George Zimmerman Trial – Day 4

The defense is not making a good impression to the jury.  Don West badgers witnesses and it is clearly seen that he mixes testimony and interjects his own descriptive words in attempt to paint State witnesses in a bad light.

In addition to this, Don West and Mark O’Mara are not defending George Zimmerman but rather, following a White Supremacist agenda to make this case solely a matter of race.  The Honorable Judge Nelson ordered that the State can use the word “profile” or “profiling” but not “racial profiling.”  Don West clearly used “racial profiling” when cross-examining DeeDee.

Let’s be clear — George Zimmerman was arrested because investigators found evidence to support a charge of 2nd degree murder.

Below are the videos from today’s proceeding provided by croakerqueen123.   A word to the White Supremacists and bigoted racists; please be respectful of croakerqueen123’s video pages.  If you (meaning, White Supremacists and bigoted racists) don’t like that she takes time to record live stream and make them available on her Youtube channel, then get your own software, learn how to use it, and open your own Youtube channel.

Regarding part 4, croakerqueen123 wrote;

Some got cut out. They looked at the witness’ twitter account, and BLDR had some issues with twitter, and it turned out she was not following Robert Zimmerman (but there is spec BLDR was logged in his account still, and it was saying HE wasn’t following) I will try to find that part, and post it as soon as I can.

(Administrator’s note.  Croakerqueen123 now has the video where the witness’ Twitter account is discussed. It is below part 4.)

Thank you, croakerqueen123.  Your work and time is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi Xena…Great post as always…I’m not sure what witness you are referring to about twitter,if it is Jenna Lauer.I just saw a screen shot over at Freds website of her following Robert Jr!!! That screen shot was posted by My Forehead Tho(Matthew Keys) @ 4:35PM.I wish the state could see this! I did not like this woman.To me she tried to wiggle out of all of her answers from the state…but had no problems answering the defense! I am THANKFUL for ANYONE who takes the time & knowledge to record the trial.I haven’t felt so good for a few days & dozed off a few times….so I am one of the GRATEFUL people! Keep up the good work!!


  2. Jenna nor Jeremy knows what happen to Trayvon because there is evidence that Zimerman was parked infront of their driveway, because Jeremy was with Zimmerman as Trayvon was being murdered.


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