Season Greetings to Trayvon’s Family

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To Trayvon’s Family This Christmas Season

Grief does not change you; it reveals you. Your dignity is a beacon of love, compassion, and faith. This season, we hold you in our hearts and prayers.


(Comments are open to send best wishes and encouragement to Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin, and the rest of Trayvon’s family.)

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  1. Dear Fulton-Martin family and friends,

    As an American, I can say that the death of your loved one Trayvon Martin has made enormous changes in my life. Thus, it is almost unimaginable for me to think of the changes it has made in your life.

    But I want to thank you for your work in bringing attention to this crime. I want to congratulate you for your success in awakening public support for the rule of law. And I want to tell you how much I admire you and how sincerely I wish that your future brings no more sorrows, but only the joy that you deserve.


  2. Please know that your loss this past year has touched the hearts of people everywhere.

    My family and I pray there is peace to be found and a small measure of closure for those in your family and those who love you in the coming year.

    Thank you for sharing with us, the good work that is and will continue to come from this tragedy.


  3. You and your family are in my prayers each and every day. Nothing can bring back your loss but the Lord has a way of healing us and giving us the strength. You are greatly admired for your determination to not let your childs life go unnoticed and in wanting the justice that Trayvon deserved.

    God be with you.


  4. To the Family of Trayvon Martin:

    You are in my thoughts daily, as is Trayvon. I wish for all of you some semblance of peace this Christmas. Trayvon’s light will forever shine.


  5. To the family of Trayvon Martin:

    You are in my thoughts & prayers daily!! I wish you comfort, peace & blessings as you weather this holiday & holidays thereafter without your beautiful son. Please know that while God has his heavenly gate of Angels around you, there’s a special one with his wings wrapped around you all forever & always!! God Bless!!


  6. Dear Sybrina and Tracy,

    Trayvon will forever be remembered because you did not give up.
    How proud he is to have such brave and adoring parents like you.
    How proud you are to have such a beautiful, loving and peaceful son like him.
    Please know that millions of us are here standing beside you, proudly defending Trayvon and supporting you and the journey your family has begun.

    Love always, Shannon

  7. Dear Loved Ones of Trayvon Martin,

    I wish you all strength, good health, safety,and peace of mind this Christmas, in the New Year, and thereafter. I wish for justice for Trayvon’s memory and for what’s good in this world. I wish for skill and perseverance on the part of all who work to see justice done.
    May blessings follow you.


  8. Dear Family and Loved ones of Trayvon,

    I hold you in my prayers and thoughts daily. May this Christmas bring you peace and may the new year bring Justice for Trayvon.

    Love, Rachael

  9. blushedbrown

    Dear Tracey, Sabrina, Jahavaris, and the extended family and friends of Trayvon Martin.

    Please accept my most heartfelt and best wishes for your family this coming Holiday Season.

    I have no doubt in my mind that Trayvon is standing by each and every one of you.

    Even though he might not be here in body, he is most certainly here with you and us in spirit.

    We strive each and every day along your side, for Justice & Peace for Trayvon Martin.

    God Bless

    Much Love,

    Loree Brown

  10. Dear Family and Loved ones of Trayvon,

    I hold you in my prayers and thoughts daily. May this Christmas bring you peace and may the new year bring Justice for Trayvon.

    Much Love Lonnie Starr

  11. Dear Family of Trayvon,

    My heart goes out to you daily. I have followed this story since before it became public news, and I know that your son did nothing wrong. Here is a cyber hug! Please take care.


  12. Dear Family and Loved ones of Trayvon,

    I find it diffcult to find the right words to say, for there is nothing that can make this holiday any easier. I just want to let you know, that I think of you all daily and hope to see that Justice is done this coming new year. I send courage, strength and love.
    ♥ Donna

  13. To: Tracy, Sybrina, Jahvaris and the rest of Trayvon’s family, you are all very much in my thoughts and prayers now and always. It’s not easy to find the right words to say to you guys but, I just want you all to know that I love you and, may GOD continue to bless and give you all strength to carry on now and in the new year to come. With much Love to you all, Hazel C.

  14. Dear Family of Trayvon Martin,

    May God, family, friends and the love and support of strangers far and wide help you through this holiday season.


  15. To everyone in Trayvon’s family:
    It may be only a small comfort right now, but please know that there are many, many people who hold you, and your son, in our prayers & ask that God gives you strength to manage through this time of terrible, awful tragedy, and in the future. I hope you may find some small measure of comfort knowing that Trayvon’s life will always stand for Truth. He’s made blinders fall and egos to change, by forcing us to examine our selves, our country, our true values, and really SEE. He has & always will be an influence for tremendous change & goodness, not only in this country but all around the entire world. I know your precious son is in heaven watching his family and beaming great pride. You have shown such incredible grace.
    God bless you always,
    Renah V.

  16. towerflower

    Nothing we ever say will fill the void caused by the loss of your son. But I hope that you do find comfort in knowing that so many will always remember Trayvon and that he has touched so many lives. He was able to bring many of us together and stand together for truth. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and New Year.


  17. Two sides to a story

    May you find peace during the holidays and always . . .

  18. To Trayvon Martins Family & Friends,
    I know that this is going to be a very hard holiday this year.I only hope that you can see that You are not alone in this fight.Not only have all of you made friends during this tragedy,but all of us have made some pretty awesome friends along the way trying to fight right along with YOU!! GZ or his mouth pieces can’t take that away from us.Most of his supporters fight among themselves.I have met some amazing people along this journey,who I think will be here for the long haul.God Bless You All during the Holidays.

  19. To the parents of Trayvon Martin

    No doubt, I do not know what you feel as Christmas time nears,
    No doubt, I have no idea of the many times your eyes shed tears,
    Yet your son Trayvon has touched my heart,
    Yet your son Trayvon has touched the hearts of thousands,
    So know that you are not alone,
    So know that many people are praying for you,
    So know that we pray to God to give you strength,
    Carry on, Carry on, we pray.
    Soon there will be justice for your beautiful son Trayvon,
    By next Christmas time you’ll see,
    You’ll smile and no doubt you’ll know,
    That me and thousands of others will be smiling with you,
    God bless and stay strong,
    God’s will be done,
    Justice for Trayvon.

    A Merry Christmas Wish to you and your family,


  20. Lionel williams

    Happy holidays Tracy , Sybrina and Jahvis.

  21. SpecialladyT

    Sybrina, Tracy and to all of your loved ones,

    We stand beside you in your fight for justice for Trayvon, May the spirit of Christmas bring you fond memories of your beloved Trayvon along with strength and peace.

    Much love and prayers,


  22. Sybrina, Tracy and to the Martin and Fulton Family, my Heart and my prayers are with you all day & night I will continue to Fight vigorously For Justice For the Young Trayvon Martin. I have a Feeling 2013 Will bring Justice for Trayvon and peace for you all.

  23. To the Martin Family, Your Family are in my prayers each and every night. I take pride in having a voice for Trayvon in seeking justice 1PETER 3:12 The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their prayers.

  24. I pray that you have peace during this holiday season. Justice for Trayvon.

  25. Dear Fulton and Martin Family:

    During this holiday season I pray that God continues to give you strength. Please know that thousands are standing with you fighting and praying for justice for Trayvon.

  26. Maureen Deschutter

    Wishing you all the best for the new year. May the Lord give you peace through the holidays and forever.

  27. Tommy's Mom

    Sybrina,Tracy and all the family

    I cannot imagine your pain in losing Trayvon,and many in this country share just a small portion of it. I admire the strength and the fortitude you have shown in pursuit of justice for Trayvon. Always remember you are not alone there are many of us praying for you and with you in asking for justice.

    May God comfort and bless you in the coming year and always.

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear,but of power and love and of a sound mind. 2Tim.1:7 NKJV

    In His love


  28. Sybrina, Tracy, and Jahvaris wishing your family a peaceful Holiday Season. I have not forgotten the strength and courage exhibited in your quest for justice for you son and brother.

  29. Thank you for dignity. My family and I pray you find peace and justice in the new year.

  30. My heart and prayers are with you and your family during this holiday season. R.I.P. Trayvon Martin

  31. Praying for you Ms Fulton and Family this holiday and everyday, as you are not on this journey alone….we will continue to fight for what is right…Peace and Blessing

  32. Susan, Jim & Cade Holland

    Wishing you all the best in the world. Not a day goes by that we don't think about your family. Sending all our love to you, from Nebraska.

  33. To Trayvon’s Family:

    May you find support in each other’s strength. May you feel Trayvon’s love guiding you. May you find some comfort in the memories.

    Humbly, I extend my thanks for your taking this public and allowing us to learn a little about your wonderful son.

    Every day I admire your grace and courage; and every day I send my prayers of support.

    May you find peace.


  34. To the Martin family:
    I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas. And know that you’re not alone in fighting for Trayvon’s justice. We all stand behind you!!!

  35. To the Martin Family & Friends

    We know this is a very difficult time but we see the strength that you have shown and we are proud to stand with you. Those of us that have taken the name “Team Trayvon” feel the pain you have endured and wish you the best Christmas Wishes.

    Justice will prevail, this we know. Our family prays for you every day.

    The racerrodigs

  36. There are times when a warm, loving hug and silence speaks more than words. I send you that type of peace this Christmas season, in the new year to come, and always.

  37. For Trayvon Martins family and friends
    May you experience lots of love, strength and joy
    This Christmas and beyond a very happy new year too.

  38. To Trayvon Martin’s Family:
    I pray for you daily that you find comfort & strength knowing many support & stand with you as we wait for justice to be served. Wishing you peace in the new year & may God bless & watch over you.

  39. Even though we may not truly know or understand why God took Trayvon back upon himself at such a young age and why he allowed him to leave this world in the way that he did, I truly stand with you and wish you as happy and as blessed of a holiday season and New Year’s as possible.

  40. Robery Craft

    May the Good Lord ease your heavy hearts and may He also see that justice will be serve .God Bless.

  41. Merry Christmas to the Martin family I’m so very deeply sorry that you have to spend it without Trayvon.

  42. Merry Christmas Sabrina & Tracy, Wishing you peace this holiday season. We all feel Trayvon is our child as well. Our hearts are heavy but full of hope for justice to present herself in June. May God bless you and hold you in his arms.

  43. Dear Trayvon family, I’m so sorry that you lost your son and that you have to spend Thanksgiving Christmas and new year without him, but in time things are going to get better and I’m so happy you did not let the man who killed your son get away. We are all still here fighting with you and we are not giving up
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  44. Richard Carson

    This was a lost to us all more specially you the family and it truly hurts, stay strong he’s in our hearts and minds and all are in our prayers-

  45. Jennifer Smith

    Merry Christmas to the Martin family and to our dear Trayvon (your spirit lives on forever). May the light of the Lord continue to shine ever so brightly on you all. God bless!

  46. Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Martin!! I’m writing to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year’s. I’m also so deeply saddened by the loss of your beloved son Trayvon. I know that he would have loved sharing the holidays with you. My condolences and prayers go out to you & family. God is with you all in these most difficult times.

  47. Nellie Dell

    I wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday! I pray for your comfort. Know that God is in control. Your son did not die for nothing. Aside from the guilty party going to jail, Trayvon has united those who normally would not have done so and also spurred a conversation and action about the gun laws. May God keep you all. Justice will prevail!

  48. I wish The Martin family God’s best not just for the season but forever.

  49. That time of year will be tough for them from now on.

    George will pay for what he’s done.

  50. Dear Sybrina, Tracey, Jahvaris , family and friends,
    I wanted send LOVE and PRAYER to you all during this unimaginably difficult and sad time. Thank you for your strength and bring awareness to this horrible situation. May GOD be with you.
    Cynthia L.

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