Don West and His Lack of Knowledge of Other Ethnic Groups

What Don West fails to realize is the history of Black America.  Chronologically;
In the 1600’s slaves were being shipped.
1787 The writers of the United States Constitution decide that slaves will count as three fifths of a person.

1863 Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t actually free any slaves because it related only to areas under the control of the Confederacy.

1954 In the case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, KS, the Supreme Court rules that separate schools for black and white students is unconstitutional.

1955 Rosa Parks is arrested for refusing to give up her seat in the front of a bus, helping begin the Montgomery Bus Boycotts.
1964 Civil Rights Act guarantees that all people will have equal access to hotels, restaurants, and other public places.

1968 Martin L. King is assassinated.

2003 In Grutter v. Bollinger, the most important affirmative action decision since the 1978 Bakke case, the Supreme Court (5–4) upholds the University of Michigan Law School’s policy, ruling that race can be one of many factors considered by colleges when selecting their students because it furthers “a compelling interest in obtaining the educational benefits that flow from a diverse student body.” (June 23)

2008 Barack Obama, Democrat from Chicago, becomes the first African American to be nominated as a major party nominee for president. On November 4, Barack Obama, becomes the first African American to be elected president of the United States, defeating Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain.

While this history is not included in everyday schooling in America, it is not forgotten by those who have endured Jim Crow and who lived in the time of Martin Luther King and other civil right leaders.
By looking at the timeline, Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, and Native Americans have not been afforded the same rights as Whites. They were born with those rights no matter what. We had to fight for those rights.

Don West, his daughters and people on the internet who have tried to diminish Rachael Jeantel’s education, looks, and use demeaning comments that are cruel, choose to ignore this history.
We are not that far removed in time of the 60’s. While certain laws may have been passed to level the playing field, that doesn’t mean it is done and enforced. Most of America went kicking and screaming thru the Civil Rights era —- and still are.
While education was taken as a right to whites, it was a privilege for minorities. While voting was a God Given right to our counter parts, it was a fight to get the same privilege.
We have been playing catch up to more then 230 years of adversity in a relative short time span of 53 years. (1960’s to the current year of 2013)

While we may have a bi-racial President, it does not change racism.  Bigoted racists only see the color of his skin.  It does not change how people feel about minorities.

The case of Florida vs. Zimmerman proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that people still feel hatred. Still spew hateful language. Even still, think a black young teenager had no right to walk in the dark at 7pm in the rain, in a hoodie, along, carrying some snacks and a drink.

This case highlights all that is wrong with the system, laws, attitudes, and the so called rights of gun owners versus human rights and civil rights.

Don West

Donald R. West

While Mr. West may have tried to make Rachel Jeantel look inferior, he only made himself look like a fool.  He is the person with no class.

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  1. @Blushedbrown.

    While Mr. West may have tried to make Rachel Jeantel look inferior, he only made himself look like a fool.

    You nailed it!


    • blushedbrown

      Thanks Xena!
      Just posted a link to GZ phone records I must pour over them!! Be back a little later!!!! Thanks for posting the article and you are the greatest editor in the world!!!


      • @Blushedbrown. It’s easy editing your articles because you are a great writer to begin with. It’s a pleasure and blessing having you contribute to Blackbutterfly7. (((((Hugs)))))


  2. Don West is an asshole with ZERO class! BTW, I’m VERY HAPPY to see your fonts for as long as you can stay! Wonderful post.



    My Husband & I had to learn the HARD way that racism was certainly ALIVE in certain parts of the country while we were traveling with his job.The worst,that I think damaged us for life was in a small town in south Georgia back in 1999.Hubby was working for a pretty large company,his boss was black,we are white.We got to know each other in Oregon & became close friends.So when we learned that the 4 of us would be going to Georgia we were thrilled.That was short lived.We rented a beautiful 5 bedroom house & thought we would be so happy there for the 2 yr contract we had.After the 1st month,our landlord came over to tell us that the ONLY BLACKS who were allowed in the house would be to CLEAN or do yardwork.At the time we had our friends over for a cookout.(this was told in front of them).Keep in mind my friend Janie for some reason dressed up everyday & drove a big brand new Lincoln.I drove a Lebaron convertable…big difference! Of course we had to move.To make this short as I can…..we ended up having to live in a small mobile home for those 2 yrs.Janie & Dave were our other family,especially when you have to leave your own family behind.We could not believe how things were there,We can also remember going to Savanah(sound familar ?)& they would not let us eat together….so this Paula Deen crap did not surprise me at all.We kept thinking we were living back in a time warp.We hung together & are still friends today.I feel so sorry for people who are so close minded IDIOTS.My friend Janie has taught me so many things through the years.I wouldn’t trade it for anything.I gotta say during our travels they took us to some joyful.exciting churches along the way!!
    If the West family didn;t have that corn cob stuck up their asses,they just might get to know some AMAZING,LOVING people who could teach them a thing or to! Sorry if this is too long.


    • @Marilyn C. Look on the right-side menu under “Documents – Zimmerman Case.” There is a link that will open GZ’s phone records.

      Thanks for sharing your story. If I began sharing stories of racial discrimination and violation of Civil Rights, it would end up being books of about 100 volumes. All of it breaks my heart. At a time when people receive blood transfusions and organ transplants, one would think that human beings were beyond thoughts of superiority and inferiority. When we see that death does not discriminate, one would think that such thoughts of racial superiority and inferiority would not exist among human beings.


  4. amen, sister!

    i know that every day, i am blessed with white privilege and make damn sure my daughters do as well. unfortunately, because this privilege is so ingrained, i did not even learn of the phrase until i was in college. i may have been naive, but never doubted my friends of color when they told me of their own experiences.

    the election of obama tore off whatever thin veneer our country thought was covering the everyday racism held by more folks than most of could have imagined. this case has put it under a microscope. i hope for real change, but know that a ‘post racial’ america will not be any time soon. it is an absolute shame at that.


  5. Marilyn,
    That IS sad!!
    Close minded people are very hateful.
    I’ve never understood this picture at all.
    To think that was 1999, Disgusting, isn’t it?


  6. The plot thickens…. 😀