The Prejudice of Don West

Don West and DaughtersDon West, a lawyer on accused murderer and admitted killer George Zimmerman’s legal team, took a photograph of himself with his daughters.  Nothing unusual about that.  However, the caption that his daughter put to it when uploading the photo to Instagram, speaks volumes.

“We beat stupidity …”

First, it tells us that Don West discusses the case with his daughters, and not just the case, but his personal opinion of witnesses.  In this situation, the celebration photo came just after Don West kept witness, Rachel Jeantel, on the witness stand for hours.  Jeantel is the young woman who was on the telephone with Trayvon Martin seconds before George Zimmerman killed him.

The “We” indicates that Don West’s daughters involved themselves, and give themselves credit, for helping their dad humiliate, denigrate, condescend, and badger 19-year-old Rachel Jeantel.   It causes me to wonder if they bully people in their personal lives in the same manner that they coached their dad.

The most important indication in the “We beat stupidity …” caption, is that it demonstrates Don West’s personal prejudice against Rachel Jeantel.  He wants to recall her to the witness stand after demonstrating his personal opinion of her as written by his daughter, which is that he thinks she is stupid.

Don West deposed Jeantel, and kept her on the witness stand for hours.  Her memory of her last conversation with Trayvon Martin was consistent.  Yet, Don West wants to lay a guilt trip on Jeantel for not calling the police.  What police?  She doesn’t reside in Sanford, FL.  Was she suppose to call the Miami police department and ask that they relay a message to the Sanford Police Dept.

Jeantel said several times that she didn’t call the police because she thought Zimmerman had been arrested.  Don West misses the sense and logic in that.  In general, when a person admits to killing another, they are arrested.  George Zimmerman admitted killing Trayvon Martin.  Don West assumes that a then 18-year-old high school sophomore was supposed to know, and understand, Florida’s Stand Your Ground law which Zimmerman claimed to avoid arrest.

Rachel Jeantel is far from being stupid.  It’s Don West’s assumptions that cause him to appear removed from reality; his knock-knock joke being one example of that, and now his “We beat stupidity …” celebration photo with his daughters.

Shame on Don West, and shame on Molly West.

With Don West’s insulting and prejudicial opinion of Jeantel, the State should bring it to the court’s attention so that Jeantel is not further abused and publicly denigrated by Zimmerman’s attorneys.

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  1. I doubt he discusses cases or clients with them but I’m sure they were watching it on TV and for them to watch that and that’s what they took away from it is disgusting it shows where the stupidity really is


  2. Just when we think they simply cannot get any lower, they prove there is no bottom to the cesspool in which they dwell.

    I just hope the jury see’s between the lines and today the prosecution was making tactical maneuvers. If cac gets away with this murder, it’ll be open season on civilians down there.


  3. Xena… what family does this remind me of???? Ahhhhhhh….thats right….Zimmermans!! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in other words! I just loved the words”dad killed it”.What the hell did he KILL?? What little bit of reputation he had…no b/c it sucked anyway,so I don’t know WHAT he KILLED.Is there any way this can be sent to the state? Maybe it would at least keep West away from Rachel.I had read the daughter took this down,but not soon enough before people had screen shots like I told you!! Thank God….people need to see WHAT they are dealing with.I have no clue HOW they could even write” We beat stupidity…….”b/c THEY are the ones who are looking pretty damn STUPID right now! SHAME ON THIS FAMILY! BAN them from the court room!! Maybe it should be sent to Judge Nelson!


    • @Marilyn C. Apparently his daughters think that West killed the truth. That is the main thing that liars want to eradicate. They think they have won when they do that, but they are so very wrong.


  4. Marilyn,
    It should be sent to the state.
    Shame on them is right.
    Stupid IS as stupid does.

    Xena thanks for putting this article up

    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I saw a man up there that was only showboating that’s it.
    What a big ego and not a good actor..
    Rachel was the bright one in this duel.


    • @Lolypop. HEY!!!
      West’s ignorance is shown in more ways than one or two. It is also shown in the fact that he had his ass handed to him by a 19 year old high school junior. West displayed no empathy to Jeantel who actually knew and liked Trayvon, unlike the other witnesses thus far who did not know Trayvon personally. He failed to understand that a grown man following a Black teen at night is a pervert and that pervert=”creepy ass cracker.”


      • Hi Xena,
        JB and Marilyn, : )

        They should have a banner over it saying this wins stupid of the year award.
        You know the Knock Knock joke showed just exactly his ignorance, but from a lawyer to a jury? Now this? You know as he sits there with his mouth open half of the time like he just heard something for the first time??
        They seem to have little respect for the court.

        I believe that’s exactly what GEORGE looked like, a pervert!
        Mr. Knock, Knock and his girls just look like silly Bullies!
        Not Good!


        • Hey lolypop! George looked like a skinhead pervert. Now, he looks like a balloon that if you stick a pin in, will explode spreading ca-ca for miles. I don’t understand how GZ supporters could criticize Jeantel for her size, when Gracie and ShelLIE could exchange clothes with her, and Zimmerman is over 300 lbs on a 5’7″ frame.


          • If you watch the file footage of Fogen and SheLie walking in, she looks like she outweighs him. Just sayin……and the Fogen Phooles should shut up about it.


  5. As Forrest Gump would say “Stupid is what stupid does” and obviously the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
    OMG — Rachel Jeantel was toying with Don West. “yes sir, yes sir, yes sir..” She won. He got mad first. He pitched his pen on the podium, not Rachel. And he never did get her to change her story…not once.
    So who’s stupid?
    Xena, you made an excellent point. What was Rachel supposed to do? Call the police and tell them what? It wasn’t like she had the address of Trayvon’s location. The only thing she knew was somewhere in Sanford Florida. Does Don West think LE would waste their time looking for him?
    And you’re right. Trayvon isn’t a calculating individual like FatAss. He’s not thinking about SYG or self defense laws. He just wanted to know why the creepy ass cracker was following him.
    And speaking of “creepy” Imagine finding Don West stalking behind you on a dark and rainy night. ::shivers:::

    I praying someone sends this picture to Judge Nelson. Don West is potentially inciting a riot with his bullshit.


    • I hope so too, that Judge Nelson sees this. I can’t help but wonder if the whole scheme team will be sanctioned after the trial for their behavior. I’d love to see Jr charged with intimidation of a witness in a felony murder trial after what he did to the ‘wrong’ Dee Dees’


      • Mindy, always good to see your fonts.

        IMO, Don West and Mark O’Mara are embarrassments to their client. But, their client is too toxic to others to even care.


    • @thejbmission.

      And speaking of “creepy” Imagine finding Don West stalking behind you on a dark and rainy night.

      Night? Don West would scare me in broad daylight. LOL!

      Hopefully, the State knows about it and when West wants to bring Jeantel back to the witness stand, they can inform the judge of West’s public display of prejudice against her. Although, I also have the feeling that West is not going to request Jeantel’s return because the defense doesn’t plan on putting on a case for GZ. That is why West was hoping he could violate rules of procedure and continue to question her for the defense, but during the prosecution’s case in chief.


  6. Xena,
    I keep trying to click “LIKE” on the article and it’s not showing up?? Strange.
    Anyway..I really like this article. Thanks for the information.


    • @thejbmission. Good to see you. I think you have to already be signed into word press in order for the “like” to work. Thanks for making that effort. I’ll see if word press has any info to troubleshoot it.


    • @thejbmission. I checked and your “like” has appeared. Sometimes word press has hiccups. LOL!


  7. I am speechless. I cannot believe the attitude. Speaks volumes about their upbringing imo. She isn’t a 14 yr old, she is a grown woman. Also anyone growing up in a household involved in the law enforcement/legal field absolutely understands the need for discretion and the etiquette involved (confidentiality anyone?). Add to that, the language in a murder trial?. Wow, I see entitlement and a nasty little cadre here. I hate to use the term ‘white privilege’ so will stop at WASPs instead.


    • @Laurajane. Welcome to blackbutterfly7. Your point about discretion and confidentially is right on! Entitlement. That’s a good word, for among its many characteristics is one that says what they do is okay and harmless, but a person of color doing the same is to be criticized and denigrated for it. Thanks so much for your comment.


  8. Oh and I am white Irish if that makes any difference to the validity of my opinion which, of course, it shouldn’t but there you go, that’s where we are still unfortunately.


  9. To the person who continues to harass with the same comment. We do not answer inapplicable questions. Additionally, just saying the article is wrong doesn’t suffice. If you have research that proves it wrong, you would have provided your source(s). Since your copied and paste comments are void of support for your sources, your comment is construed as intended to disrupt and be argumentative.

    Also funny that you have known about this blog since last year, but only now attempt to submit a comment because the article is about a White girl who made her daddy look bad.

    Yes, all three of your comments have been sent to the black-hole of the spam queue.



  10. Hello, My first time here and I think I have found a place I can fit in, :0}
    I wanted to share a few things I recently learned.
    Mr West’s daughters are in the courtroom with Daddy, taking photos. It is so true that the nuts have not fallen to far from the tree concerning this family. As to the first honest thought that ran threw my head when I saw the family photo above. Prepare yourselves and remember I am being honest. My husband made the comment that the tweet was ‘disgusting’ and I said, ‘what’s disgusting is the fact that there is a woman in the world that actually had sex with West at least two times ”

    Being serious, this case is heartbreaking. I moved to Florida March 1, 2012. As soon as I had TV service I heard about Trayvon. I have been crying since. The more I research Florida’s SYG laws, the more concerned I become. If a citizen does not shoot you, a cop will.

    I am blessed to live in Brevard County, so far the officers seem professional, but as far as the Orlando/Sanford area, rarely a day goes by without a report of a shooting or misconduct by police. Sanford reminds me of Selma Alabama 1965. I know of which I speak, I lived in Selma in 1965. While the racism in Sanford and other towns may not be noticed and may even be denied by the white residents, this is because they personally are not the targets of it. However, the people of color, the people who practice the Muslim faith or the people who appear to be from another country live their lives surrounded by the insults, cruel treatment and fear that comes from racism.

    The most heartbreaking thing is the fear a non-white parent has for their children. Most parents worry if their child is due home at a certain time and does not arrive. But for the parents of a non-white child, the worry and fear within them is compounded a hundred times, because they know that the chances of their child being killed by a cop or another citizen is several times increased. These parents begin at an early age teaching their babies that whatever they do, where ever they are, they must not do anything to give the impression they may be doing something wrong. Now, how do you tell a 4 year old that because of the color of their skin, or how they dress people will first suspect them before getting to know them and do so without the child feeling as if God made a mistake when He created them???

    I promise you had that been a 17 year old white kid that GZ killed, GZ would have been charged and locked up that night. The police would have knocked on every door in Sanford, if it took two days, until they found that child’s parents.

    As for Rachel’s testimony and behavior, I was disappointed, more in the State instead of Rachel. She was not prepared by anyone.The fact that she only answered questions she was asked tells me she is from an environment where to be labeled a snitch for any reason can cost your life. That might explain why she did everything in her power to stay out of the case. I am over 50 years old and would have gladly did time in the jail for contempt for the chance to share my honest feelings about the bottom feeders GZ has defending him. As bad as Rachel came across, she maintained better then I could of.

    As for Trayvon using names like creepy ass cracker and a variation of the n word (admin. editing) to refer to GZ, anyone that lives with a teenager and has taken the time to know them should know this generation of teens are not being racist when using such colorful, creative names for all of humanity. This is not a black thing, this is a young person thing, all ages, all income and education levels. I can not understand how these bottom feeders sleep at night.

    Ok, if I rambled on to long, I am sorry. I promise to do better next time.


    • @cyndy. Welcome to Blackbutterfly7. Thanks for your comment. You have experience to share and that is appreciated. The thought that people in America are targeted because of the color of their skin is a form of domestic terrorism. For children, it’s not much different that those children who live in countries during war.