To Trayvon’s Dad

Let us continue to encourage and lift up as the day for justice for Trayvon draws near.


UPDATE:  For additional well wishes and comments of encouragement, see:


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  1. It’s hard being a father. It’s even harder being seen as a good father when you are any kind of minority. But we know the truth, we’ve seen the loving pictures. Trayvon had a LOVING dad. He would have grown up to be a good man and loving father as well; he had a good role model. Today we honor you, Tracy. We share in your pain. Trayvon was loved every day of his life. That is the legacy we remember today.


  2. Yup………….More of a man than me……

    3 Sons……this happen to any one of them I would be filled with blood lust…..

    fogens day will come…..and it won’t be Ruby & the Romantics singing it……..


  3. God Bless You Xena for doing this! Ever since I heard that PJ(woman) the other day talking about how Tracy was an absent Father,etc.I have just wanted to HUG him! I think you just figured out a way for US to ALL give him a BIG HUG filled with LOVE.I have other words I could say about this person who was running her mouth on the stand….but THIS is about Tracy & Love.Thanks Again.


    • @Marilyn C. About the PJ — too bad that people make judgments based on their life, uh? LOL!

      (Hugs and handshakes to Tracy Martin.)


      • Xena, you’re so right. Whoever said that is obviously factually wrong about THIS FATHER;Tracy Martin. But they have no compassion. Without compassion life is empty and shallow; meaningless.
        So they’ve judged the only way they can, based on their sense of worthlessness. Just like the hate filled people we see commenting on this case, it’s pure projection and self loathing.
        Too bad for them.


        • Hey Shannon!!! Absolutely! Anyone looking without prejudice can see a loving father who was active in his son’s life. They can see and hear a hurting father who said he would have taken the bullet for Trayvon. They can see a determined father who put his own life aside to seek justice for his son.

          Hope your day is going well.


  4. So beautiful, Xena. I know that Tracy will truly appreciate your tribute and support… have given public recognition of his goodness as a dad!

    Tracy in the midst of his grief and sorrow has uplifted Trayvon in such positive ways ………….by seeking justice for him, by reaching out to others who have lost a child, by advocating that there be “no more Trayvon’s”, by seeking a change in the SYG laws, and SO MUCH more.

    In doing these positive things, Tracy has made the darkness bright with loving light.

    Place a name upon the Night,
    One to set your heart alight.
    And to make the darkness bright,
    Paint the Sky with Stars.


  5. I love that picture of Tracy kissing Trayvon and Trayvon is smiling so proudly. All anyone needs to do is just look at that picture and you know that’s a good kid and a helluva daddy.


  6. Happy Fathers Day to all Dad’s…..Tracy gets my vote as “Dad of the Year” for the way he handles this tragedy. Class and Dignity all the way down the line. I agree the picture of Trayvon getting kissed on the cheek is a winner…..

    RZ Sr. …….ehhhh, not so much. “Failure dad of the Ages” maybe….and now he’s writing about the killing of an unarmed kid……Lock him up on General Principles Notice that no pictures of RZ Sr and Fogen getting any or giving any affection have ever been released. Hmmmmmm Imagine that.


    • @racerrodig. Your comment raises the question of why, with Senior and Junior having so much to say, we do not see them together?

      We know that a man knows he is a man and a father when he can stand with his ex-wife and come together for a cause regarding their son. Looking at Tracy and Sybrina together, we would never know that they were divorced. They are one in their love for Trayvon, and seeking justice. That is very honorable.


      • In all reality, you would never know they were divorced. I look at dads all over and see the great one’s the good ones and the bad ones. I learned what not to do before I was a dad to be honest.

        I notice there are no pictures of Fogen and RZ sr together anywhere, nor of Fogen & Robbie the Racist other than a very few when they were about 6 or so, which don’t really count. Where was Robbie the Racist on Fogens “Graduation Day” ??

        The best part was that he admitted he hadn’t seen him in 10 years on national TV !! Anderson Cooper as I recall. Then when questioned further he said point blank he hadn’t talked to Fogen at all to that point, yet made all those “diaper and spoons” remarks….

        Pardon my French, but what and who are these fucks, and why are they on our planet??


    • blushedbrown

      Happy Father’s day to Tracey Martin. We still keep you in our daily prayers.


  7. blushedbrown

    Happy Father’s day to Racer, MMP and all other Dad’s on BB7.


  8. Mr. Martin, I’m so sorry for the loss of your son. There just isn’t any words that could help people who have lost children. I can tell you I am the Mother of 4 son’s and only 1 is still alive. My losses, even though none were due to violence are just unbearable to live with. Our children should bury us not the other way around. I hope this man is found guilty but I also know that verdict isn’t going to ease the pain you and his Mother will feel for the rest of your lives.My thoughts are with you, Kathleen C


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