O’Mara’s Lesson on Common Sense

The Zimmermans leaving the courtroom after closing arguments and jury instructions are read


On July 12, 2013, the defense in the George Zimmerman 2nd degree murder trial presented closing argument.

It was presented by attorney Mark O’Mara.   The following video consists of excerpts where O’Mara speaks to the jury about common sense and presumptions, in addition to some other interesting snippets.


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  1. Girl I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks. This was extremely funny. The look on the murderer’s face was like “I am screwed”! And Bernie was like WTF! Thank you for your videos.

    I have been on pins and needles. I have prayed so hard that these women will make the right decision. I think the opening and closing is very important but not as important as the evidence the jury have in their hands which are the many lies if the murderer.


    • @He Ran. Happy to see your fonts!!
      Just heard that the jury had a question to clarify “manslaughter.” That conveys they have ruled out self-defense. I’m watching it now on HLN. The court just recessed again and the jury has ordered dinner, so they apparently want to keep working.

      Hoodies UP! Justice for Trayvon.


  2. ha aha! I love this!


  3. oopsies! I meant this one! wildabouttrial.com/george-zimmerfacman-live-stream.html


    • @mindyme62. I removed the oopsy. 🙂

      I’m watching on HLN. Commentators are saying the jury’s question is not good for GZ.


      • 🙂 thanks! (remember what I said about my favorite play toy, my brain?) He doesn’t look too happy either!


        • A lawyer on HLN reported seeing another lawyer is knows O’Mara. That lawyer said he has never seen O’Mara look how he did when leaving the courtroom. The defense is worried. Good! Nothing they feel — NOTHING — can be compared to what Tracy and Sybrina felt when learning their son had been shot and killed.


          • Ain’t that a hoot as if Omar never had a Guilty Verdict before. Xena please read what I just posted.


          • @ic2fools. Just read it and thanks for the link. I’ll take a look.


          • @Xena you are very welcome.

            When you do have a chance to review what I posted you will see I put just info need person, murder, gulity verdict, convicted and confined date, case #/

            only one case has a not guilty plea by reason of insanity.


          • just heard the news, jury want info on manslaughter they moved further than expected.

            sounds like they are weighing the difference between M2 and Manslaughter.

            Sorry Xena but I have a gut feeling we’ll have a verdict by tomorrow.


          • @ic2fools.

            Sorry Xena but I have a gut feeling we’ll have a verdict by tomorrow.

            Don’t be sorry. 🙂 The sooner GZ goes to prison, the better.


          • 😆

            Yes Yes Yes!!!!


          • oh i left out I found the information at http://www.myorangeclerk.com clicked lookup cases
            choose either all cases or criminal and traffic click
            then click attorney type in o’mara mark (leave out his middle name matthew)
            it will give you a list of all his cases from 1985 to 2002

            Omar knew he didn’t stand a chance and did this for the money, media coverage and further his career as an analyst, yeah got a few new things for the office.


          • @ic2fools. I took a look and after not having time (neither patience) to read all the cases since 1985 (a good portion being prostitution), I narrowed the search down to cases between 1/01/2000 and 2001 and found 3 murder cases. All three changed their plea to Nolle Prosequi or Nolo Contendere. So, O’Mara didn’t litigate trial. Then, I narrowed the cases to those filed from 1/01/2011 through 1/01/2013. O’Mara had one murder case. The defendant was adjudicated guilty.

            Most of his criminal cases were traffic.


          • Xena your the greatest. Girl I got us there but needed directions. you did see my post of the 9 murder trials I did find 8 all adjuicated guily and 1 NG by reason of insanity that has court dates this year.

            Omar spent a lot of time with a working girl Jewel ‘helping’ her prostitution charges. he spent more time with criminals than divorcees .

            oh my post with the list of omar pre 2011 murder trials are just below this post. so with the one you found that makes 9 total adjudicated guilty.

            may i repost your new info?


          • The murder cases I looked at are included in your list;
            George Hogan III
            Ernesto Soriano
            Freddie Mendenhall, Sr.

            The case from 2012 that I looked at is Robert D. Whitson.

            It does surprise me that O’Mara had so many traffic cases.


          • Oh yeah, what surprised me is he had a very long back to back list of Prostitution case for one girl last name Jewell (spelling). And defending those pedophiles, and other with men who exposed themselves.

            The biggie he had several he defended in schemes to fraud.and to defraud. Thats’ where he learned how to be a better grifter.

            Omara protrays’ his speciality practice is divorce, another lie.


  4. Hi ya’ll I thought I would do a bit of research of Omar previous Murder cases. This is a re-post.

    Omar was lead attorney 9 murder cases, one is active right now, that defendant received the not guily verdict by reason of insanity. Errbody else got convicted:

    Here see for youself:

    9 murder trials each and every one were convicted.

    there is one NG. defendant found not guilty by reason insanity with upcoming court date 12/2013 (btw this started back in 1997)

    Omars last murder trial was about 2001

    1,) HELLER, ELIJAH DWAYNE 2nd Degree Murder
    Case No. 2001-CF-014575-B-O
    Confinement (Effective 08/23/2002 at 12:00 AM, Min. 10 Yr 0 Mo 0 Days , Max. 12 Yr 0 Mo 0 Days , Department of Corrections

    2.) MENDENHALL, FREDDIE SR Murder (attempt)
    Case No. 2001-MM-004941-A-O and Case No. 2001-CF-002229-A-O
    Inmate Booking Number: 01200195 no sentence info

    3.) SORIANO, ERNESTO Murder 1st Degree (attempt)\
    Adjudicated Guilty Case No. 2000-CF-014151-A-O
    Confinement (Effective 08/21/2001 at 12:00 AM, Min. , Max. 10 Yr 0 Mo 0 Days , Department of Corrections,

    case #2000-CF-011248-A-O
    there was a trial set 2/12/2001, but a subpoena issued on 5/13/3002 no sentencing, confinment info ?????

    5.) COOK, ROBERT BERNARD Case No. 1998-CF-009530-B-O
    Murder Capital Offense
    Adjudicated Guilty Jury Trial
    Confinement (Effective 08/08/2000 at 12:00 AM, Min. , Max. 5 Yr 6 Mo 9 Days , Department of Corrections

    6.) CROWE, KENNETH PAU Case No. 1997-CF-008611-A-O
    Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
    Omar is working on this case Right Now!

    7.) COX, FREDERICK PETE 2nd Degree Murder
    Case No. 1997-CF-009401-A-O
    Adjudicated Guilty Adjudicated Guilty
    Confinement (Effective 01/17/2003 at 12:00 AM, Min. , Max. 999 Yr 99 Mo 98 Days , Department of Corrections,

    ****Whew 999 yrs!

    8,) THOMAS, JASON 2nd Degree Murder
    Case No. 1996-CF-011127-B-O
    Adjudicated Guilty Guilty (Admit)
    Confinement (Effective 04/18/1997 at 12:00 AM, Min. , Max. 6 Yr 0 Mo 0 Days , Department of Corrections

    9,) ORTIZ, OSCAR 1st Degree
    Case No. 1994-CF-003751-A-O
    – Adjudicated Guilty Jury Trial
    Confinement (Effective 12/08/1995 at 12:00 AM, Min. 3 Yr 0 Mo 0 Days , Max. 7 Yr 6 Mo 0 Days , Department of Corrections

    The rest of omars’ clients several Prostitues one took up much time Dianne Jewell she was truly a busy worker he spent a lot of time ‘defending’ her.

    He defended child abusers, sexual offenders, battery, theives, drug dealers, forgers, “ASSUALT OF OFFICERS”. more than divorce cases.

    Most of his ‘murder cases’ lasted over two years The arrangement, depo(?), court appearance file for attorney fees, the trial. then wishing his client well while being taken into custody,

    I see why omars closing is bad, never had to to one, I see why he filed friviouls motions lacking proper case law, he never had to before. This tells us him immaturity and why he whines, cries foul and wants other attorneys work product, He don’t know how to work a case.

    Omar got his hands on a case with money and enjoy scratching off his bucket list, he got to do only things he could dream of doing in a murder trial, plus upgraded that shanty he called an office with hookers,,pedophiles and crackheads running in and out.

    Wonder which intern he got to play pull the taffy with?


  5. HLN is reporting that there is a verdict!


    • And you asked me was I serious about my comment. Well its open season on blacks now. But let me guess we should pray, sing songs? What now? These jurors just said that blacks can be hunted down,corned and executed for whatever reason whites, or whitish people conjure up.


      • @Eric. I know the feeling. What the jury just confirmed is that deadly force can be used in response to purportedly being hit in the nose. Maybe — just maybe, Dooley’s attorney can find something in GZ’s case that will set Dooley free.

        I was just on the phone with a lawyer friend who is Jewish. He can’t believe the jury’s decision and asked me who made up the jury. He sighed and said, “Emit Till all over again.”

        The women who made up the jury will have to live with their decision. May God have mercy on their souls.


  6. Now the feds can have at his ass.


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