In Honor Of Trayvon Martin’s Birthday


Thanks to Auntie for uploading this on Youtube for us.

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  1. Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

    We will never forget you.


  2. blushedbrown

    Thank you Xena and Kindheart101.

    Trayvon’s birthday is coming up on Feb 5th, and I want to say that he will be missed. He is very muched loved by his parents, family and total strangers that have come together in our quest for justice for his life being taken way too soon.

    He is my son too.

    Hoodies up.


  3. Trayvon, you could have been my son’s best friend, the singer in his band, the shortstop on his team, a friend of ours and a good neighbor. It would be our pleasure to have you and your family over for BBQ, Dinner, Birthdays, Christmas Holidays, New Years, or just when you feel in need of a friend.

    Rest well young man, you will not be forgotten !!


  4. kindheart101

    What a wonderful family this is. It is so easy to see, and feel, the sincerity expressed by everyone. We were all drawn together because of our desire to seek justice, and support Trayvon’s family and friends. Now, we stand united, a force to be dealt with. Though we are many, we share a bond that few know, or will ever feel, because we are of one heart and mind.

    I am going to light a candle, on the 5th, at midnight, to start Trayvon’s birthday with warmth, light and love. I will let it burn for 24 hours, and light that same candle on the 26th. Though he was taken away, his light in “our homes” will always burn bright.

    As you ride that White Stallion in the clouds Trayvon, we wish you peace. Enjoy the loved ones you have been re-united with. For as sure as we took our first breath, we will see you again.


  5. Tavia Anderson

    All of the comments just made me cry…Rest In Perfect Peace Trayvon Martin.


  6. Thank you, Sybrina and Tracy, for sharing your son Trayvon with us.


  7. Forever in our Hearts.


  8. Absolutely beautiful, the words and music brought tears down my cheek. As Kindheart said, “we share a bond.” No matter who we are or from where we came, seeking justice for Trayvon Martin has brought us together.
    My prayers and thoughts go to Sybrina and Tracy on 18th birthday of their beloved son.
    Justice for Trayvon!


  9. blushedbrown

    To the Martin/Fulton family,

    Please let it be known that we too care about Trayvon. I hope and pray that you find some comfort in knowing that we love him too and will continue to fight along side of you in our quest for Justice for Trayvon.



  10. Thank you kindheart and butterfly for the beautiful poem and music.
    Like JB, it brings tears to your eyes. What a beautiful life cut so short.
    It took 9 months to bring Trayvon into this world and just 17 short years with Tracy, Sabrina and his brother.
    One idiot with a gun in just a few minutes that precious life was taken.That idiot says it was God’s plan that Trayvon be killed the night GZ shot him in the heart.
    I don’t know WHAT God he’s talking about. Not the God we know.
    I pray that God will bring Trayvon and the Martin’s justice.
    Thanks again for the beautiful heart felt poem.


  11. To the Martin Famiy,
    Your strength and courage throughout this incredibly terrible situation should be an inspiration to all, as I know it has been for me. Your family has shown nothing but grace and dignity in the face of such adversity. I am sure ‘our’ God is so pleased with the example your family has shown throughout all of this. You truly are an inspiration, and I wish your family much love, prayers, and most of all justice for Trayvon. He will never be forgotten, and may God continue to bless your family with strength and peace in the days to come, and especially during the first of many birthday’s without him. Hoodies up for Trayvon!


  12. Trayvon, in just a few short days, you would have turned 18. A milestone age. A day you and your family looked forward to since you were born. As the saying goes, you could have been my son. However, my son is now 20. You should have had that chance. That should have been you too.

    I don’t cry for you baby boy, because I know you are fine where you are now. But I ache for your parents every day and I know your birthday will be hard on them, but I also know the joy you gave them. I hope they are comforted by the fact that there is a lot of love for you and for them out here. I would take them in my arms and wish you a happy birthday in person with them if I could.

    Thank you sweet Trayvon for your short time on earth. You were taken too soon, but it will not be for nothing. We will see to it.

    Happy Birthday Trayvon.


  13. Cercando Luce

    Wishing continued strength and love to the family and friends of Trayvon Martin on his birthday, and to those working for justice in his memory.


  14. My Birthday Blues Rise Up to Hope and Love for you, Mom and Dad

    No breath to blow out the candles,
    No breath to say “I love you”
    Unable to reach out to hug you,
    Unable to open the gifts from your heart.

    Never to be 18.
    Never to laugh again.
    Never to see more futures.

    NOW I am alive in your memory
    NOW I rest in your heart
    NOW your dreams will hear my love

    Now I float on the wings of eternity
    Waiting for reunion with you
    While my heart is filled with your blessings.
    Grateful for the love you have given me.

    Be blessed, Mom and Dad.
    I want you to be comforted
    I want you to rest in His love
    I want you to feel His gift of peace.

    Now on the eternal wave of soulful light,
    I send you my love, Mom and Dad.


  15. candles glowing beholding remembering appreciating
    ALL that is you Trayvon

    holding candles we cry out our support to you Trayvon

    Rest in peace, embraced by His love


  16. I have thought of little more than your son these past few days, Ms. Fulton and Mr. Martin. May you have some comfort on your son’s birthday knowing that many of us stand behind you in praying for justice.


  17. Happy birthday, Trayvon!

    Gone but NEVER forgotten. The killing ripped our hearts out and opened old crusted wounds. Your death will not be in vain because we will not stop until justice is served and Stand Your Ground law is history.


  18. “To Live in the Hearts of Others is Not To Die”

    Trayvon Martin will always live in many, many hearts.


  19. Happy Birthday Trayvon!

    Its Feb 5th and you are celebrating with God. I take comfort in knowing that you are in good hands. You will not be forgotten here on earth. I will always remember you and we will continue fighting the fight down here for you.


  20. Sabrina and Tracy and all of Trayvon’s loved ones:

    I reach out to you today with my prayers, love and support.


  21. The Trayvon Martin Foundation Presents: I am Trayvon “Day of Remembrance Peace Walk”.

    Sat. 2/09/2013 at 10:00am.

    This is a “Community Event”
    Free food, entertainmen, motivational speakers

    Ives Estate Park

    20901 NE 16 ave Miami Florida 33179


  22. Cercando Luce

    Happy Birthday to you also, Xena!

    With appreciation for your analysis, dedication and perseverance for justice.


  23. Happy Birthday and I pray the Lord God will help the Martin Family cope with their loss. I know to some activists… the story will never die, but will be reminded of how loved we are.