not necessary. I too hoped zman would be convicted. Good you’re updating the Trevor Dooley post. It’s just too bad we as black people have to endure injustices due to racism white supremacy.


        • @m1. When I read the evidence in the Dooley case, and then heard how the jury reached its decision to convict, I tried — sincerely tried — to leave race out it. My position was that the Zim jury would convict because the law is the law is the law.

          O’Mara certainly played the race card in trial. All those purported friends and former co-workers who testified for the defense — well, not one was Black. O’Mara presented to the jury GZ’s lily white world where he thought it necessary to protect White women from Black teens.

          The jury’s decision sets America back 200 years.


  7. thanks xena for this post. i keep getting upset about the lies omar was allowed to tell and get away with. it’s hardly a surprise but i thought at least the state would’ve been much more diligent in their own case and brought some of those lies out.

    i’ll never understand why the state didn’t prepare a rebuttal case to counter the time line of zim’s stalking. now i know it wouldn’t have made a difference in the verdict but it would have made the trial a little more realistic.
    it’s getting clearer how much of a fraud the whole trial was. this is just sick!

    but at least we are encouraged to send the doj our tips. because it’s our last hope!
    it’s good to know the the feds are doing something and many of the politicians are ok with it if not encouraging an investigation.
    washington times just said the teachers’ union are signing the petition! that’s over 3million there!
    even though we wish they would hurry up and go get his ass, i’m thinking the more time it takes the better.
    i’m expecting zim to talk sometime soon and hope he’ll spill his stupid guts and give the feds more evidence they can use to nail his ass!! hopefully the defense fund is running low so he’ll be looking to cash in soon. but i’ve heard some things like the kochs are helping him out.. heard anything like that?? i hope that’s a rumor, i hope no one wants to be connected to him. or if they do, then maybe they’re over it now that they’ve seen how the world is rejecting zim and he’s not exactly the media darling they may of thought he’d be.


    • @Shannon.

      i keep getting upset about the lies omar was allowed to tell and get away with.

      O’Mara had a stealth juror. He was slick enough to not have communications directly with her and in fact, had to talk in code to identify her and tell her what he wanted her to do. Hold on to your hat. Proof is coming.

      it’s hardly a surprise but i thought at least the state would’ve been much more diligent in their own case and brought some of those lies out.

      The State proceeded in the usual way to support it’s charging affidavit. They were not going to put O’Mara on trial. However, I did see times when they should have objected to certain statements and questions because effectively, O’Mara testified for GZ at times. Attorneys cannot testify for clients.

      i’ll never understand why the state didn’t prepare a rebuttal case to counter the time line of zim’s stalking.

      I agree. Also, in a rebuttal case, although they could not bring on Reich or Owcen as experts, they could have brought them in to testify that they ruled out the voice crying for help was GZ’s along with what else is on that tape that are not “help” or “help me.”

      Btw, the feds are more than likely to take their time, collecting all necessary evidence.

      but i’ve heard some things like the kochs are helping him out.. heard anything like that??

      I’ve not heard that, but if they or anyone else is giving GZ money, they should be prepared to do so for the rest of his life.

      Don’t forget that ShelLIE’s case can now proceed. Let’s see if she ends up behind bars at the state’s expense and who will then take care of GZ.


      • that’s some good news about omar, do you think he’ll get in trouble?

        I couldn’t bare to watch any of their interviews, I can’t watch anything yet, not even Tray’s famiy.
        the day after the verdict I pick up cell phone and see pop up where i’d to see it to turn it off! CNN: Trayvon’s parents: The verdict broke us.
        this really hurt. those poor things, god they must feel so betrayed by those bitches, and then to hear the trash that came out of the juror’s mouth was grotesque! I swear I felt like a nightmare. how dare her say that was the pig screaming!?!?

        yeah why didn’t they have someone explain what words where on that tape?? god!! so pissed about that. that tape was his last scream for help and stupid jury should’ve heard him!

        thanks xena, I can’t to find out what happened with the jury! xoxo


        • @Shannon. O’Mara is unlikely to get into trouble because he is cunning enough to do things that can be explained as “what defense attorneys do.”

          Had O’Mara been able to get a voice analyst expert to say the screams were GZ, he would not have taken up the court’s time with the Frye hearing preventing the prosecution from having experts testify that GZ’s voice was ruled out as the voice screaming.


    • It’s very difficult to look at the way this trial proceeded and conclude anything other than that the fix was in for an acquittal on all charges. This article:


      illuminates the extent to which the proceeding obviated the possibility of a conviction.
      I think the author would have made a more relevant argument using Rachel’s testimony that Martin said “Don’t touch me!” rather than the fact that he was being followed, nevertheless, her point is that without this critical piece of information there was nothing for the jury to go on to return a conviction.


      • @2small2fail. Welcome to Blackbutterfly7 and thanks for your comments.

        Rachel’s testimony was that she heard Trayvon say “Get off! Get off!” When Don West cross-examined her, he asked if she could be sure the voice was Trayvon’s and not that of Zimmerman. The defense went to extremes to steal everything from Trayvon and apply it Zimmerman.

        The jury could return a conviction, just as they did in the Dooley case. Listening to Juror B37’s AC360 interview, she was able to get other jurors to start at the end, rather than the beginning to identify the initial aggressor. If not but for the fact that Zimmerman got out of his car to follow Trayvon, and admitted following him, the two would not have come into physical contact. The State argued this during closing, but jury tampering prevented the jury from considering the law as it is written.


  8. Xena – Great video (as always) and article! Very informative and right “on target”! I wish you could have taken leave from your job and worked on the prosecution team.

    This is something Guy should have covered in his rebuttal closing! Did he?? (I didn’t get to see it because I had to travel to a funeral on Friday, 7/12. And I’ve been too depressed since I returned – at the same time as the verdict – to go back and listen to Friday’s closing arguments.)

    Also, did MOM argue facts not in evidence – i.e., the supposed “perks” of the COP Program – or did Wendy Dorvial testify about those? Does anyone recall from her testimony? Thx.


    • @groans. Good to see your fonts! Sorry to hear that you had to attend a funeral. My condolences to you and the family of the deceased.

      John Guy, to the best of my memory, did not rebut O’Mara’s lies about the COP Program. Dorvial testified that volunteers get a uniform and car to patrol. She did not say that volunteers get to act like cops. That’s O’Mara’s misrepresentation. Dorvial said that they conduct background checks, but she did not testify to specifics of qualifications.


  9. @Xena. Thanks for your condolences and response. It’s great to be here on your blog, at long last! I have been reading, though. Please keep up your great work, because this case has been a complete travesty, from beginning to end. And I, for one, have no respect for either the jury or its verdict. Sorry if that’s not the “PC” thing to say, but it’s my constitutionally-protected (I hope) opinion.

    PS – I like my randomly-assigned avatar here a lot better than the one on Fred’s site! 🙂


    • @groans. LOL@avatar comment. Word Press provides several options of avatars for those who do not have one registered with “gravatar.” I think that Leatherman opted for the default option.

      In general, when I don’t follow a case, I don’t argue about it after a verdict has been rendered. That’s because since I didn’t follow the case, I don’t know enough of the evidence. That is true for the Casey Anthony trial.

      As well, I tend to wait to see why and/or how the jury reached its verdict. Well, juror B37 certainly demonstrated in her AC360 interview that they reached their verdict based on information that was not presented in court. When her literary agent said that the verdict of not guilty was due to the way Zimmerman was charged, it spoke volumes. Effectively, Zimmerman received no trial because juror B37 believed he should not have been charged.


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