George Zimmerman Trial – Day 14

Closing argument for the defense, with rebuttal closing argument by the State.   The jury will receive instructions then start deliberations.

Croakerqueen123 had problems with the recording of the State’s rebuttal closing.  The next video is courtesy of Axiom Amnesia. The sound is not as good as the other videos.

Jury’s Question


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  1. I found this on yahoo. I missed this exchange that day. I just LOVE this Judge!!

    JUDGE DEBRA NELSON: Please don’t go off focus here.


    NELSON: Don’t no, no, me, either. Let’s stop this right now. I have told counsel before, first of all, nobody talks over the other. The court reporter can only take one person down at a time. I will have not any speaking objections in the courtroom.

    DON WEST, ZIMMERMAN’S DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I would like to make a speaking objection.

    NELSON: You can’t make an objection to your own question.


    • @Mindyme. That was a HOOT!!!

      O’Mara likes telling the judge what she “must” do, and Vanilla Ice Cream West wants to argue even when there’s nothing to argue about.

      Thanks for sharing that exchange.


      • Hi Xena! I think I had read some comments where y’all had seen this. Do you know what day it was?


        • @mindyme. You mean when Judge Nelson says “Don’t no-no me”?? That was in the Oct. 26, 2012 pre-trial hearing when O’Mara wanted the State to get discovery from the FBI. If you want just that portion, let me know and give me a few minutes to get the clip on video.


  2. She was in a such a better mood late this afternoon, am wondering if she had a little liquid with her lunch. 🙂 She deserves it!


    • Judge Nelson realizes that she has at least a few days, without having to put up with O’Mara and West’s unprofessional conduct in the court.

      An Associated Press reporter said on MSNBC tonight that a juror was wiping tears during ASA Guy’s closing rebuttal.


      • No kidding! She deserves a break from those nitwits.

        “An Associated Press reporter said on MSNBC tonight that a juror was wiping tears during ASA Guy’s closing rebuttal.”

        Wow, really!


        • They might have it on again. MSNBC now — 2 hour special on the Zimmerman trial.


          • If you see it again let me know!! Maybe I can watch a recording of tonight’s special on MSNBC tomorrow.. Am watching a movie with 1 of my 3 favorite sons. 🙂

            Zimmerman is going to be found guilty for this or manslaughter. I just feel it.


          • @mindyme. Here ’tis the video of “Don’t no-no me.” West and the speaking objection was one day when Rachel Jeantel was on the stand. Since those are available here, if I find it, I’ll point you to the right video and time on it. 🙂


          • So this is where he’s saying he doesn’t know what he doesn’t have! HA! Thanks!


          • Guilty of 2nd degree murder. Judge Nelson shall sentence him to life.


          • From your mouth to God’s ears!


  3. This is the one!


    • Good one and thanks mindyme62 for posting. Haaaaa icecream dude just don’t get it, how much diisrespect he show for the Court.


      • I wish I could find the one where she “no no no’s him”

        What does West think that child had on his phone from a year ago anyway that would’ve made Zimmerman do what he did? I’m so glad she didn’t allow any of this.


        • Anything absolutely anything to prove that Trayvon would walk up to anyone and assault them. What got me is they kept saying about Trayvon playing football in MIDDLE SCHOOL!

          Seriously! He was about 14 years old in pee wee football, not high school football. That was suppose give Trayvon a athletic strength surpassing a trained MMA fighter.

          And that bogus theory twitch guys animation only show the very end, of just fogen walking along la di da and Trayvon walking up to him to hit him, bs. Like Guy stated that was like reading the end of a book. Without know how it got started.

          Bottom line when depraved mind got out of that truck after following Trayvon in that truck was the primal onset of tragedy to follow. No one brought that on but fogen.

          I strongly believe the jury will convict fogen Manslaughter with a gun. its’ not rocket science.

          one reason BUT FoR defesne fogen actions. But For fogen getting out of the truck he had been following on foot to innocently walk into the dark ‘in the same direction’ as the person ‘whom he was so afraid’ was far from reasonable thinking. The flashlight tells on him. When his other choice was to stay in the truck or drive to the other address.

          Damn fool Google is fogen friend, his dum ass could have googled the address! From the safety of the Truck with the police only minutes on their way he had other choices.

          And to hell with West, he’ll be in fear from no on. There will be no security with hm or those daughters’ and that fear will grow, they will have unfavorable mail that is going to scare the mess out of them. Every shadow, every person they see they will think ‘is gonna get ’em’.

          West is going to have a heart attack from fear.


          • oh my gawd yes, that stupid animation. I was happy though when the maker admitted he had gotten the information from his ‘meeting with O’Mara and based on Zimmerman’s testimony.
            There was an address right beside him when he told police he couldn’t find one!!

            Funny you mentioned about West’ daughters. He sure has a lot faith in Karma that his bad behavior in disparaging a slain child won’t come back on his own children. Although I wish no ill will towards anyone’s child. (which pretty much includes all of us!)


          • your a good hearted person mindyme62, so am i. But I wish a whole hell of a lot of ill will on west and his daughters’

            the need to experience the trial and tribulations of many they think are beneath them. walk in their shoes, feel their fears and struggle. cloak of privilege removed, experience rejection and looked down up, turned away. just have the rug pulled away from their smug life.

            i truly would like to see west suffer from all his own disrespect, and others disrespect him as he did others.

            okay what i am about to say is not funny,, so here goes.

            yesterday when west jumped up. i noticed how this his waist to upper thigh area was puffy as if padded. hmmmmm, are those depends. well gosh darn must have been super absorbency depends.

            so how many fudgy greasy flatulent west couldn’t hold and had to sit in jury trial? eeeewwww but it happens.

            so yesterday that one had to be a whopper he just couldn’t sit in! short of saying “judge i can’t keep up at this pace’

            okay he deserves it.


          • The animation was a backdoor way of presenting GZ’s side so he wouldn’t have to take the witness stand. By the time it was edited, and re-edited, and re-edited again, O’Mara was left with an animation of “three positions.” The State has torn down, ripped apart, and turned the “straddling” story into dust. Not even a cartoon could help O’Mara recover.


          • my first thought when i saw that. like Guy said it was like reading the ending of a book. the only thing truthful that animations did show was exactly how far fogen walked from the truck. that is it. i’m sure the jury will also point that out and ask why did duh-fense make a cartoon showin fogen following Trayvon in the car first and getting out lost and confused on what street he was on scratchin his head aduh where did he go, where is the address?

            it surely was more than 100 ft than what omar said fogen had ventured.


          • @ic2fools. One good thing about that animation is, Judge Nelson would not allow it into evidence. She said the defense could use it during closing argument, but it would not be given to the jury thereafter. In essence, GZ financial supporters paid for a circus prop.


          • ‘an expensive circus prop at that, they can cost up to 3k a minute not including twitchy time.

            would you think too the jury is wondering why that is not included. thatll hold weight against duh-fense, the jury will scratch it off the notes.

            whaaaa duh-fense didn’t see that nor think of that. jury scratching twitchy cgi circus film!!!


          • @Xena I never ever seen an attorney rely on others work product. attorneys get that info and have their own people dig through it. they didn’t want to do that work.

            it is easier for them to use the States’ work. then cry fowl after the State had their people do all the work. that is not going to fly in any appeal court. appeal court for that friviouls sanction against the State will only bring cruel words from the appeals court.

            ‘omar and west you should only rely on your own investigating work product.


          • But, Zidiots threatened to hold back on donations unless O’Mara and West danced to their music. They wanted to know the State’s strategy so they could give O’Mara and West arguments to use.

            Look at the trial. What defense did O’Mara and West have other than Zidiot conspiracy theories and the thugification of Trayvon?

            All that time and money appealing Judge Nelson’s order about deposing attorney Crump, and West still didn’t call him as a witness. It was all show to please Zidiots.


          • So thats’ why. I had said duh-fense wanted a play by play book on everything the State was going to do. I do remember Judge Nelson had said to the that she was going to go over each and everything the State did for their benefit.

            Whey west was whining about ‘unfair unfair’ it show their lack. they didn’t have a plan A or plan B of what to present and in what fashion.

            What made it all look weak was duh-fense witnesses, all those testifying as to what police officer do.and how to do it. oysterboi took it to anohter level. they kept treating fogen like he was an officer. fogen was not police. I believe the is important for the jurors to keep on the front burner when deciding to believe the witnesses. Because they all gave fogen the ‘blue wall respect/

            too bad State didn’t mention fogen said singleton, ‘no one questions your authority’


          • i missed the part when omar show the ‘clip’. i wanted to see his reaction when he didn’t get a reacation from the jury as he expected.

            i did see when Sybrina walked out of the room, omar got completely muffled and lost kept looking hard to his right as Sybrina walked out then back at the jury. lost all his momentum. i could see on his face discouragement of the effect of what he did cause. the jury had to give looks of disapproval to omar.

            i don’t care what JN said, but how omar and west conducted themselves did have a large impact on the jury and how they will decide the case.


          • @ic2fools. An Associated Press reporter, reported that during Guy’s rebuttal closing, some members of the jury were wiping tears. I think GZ was too because he is looking at life in prison.


          • Xena how many times do you think the jury has polled themselves about the verdict?

            I believe they started out polling about the verdict before deliberating. getting a better idea of where everyone stood on they choice and to further know each other concerns.
            Albeit by now they have polled 3 times about the verdict.

            I truly believe they will have a verdict by morning, in time to go home and spend quality time hugging their children and families.


            I believe that the jury will understand that Trayvon ran away and had to fight off the stranger danger. Those lady jurors had to think of they own children, no way they could not

            If i am wrong i will own up to my err.


          • ic2fools. The jury has lots of evidence to go through. Their first charge is to see if it requires of verdict of guilty of murder in the 2nd degree.

            Just listening and watching the interview tapes, re-enactment, and the Hannity tape takes hours if not a complete day. The jury might have a verdict by Monday.


          • Okay so after going through evidence to see if it fits the M2 charge then they will poll for their opinion of verdict.

            Then if necessary move to Manslaughter to review evidence again and so on.


            go throug all the evidence making notes throughout how the evidence applies to each charge. and which charge has the most evidence to prove the validity of that charge is the one chosen.

            did i get it right or at least close?


          • @ic2fools. I would say closely right. 🙂 We really don’t know how the foreperson is going to proceed but in general, it would be to first look if there’s evidence to support conviction of 2nd degree murder.


          • mmmmm!

            hypothetically. say the jury was made of these six women who is know to check and double check details

            what would be the first agenda in deliberations

            Xena from Mount Olympus
            Cluttered desk of cielo62
            The Real Faux McCoy
            Southern Girl 2

            If the jury consisted of:
            Lonnie Starr
            mountain man pat

            what would be first on their deliberation agenda?


          • LOL@ic2fools.
            Now, you really don’t think I could be impartial, do you? 🙂

            My first action in deliberating would be to order popcorn and Pepsi for watching the re-enactment so we can laugh at the knuckle bandages on GZ’s head.


          • Ahahahahahaaa! Weee, hahahahahaaaa, oh my goodness.

            I think we would be impartial. Impartial about how we could make the duh-fense suffer by having them think we believe the defense.

            Sending notes out requesting for more defense bullshit evidence, like twitchy cartoon (knowin it ain’t allowed) but duh-fense will think they made a big splash with it.. Ahahahah they’d believe ‘We got’em, let’s hit chik fila’and take some pics.



          • Papa be busy putting together a video of fogens’ meltdown, pop and mom fogen screeching filth, gracie trying to hump John Guy, Rene Stuzman makin kissy faces at Omar and West lickin ice cream pullin his taffy!

            lol lol lol!


          • Most people eventually get what they deserve. I know from life experience that what comes around goes around. Good and Bad. I know this, Trust me, I’m no angel. 🙂


          • Awwww mindyme62 what we have been through has brought us our wings!



          • I have few regrets, I had to walk through that fire to be ‘here’, as I am, doing what I can do for others to facilitate change in this country through whatever means and opportunities I’m offered.


          • All right now! It is a pleasure meeting you and being in such great company. I have met the best of the best at blackbutterfly7, 3Chics and Professor Leatherman. I am one lucky lady.


          • just heard the good news’ jury want manslaughter info.


  4. it’s a pleasure meeting you too ic2fools! If I were on that jury I would’ve been home with my family last night and Zimmerman would be the one ‘sequestered’ lol, dressed like a pumpkin today..
    I feel lucky and blessed too to be here having met Xena while throwing down with Zidiots and Zitwits on Yahoo comment boards a year ago.. What a cess pool and hot bed of mental health that place is, yahoo comment boards.. Thankfully Xena created this place with it’s troll free Zone!!

    I live 90 miles north of Sanford in Florida where we have our own special brand of stupid when it comes to this case!. The ‘good ole boy’ brand of law enforcement of my southern ancestors are finding it hard to let go of that gob system, but it’s over in Sanford Florida, you can bet on that!!


    • That’s funny, if I had been on the jury we would have ate a great dinner. and got doggies bags to take home. Right after dinner I would have called court back in to hear our verdict.

      Watched fogen get crazy ova in the corner. omar slapping west and west spittin chew spit back at omar. baliffs restraining fogen ma and pa from whipping SheLies Ass and Gracie chasing John Guy. lol lol

      whew do i have an imagination! lol lol lol


    • Thank YOU Yahtzee! It’s a comprehensive list that helps put together the pieces of the puzzle!


      • YW, Mindy! I just realized this morning that I had never seen a post trial list of witnesses called, and so I went searching for one.


        • There are some problems with descriptions in the column entitled “Relationship to the case”

          Example…Jonathan Good…the description still mentions “MMA style” struggle…We know that he retracted that MMA part and just left his description as a tussle and wrestling.