We Give Our Support to “DeeDee”,Her Family and Friends.

DeeDee has been blogged, caricaturized, blogged about and taken apart as much as Trayvon Martin.Hoodie-back

She stated to Bernie de la Rionda that the relationship was getting serious between the two.

Remember your childhood sweetheart? Remember how you use to pull her ponytails in school? Or you kicking him in the shins? Then you got older and there was none of that. It was the googly eyes. It was, “Can I walk you home”, “Can I carry your books”, “Call me”.

Remember those days…….

We were all that age once. All we could do was talk on the phone. We would talk about school. We would talk about our parents. We would talk about what we were going to wear. We talked about what kind of car we wanted to drive. We talked about silly things.  The point is, that is what teenagers do.

It saddens me greatly that she will not have the opportunity to see if the relationship would flourish.

If they would have gone to Prom together? What pictures would have been taken? What corsage would he had bought her? If he would have made some moves on her? Ahh, but he was a Mama’s boy, and I don’t think DeeDee would of let that go.  But yes, this is what teenagers do. Testing the waters before them.

It is without a doubt this young lady needs the constant support of her family and friends and by her internet family as well. We can only imagine the horror she felt when she heard of her childhood friend being killed.  The agony of not letting anyone know who she was; the thought of people trying to hurt her; the constant supervision by her parents; the inability to use her FaceBook and Twitter; a big no-no for teenagers. That can actually cause them physical pain if they are not connected to the internet.

I am not naive. She will find someone else to talk to, be with, even marry.   But there will be no other person who will be like Trayvon for the rest of her life.  This I know for sure.

She is under our cloak of protection against those who seek to harm, discredit, name call, and cyberbully her for no other reason than she was the last person to talk to Trayvon before he was killed.

The family here at Blackbutterfly7 extends our heart, our minds, our support to DeeDee, her family and friends.

Little Sister, we have your back.

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  1. blushedbrown

    To DeeDee and family, friends.

    I have blogged about you and defended you as best I can. I support you and I have the biggest admiration for you to carry on. I know you will do this for Trayvon, but more importantly for yourself. You are a true Queen in the making to have such responsibilities thrust onto your young shoulders We are here to help you carry the load. Lean on me, little sister. Lean on me.


    • Blushedbrown. Thank you for an encouraging post. DeeDee is very brave and honest. The doxers and cyber-bullies have made a public record of their intent to terrorize her, but as you say, DeeDee is under our cloak of protection against those who seek to harm, discredit, name call, and cyberbully her. Our prayers are not simply words, but power to pull down strongholds.


      • blushedbrown

        I am humbled. I truly thank you again and again, for giving me the opportunity to write on your blog.

        >>>Our prayers are not simply words, but power to pull down strongholds.



    • You have my total support also, Deedee.

      You have the strength and rootedness to get through this trying time.

      I admire your courage.

      Remember that the darkness out there becomes agitated when the light of truth shines upon it.


    • blushedbrown


      OMG that was excellent. Thank you for that video. That is exactly how I feel.
      Thank you!


    • Yes, I am here for you Dee Dee.

      Reach out your hands
      Call on me sister
      I will be there


  2. Cercando Luce

    I support DeeDee and the wisdom of her parents. May all who know her protect her and keep her safe. May she grow in wisdom and strength herself to become a pillar of her community.


  3. What bothers me the most is that the people responsible for the doxing, cyber attacks, etc, have no compassion for this young girl who lost her friend, who was the person that heard Trayvon’s very last words that terrible night. Dee Dee will forever have to carry that with her for the rest of her life. How terrible that must be; no matter if she’s 16, 17 or 18. That is irrelevant.

    I have faith that the people responsible for doing this will be held accountable, just as George Zimmerman will be held accountable for the death of young Trayvon Martin.

    We stand for you, and behind you Dee Dee.


  4. When you’re weary, feeling small
    When tears are in your eyes
    I will dry them all

    I’m on your side
    Oh when times get rough
    And friends just can’t be found

    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down


  5. Dee Dee, Karma placed you here in our world as she placed you in Trayvon’s life. You were chosen for your strength and courage. You will continue to fight the good fight with your family of supporters to protect and lift you up with prayer. As Trayvon, your name will live forever as one who helped to change this world and make it a better place for all of us. You walk with the calm serenity, grace and understanding that few have known. Keep us in spirit in your pocket when you are called upon to speak your truth when it matters the most. We are with you. Always.


  6. I wonder why, it has to be,
    they slander you, because of me?
    We talked, just like, we always do,
    yet now, they’re coming after you!

    I called you back, that fateful night,
    I was afraid, I was in flight.
    I told you that, this Creepy guy,
    was stalking me, I don’t know why.

    You told me, Trayvon, please, run fast,
    I tired, and then, you heard me ask………..
    “Why is it , that you’re following me,”
    and then the phone went dead, Dee Dee.

    No way did you, have any part,
    or know, a bullet, struck my heart.
    You’re not at fault, you’re not to blame,
    we were dear friends, so feel no shame!

    So please remember, this is true,
    I’ve always had, such LOVE for you.
    So stand, and state, the “Truth” my friend,
    until the bitter, very end!

    Dee Dee……..we all support you. Stay strong honey.

    Hugs and support to you, your family and friends.


  7. What a beautiful post Blushed, thank you. 🙂


  8. Wow…..again all of you have such class & dignity. I continue to marvel at how well Trayvon’s parents and their camp handle this. For Dee Dee to have stayed the course and kept silent and out of the spotlight is amazing as it is Dee Dee who has far more justification to be giving interviews and expressing her feeling than anyone.

    Yes, I’d say we have you back and all of us have stated we’d be proud to have Trayvon as our son, friend, neighbor and his parents as well. I can say we count Dee Dee in that mix.

    Strength of Character……they have it in spades. You have our undying love and support all the way through.


  9. I am proud of the way you have been able to keep from those terrible people who have spent countless hours trying to tear you down. Stay strong. You are not alone. Many, many of us stand with you. Many, many of us defend Trayvon against people who, for some reason, have convinced themselves that he is remotely capable of doing the things GZ has accused him of.

    Trayvon did not deserve to die, and you did not deserve to lose your friend. I wish I could offer you a shoulder to cry on and an ear for you to share your thoughts with. Sometimes it is so important to be able to just talk about what saddens you. Please take care of yourself. Don’t let anyone bully you into saying or doing anything against your conscience.

    You are loved.


  10. DeeDee, you are a very brave, strong, young woman. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I will do whatever I can to keep you safe.


  11. DeeDee, I cannot begin to imagine how your life has been since that fateful night. What I do know is that it take a special person and strength to speak up. Continue to hold your head high, knowing that you have done nothing wrong and only speak for someone who can no longer speak for themselves. Take comfort in knowing you have many people standing behind you.


  12. I wonder if she should have her own lawyer…


    • Hi xy11xy. I certainly hope that DeeDee is represented by legal counsel when she is deposed by O’Mara and/or West. Also, I hope that lawyer is aware of the illegal doxing, intimidation, and demeaning that is posted on the blog site that BDLR stated in court on 2/22/2013. The State could also assist by filing a motion for a protective order so that the deposition transcript is not made public.


      • I believe she’s represented by Crump, not to mention the State to a certain extent as far as witness protection.


        • According to Attorney Crump’s affidavit, he doesn’t represent her. She does need independent counsel at the deposition. Maybe that will prevent the defense from continuing their “not able to identify” allegation.


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