A Thank You To LLMPapa

gold cup award 3For about eight months now, LLMPapa has produced videos on the tragedy that happened to Trayvon Martin.  They range from profound videos addressing discovery material, to videos uplifting Trayvon Martin’s parents.  Some are peppered with humor, others with deep compassion, and others with investigative seriousness.

Averaging three minutes, LLMPapa’s videos get straight to the point, hitting the target, awakening viewers to truths.   LLMPapa does this without adding his opinion in voiceovers.  He meets that requirement taught in journalism classes to show; not tell.

Currently, there are 394 subscribers to his Youtube channel with over 230,000 views.  His Youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/llmpapa.

The following video is the first LLMPapa video that I watched.  It was embedded on TheJBMission blog.  I was immediately captivated.  In the second video below, LLMPapa uses George Zimmerman’s own words to support the previous video.

We here at Blackbutterfly7 salute you, LLMPapa.

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  1. You show us, how it came to be,
    you lead us, and you let us see.
    What happened, it is all on file,
    it’s taped, so there is NO Denial!

    We Thank you, for your expertise,
    and realize, we shouldn’t cease.
    To seek the path, to truth, we must,
    follow our hearts, and seek what’s just.

    Thank you LLMPapa!

    Justice for Trayvon! We Stand United!


  2. blushedbrown


    I love his videos!!!

    Thank you Papa for all that you do, and your commitment for getting Justice for Trayvon.


  3. LLMPapa is one of my hero’s of that there is no doubt. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth !!!

    So I’ll stand here and salute a true Team Trayvon Warrior, a front runner in analytical, investigative video demonstrations. (Racerrodig in Solid Team Trayvon Warrior Salute)

    I wonder how you do this
    There’s ringing in my ears
    With nothing to relate to but the truth

    What can we believe in ?
    I’m kneeling on the floor
    There has to be a force, what do we do ?

    The star is out and shinning
    But all I really want to know

    Oh, won’t you show us the way
    I want you, to show us the way one more time

    Well, I can see the reason
    You’re getting on his nerves
    When someone tells the truth, Fogen cries

    We’re going ’round in circles
    We know he’s going down
    There has to be a fool to play the part

    Well someone thought of healing
    But all I really want to know

    Oh, won’t you show us the way yeah !
    I want you, show us the way
    Oh, I want you day after day All right, watch out !

    We know that Fogens dreaming
    He feels so unashamed
    “I can’t believe this is happening to me”

    I watch your videos streaming
    And then I want to say to you

    Oh, won’t you show us the way everyday ?
    I want you, show us the way one more time
    I want you day after day, ay
    I want you day after day, ay

    Hey Team Warriors…can ya sing (I know we can better than NY did)

    I want you, show us the way everyday
    I want you, show us the way night and day
    I want you day after day, ay


  4. Tommy's Mom

    Another great article,thank you. I love his videos,but couldn’t watch all of that first one.it made me cry. The second one makes me believe what I had first thought about Zimmerman going after Trayvon with the gun in his hand and ready. I doubt we will ever know what really happened. I’m a super senior but I do own several hoodies and I’m also inclined to blast the musice when driving.


    • Hoodies up!!! Wear them with pride, and listen to your music when driving at whatever volume you want.

      I agree, we will probably never know what really happened that night other than the fact that GZ stalked, followed, and killed unarmed, 17 yr old Trayvon Martin. May God have mercy on GZ’s soul, because his body is going to prison for the rest of his life.


  5. Every time I get a notice in my email that a new LLMPapa video is available, I get very excited! Love them.


  6. Thank You Xena and each one of you for your kind words, but I’m just a foot soldier in a fight for justice motivated by the realization that Trayvon Martin could have been MY son.

    This one was just posted a few minutes ago. Gotta start throwing Xena a curve ball or two with that “3 minute average”, LOL


    • LLMPapa!! Your presence is an honor. Thanks for the new video. It raises questions. That’s another thing I really appreciate of your work. And, I concede the curve ball. LOL!!!


  7. LLMPapa always tells it like it is in his videos!! I hope he knows how much we all enjoy them & do look forward to them ALL!

    Hi Xena…Great idea to Thank Him! He nails it every time!


  8. LLMPapa,

    Your videos have added such wonderful clarity to the manner in which the evidence and gz’s statements themselves incriminate gz.

    Thank you for all the time and care you have devoted in the cause of justice for Trayvon.


  9. I love the talent of LLMPapa, I can’t wait until he gets his needed supplies for part 2. He catches things that most people miss. Thank you Papa.


  10. Wow! As Always I love these!! THANK YOU LLMPapa!!


  11. I just want to say that this guy is a God-send. I just started following his videos a few days ago and just as another poster mentioned, my emotional reactions truly do run the gamut. They are shocking, hilarious, poignant, tragic, and always thought-provoking. Indeed here I am now on a late Saturday night, treating myself to a marathon of LLMPapa videos. I only hope the prosecution has half as much acuity and astuteness as this person obviously does. I just want to say thank you for your presence and your work, and keep up the good fight.


  12. There is not enough that I can say about his work.


    • Kinda funny that LLMPapa became subject of a Zidiot attack shortly after we acknowledged his excellent work and commitment, and now Knox has tried denigrating LLMPapa. I understand that Twitter has been quite busy putting Knox in his place.


      • ha ha ha
        I don’t think this knox knew exactly what he was getting himself into
        I almost feel bad for the rube…almost


        • IMO, Knox would have done better had he simply approached LLMPapa to discuss his findings rather than raging a personal attack on him. I mean, if Knox loses it when communicating with an anonymous person on the internet, what is his behavior in court when someone disagrees with his presentations?


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