Motion for Judgment of Acquittal Denied

“There are two people involved here.  One of them is dead and one of them is a liar.”


On July 5, 2013, the defense for admitted killer and accused murderer George Zimmerman, filed a Motion for Judgment of Acquittal.

State prosecutor Richard Mantei argued for the State and brought out some of Zimmerman’s lies.  The Honorable Judge Debra Nelson denied the defense’s motion.

This video is a summary of State Prosecutor’s Richard Mantei’s points on some of Zimmerman’s lies.

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  1. GREAT video again Xena!! Its perfect to give us all a little pick me up.You did such a wonderful job of capturing Mr Mantei gathering all of the LIARS CRAP & throwing it back in his face! Thank You!


    • Hey Marilyn!!! Always good to see your fonts. Bernie and Mantei are bulldogs in their own way. It’s a pleasure watching/hearing them work. With the defense putting on its case next week, I suspect the prosecution will give me plenty to work with for more videos. 🙂


  2. Tavia Anderson

    I love it! Thank the good Lord that we see his lies. Thanks you judge Nelson you rock!


  3. Super Job…..this makes my weekend, that’s for sure. The look on Fogen’s face is “…you just wait Rickey……….when I get out, me and you are gonna tangle…call me a liar will ya”

    “..the state has presented sufficient evidence…..both direct and circumstantial…..”

    DE – freaking – NIED !!


  4. I think they are on crack to ask for an acquittal. Does Zimmerman actually think he can get off that easily? Thus far, the ONLY ones testified on his behalf are family members. They cannot really be witnesses because none of them saw anything.


  5. blushedbrown

    Another excellent video Xena. It was wonderful to see Mantei lay all this out as we have saying for the past year or so, the State has said it. Excellent job.


  6. blushedbrown

    sorry there should be the word been saying. Ah you know what I mean. 🙂


  7. Strong words from the judge. She does believe the State has presented both physical and circumstantial evidence…. This should have a huge impact on the jury.


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