Clubhouse Videos – Discovery By The State

In discovery released to the defense, the State entered videos for the Retreat at Twin Lakes where accused murderer, George Zimmerman, killed Trayvon Martin.   Many have questioned what the videos show, and some doubters who support Zimmerman say that the videos show nothing.  Prosecutors however, apparently believe that the clubhouse videos have value in proving the State’s case against Zimmerman.

The value in the clubhouse videos cannot be understood without first being familiar with Zimmerman’s interview in the police station for the voice stress test, his re-enactment the day after he killed Trayvon; and his interrogations.   For a short summary, Zimmerman said that he first saw Trayvon standing by a house, which was later identified as Frank Taaffe’s house.  Zimmerman also said that he drove to the clubhouse where he pulled in and called the police non-emergency phone number.

The timing in the videos, and analysis of headlights, compared to Zimmerman’s non-emergency call to the police, tells us his locations.  Do they agree with his statements, re-enactments, and answers when interrogated?

One thing that we found very interesting, is that those who analyzed the clubhouse videos also speculate that Zimmerman cut-off Trayvon’s path to Ms. Green’s house, where Trayvon was visiting with his dad. We wrote Why Retreat View Circle, posting it on December 2, 2012.

The following video is a little over 45 minutes.  Spending the time watching it is well worth it.  Those who prepared the video are  invaluable.  Our thanks to them.

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  1. WOW!!! Great job guys…. Thank you so much…


  2. Am watching now… ( I need someone to warn me if that baby is screaming on these things..It’s like a touching a hot stove – to my heart- when I hear it) 😦

    Every day puts Trayvon’s family (us) one day closer to Justice. I feel in my heart it will be found through the Courts in Florida.


  3. hello xena. willisnewton here. it’s important in my mind to note that this video, to which many contributed ideas is the work of one person but in some regards represents a consensus of opinions reached by careful examination of all the evidence made public.

    The part I am particularly interested in concerns the movements of GZ between clubhouse and cut thru area. If you follow the deductive reasoning of much of the evidence it’s clear to me, and to whonoze and a lot of others that GZ engaged in a car-to-pedestrian chase of TM down TTL at least for a short distance, and that this is most likely the cause of TM’s running away. The exact timing is still in dispute but the basic reasoning for the conclusion is simple. GZ was SOMEWHERE when he told the NEN call taker the following:

    Zimmerman: That’s the clubhouse…
    Dispatcher: That’s the clubhouse, do you know what the—he’s near the
    clubhouse right now?
    Zimmerman: Yeah, now he’s coming towards me.

    If you TRY to believe GZ (which is hard since he contradicts himself) and say he is in the clubhouse parking lot then the timing seems impossible. If you instead place him where he claims his final car position was, the timing also doesn’t work out due to what I call “the long tail” theory, which shows that a person walking away from the vicinity of the clubhouse at a steady rate to where GZ claims he finally parked would CONTINUE on past his car for a period of time to where he would be completely out of sight of George, no matter what path he took.

    Instead however if you place George where he himself marked a position on a map, then the timing finally all makes sense – and this parking place is at the first corner of TTL, facing the mail kiosk. Nevermind the videos, this is the only place where the timing of the NEN call can be reliably and simply made to conform with the walking pace of a normal person. The videos AND Dee Dee act to confirm details of this scenario, since she places TM at the mail kiosk and the videos show a car stopping right where GZ marked a map – at the first corner of TTL.

    IMO few are grasping the real significance of this: GZ first chased TM with his car, causing the teen to run of the roadway and into the cut thru area, THEN GZ chased him on foot. And the prosecution can PROVE this using ONLY the NEN call, a stopwatch and a map. The videos and Dee Dee are only SUPPORTING evidence. Should the prosecution so desire, they could present this evidence – the NEN call, a map and a stopwatch and the defense would have only their own client’s words to try and impeach the notion that GZ chased the teen with his car. How can you defend someone you now admit is a liar? Not that this would work anyway… what possible motivation wold GZ have for agreeing the teen is “near the clubhouse” when he “wasn’t?”

    Dee Dee also told Crump in their conversation something that many have missed, and that is that she was under the impression that this car-to-pedestrian chase took place as well. Both Crump and BDLR didn’t pick up on it however and she has yet to be asked point blank about this detail.

    The map GZ marked is also significant, since the mark he made he also quickly crossed out and amended just before telling his “doubled back/ hand in waistband/ CIRCLED my vehicle” story for the very fist time. IMO it’s obvious GZ worked hard to obscure the car-to-pedestrian chase knowing the significance that it showed regarding his motivations and intentions. In his fantasy world, GZ moved from taaffe’s house all the way to the T without ever ONCE moving himself behind TM while TM was in sight. He’s piled on the lies and obfuscation to such a degree that he has talked himself out of ever taking the witness stand. He would be proven a liar upon cross examination.

    We have now seen that MoM is signaling there won’t be an immunity hearing in April. This is why. His client cannot afford to face cross examination due to the fact that he lied to SPD investigators regarding his movements and motives.

    His defenders like to cite PTSD, ADHD, confusion, etc for GZ’s contradictory and inconsistent statements but fail to ever offer a coherent position for GZ at the moment he claimed to the NEN that the teen was walking towards him. GZ does not exit outside of time and space, and he had to be somewhere. This video demonstrates where… and it’s not where he says he was.

    Believe whatever you will about what happened in the “missing minutes.” Many things are possible. What GZ claimed happened that night is NOT possible.


    • Hi willisnewton and thanks for your comment. You wrote:

      IMO it’s obvious GZ worked hard to obscure the car-to-pedestrian chase knowing the significance that it showed regarding his motivations and intentions.

      At one point I can see light colored pants by the mail shed — can’t say walking pass or coming out. It is quick. If you blink, you’ll miss it. I believe that is Trayvon. That is followed by headlights moving slowly behind. What I need to do is take time to watch the videos again to pinpoint the time. Trent Sawyer points this out on one of his video analysis Youtube videos. I’ll see if I can find it and embed it here.


      • I’d be very interested to see if a condensus could be formed regarding this “light event.” The FDLE could have and should have conducted tests with wet streets to compare and contrast what’s possible to see in those videos. We don’t know if they did or not but I tend to doubt it. There is only one car anywhere in the area that could be GZ’s and it moves in a manner that contradicts his (false) narrative. IMO while this video does not show what happened in the “missing minutes” it does confirm that GZ lied to SPD investigators about his actions movents and motivations in the minutes just prior to his exiting his vehicle. In court it could be argued that these lies establish a pattern of behavior that extends into the missing minutes. When in doubt George leaves it out, and where there was aggression George reversed the roles. Anyone who lies about how they arrived at the scene of an alleged murder is doing so for a reason.

        Please find a time stamp for what you and your acquaintance think might be the light color pants.

        Many things are possible; what GZ claims happened is not possible.


        • Willisnewton. It is indeed an honor to have your comments. I am going back over the videos and might also refer to amsterdam’s analysis in order to coordinate the times to make sure what I’m seeing is at the same time on both. Will get back to you.


        • @willisnewton. I went back to one of Trent Sawyer’s videos because I can clearly see the passing of light colored pants just before there are headlights following. In that video, it shows at 7:11:25 of GZ’s NEN call. In the video featured here, it shows the same light following at 7:09:06-07. It does not show the pants going pass.

          That doesn’t present a problem for me because I know I see something just before the vehicle passes, at least in the video that Trent uses. I also saw the same in Amsterdam’s analysis. And, I do see the vehicle slowing moving along in the featured video but it’s at 7:11-24-25.

          The timing is of interest because if Trayvon left the mail shed around 7:11:24-25, that is about the time when GZ is giving directions to the dispatcher and then says “Shit. He’s runnin’.” The NEN recording posted by whonoze has GZ saying “Shit. He’s runnin'” at 7:11:41:17-18.

          That would mean that Trayvon walked out of the mail shed and within seconds, ran from GZ.

          OTOH, if Trayvon left the mail shed at 7:09:06-07, that would give him more time walking before he ran.

          It’s difficult to articulate without showing so I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. It has been my impression that Trayvon started running before he reached the cut-through. One reason is because had Trayvon reached the area where no vehicle could follow, GZ would have exited his vehicle to follow Trayvon on foot then, IMO.


          • amsterdam1234

            I know which light event you are talking about, Xena. You can see it at 22:16 in the original video. At first I thought it was a person passing by too, but at that same time in the eastpool video, you can see the top right is lit up by headlights. It is difficult to see in our videos because the editing causes some loss of quality, but you can clearly see it in the original video. So I think that the light event you are referring to, is GZ’s car passing the mail area, and stopping his car just out of view of the eastpoolhall video.

            We don’t have a consensus about that, the others think that the bright lights right after that, are the headlights of GZ’s car. Since I am sure his car had already passed the mail area, I think that light is GZ shining his flashlight from his car.

            I think you saw this video of mine before, but it is great for timing, since Dave provided a real life sample.
            So GZ drives down TTL, passes the mailboxes and stops his car at about the same place I stopped Dave’s car.

            I think he used his flaslight to intimidate Trayvon, since Trayvon was standing in a well lit place. He then started driving his car east on TTL. You can see the red rearlights in the eastpool video.

            While he is driving east he calls the nen. He turns his car and starts driving west again. You can see the headlights approaching in the eastpool video. He stops his car near the first bend facing the mail area, about where I have Dave’s car stop again. Right when he stops he says “He is here now”. That behaviour must have really creeped Trayvon out, because within 10 to 15 sec GZ says “now he is coming towards me” as Trayvon starts walking east.
            I have Dave leaving the Mail Area when GZ says that Trayvon is coming towards him.

            We think GZ probably made a y turn to follow Trayvon in his car once Trayvon has passed him. You can hear the gear around the time he said ” these aholes always get away.

            From that moment until GZ said “shit” he is running, GZ was tailing Trayvon in his car, very close behind him. I think Trayvon started running about where Dave is in the video and I stop it or just a bit further.
            Notice that is the exact same spot, where GZ claimed he parked his car.

            I didn’t make any changes to the speed of Dave’s video.


          • WOW! Thanks. Flash crashed so I have to reboot to watch the video later. One thing that your analysis answers for me is that GZ was using his tactical flashlight in some intimidating fashion — BECAUSE — he didn’t hesitate when getting out of his truck. GZ had to have had his flashlight in hand before he got out of his truck.


          • What happened to the video?


          • Leisa, are you asking about another video and not the one on this site?


          • amsterdam1234

            Correction the area that is lit up by the headlights is at the top just left of center in the eastpool video.


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    Please watch the videos. They are by Whonoze aka as Teeslaw on Youtube and I think the views on Yout ube are almost 5000.

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