Congratulations, President Obama


President Obama wins re-election.   Let our nation work towards unity rather than division.


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  1. Woo Hoo!



  2. This is AWESOME!! Yes! I love this man and am so proud to be an American!! To borrow from Abraham Lincoln, I do believe our President is of the people, by the people and for the people.


    • I was up late — reading some anti-Obama blogs and listening to the news. One thing I noticed is that the anti-Obama folks repeated the same lies that were spammed via email back in 2008, and the same Tea Party warnings that started in November 2008. It comes as no surprise that they cannot wake-up from their own imaginations.

      Also, I have to admit that I love Vice President Joe Biden. IMO, Barack Obama made a good choice selecting a V.P. who had ran in the primary for President. And that questions where the GOP is going wrong. In the last two presidential elections, the nominees selected V.P.s that had not ran in the primary — not shown interest in becoming President. IMO, it conveys that the GOP don’t like their own candidates and believe that those saying they are qualified to be President are not worthy for consideration as V.P.

      I don’t know if Biden is going to run for president in 2016, but if he does, he already has my respect.


  3. I am a little late with the comment….but SOOOO HAPPPPYYY!! I know Obama is going to be a President that does something GREAT for our country!! Just watching the after effects has been entertaining about WHO & WHAT to blame on Romney’s loss,My Lord I could write a book! Speaking of entertainment…the night of the VP Debate had me laughing so hard I was peeing my pants right along with Joe! I LOVE him,he is so funny.Yep….I am a Happy Camper with this election!! Hi Xena!!! Keep up the good work here.


    • Hey Marilyn!! I too love VP Biden. He’s real, and so knowledgeable. The same is true for President Obama — he’s himself — nothing fake.

      Yep, the GOP is wondering where they went wrong. I know some Republicans who did not vote in the general election. They said they didn’t want a Mormon in the White House. Then too, I think that some voters just haven’t gotten over Sarah Palin. 🙂


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