Nov.- Encouragement for Sybrina and Tracy

It’s time to send some love out to Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin, and the rest of Trayvon’s family and  friends.   We have not forgotten you.  Trayvon loved you, and we do too.   This is also for the encouragement of Attorneys Crump and Jackson, and all those working on your team.

We lift you up.  

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The following song was written and is sung by Zorenzo and is his tribute to Trayvon Martin.

Written By: @ZorenzoVsZo

Produced By: @Tracksionz

Directed By: @Abai_Abeast

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  1. To the Martin/Fulton family: no matter how loudly falsehoods are shouted, you know that the millions of people who signed petitions in support of you, and marched peacefully in support of you, and wear hoodies to show support for you, all hope and pray for your well-being, and support your long fight against injustice.


  2. Just know that we are spreading the good word, the truth. We want Justice for Trayvon.


  3. Martha Dixon

    Mrs. Fulton and Mr. Martin–I cannot tell you both often enough how sorry I am for the death of your precious son. Some like to show his photo’s when he was a little older and based the blame on him because of his attire and his demeanor. When I first saw the newer photo’s the only thing I felt was the exact same thing when I saw the first photo. i saw a precious young boy who could have and probably would have had a wonderful life. I’m not sure why people think it okay to condemn a young boy who acts like the other young boys his age. My prayers still go out to you and I pray that justice is served.