Will Trace Evidence Prove A Take-Down?

When I first heard the screams on the 911 call, I questioned whether George Zimmerman (GZ) used a cop take-down technique on Trayvon Martin.  The screams recorded on the 911 tape were not only screams for help.  They are cries of pain and just before the shot, we can hear screams of “No!  Noooo!” Then I read a Reuter’s article that reports Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s dad, saying of the photo shown to him by a detective of the Sanford Police Department;

“It was Trayvon, dead at the scene – his eyes rolled back, a tear on his cheek, saliva coming from his mouth. “


That is the face of a person who was crying, who was afraid, who was in pain.   That is the face that applies to the screams heard on the 911 call.

George Zimmerman Had Experience To Cause Others Physical Pain

An unnamed former co-worker told the New York Daily News that GZ was paid under-the-table for providing security for illegal house parties between 2001 and 2005, but was let go because his anger issues “became a liability.”  We know that he was arrested for attacking an undercover law enforcement officer.

GZ is a former bouncer.  He wanted to be a cop.  Former cop and current U.S. Air Marshall, Mark Osterman, was GZ’s mentor.  He taught GZ how to shoot.

GZ attended a community volunteer law enforcement academy where civilians get to see the work of law enforcement.

Put this together, and they give reason to believe that GZ was exposed to, and maybe even trained and practiced, police restraint and take-down techniques.

Since many are of the opinion that GZ is a cop wannabee, why stop with pursuing, terminology he uses, and carrying a gun while on neighborhood watch?  Why not also include self-defense, disarming, taking down, and restraining “suspects”?

Frederick Leatherman’s Law Blog presents an excellent post on “Dueling Witnesses.”  Written by a poster whose handle/name is Patricia, it questions whether GZ twisted Trayvon Martin’s arm or wrist.  http://frederickleatherman.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/zimmerman-witnesses-practicum-by-patricia-with-update-on-character-assassination-efforts/

It is Frederick Leatherman’s blog and Patricia’s contribution that inspired this post.  It would be somewhat disrespectful to take up this much space on another’s blog in the comment section.   The videos posted here are in consideration that GZ could have applied a wrist lock (which he told Serino that he did), and also because having Trayvon in a wrist lock, it would have protected his holstered gun from being taken by Trayvon.

Witnesses saw “wrestling.”  At any time, either person could be on the top of the other.  Thus, it is not my position to say that Trayvon was never on top of GZ.  Lab reports provide that Trayvon did not punch GZ, neither place his hands over GZ’s nose or mouth.  So, let’s place Trayvon on top of GZ, and see what could have possibly happened consistent also with the evidence of the bullet hole in Trayvon’s clothes, as compared to where the bullet entered his chest.

Lab reports for trace elements say that debris was found on GZ’s left shoe.  From the photos taken of GZ the night that he killed Trayvon, grass can be seen on the toe of GZ’s left boot.  Debris was found on Trayvon’s shoes, sweatshirt, and hoodie.  Although GZ is left-handed, he conceal carried on his right-side.  His re-enactment provides that GZ indeed reached for his gun on his right-side.  It appears that the side where the gun is not holstered is important when restraining a person.

DeeDee stated that it sounded like someone pushed Trayvon, and she heard Trayvon say “Get off.  Get off.”   GZ was carrying a tactical flashlight.  In none of his interviews, neither his re-enactment, does he mention when and why he dropped the tactical flashlight.  While GZ states that the altercation started at the “T”, about 40 feet South of that location is the crime scene.  Crime scene photos and markers provide that the tactical flashlight was found near Trayvon’s body in the grass.   GZ would have us believe that while stumbling, getting his head bashed on the sidewalk, and while doing the shimmy onto the grass, that he held onto his tactical flashlight.  It is my suggestion that GZ only let go of that tactical flashlight to take Trayvon down to the ground as Trayvon cried out in pain.   He next drew his gun and in response, Trayvon cried “Noooo!!!  Noooo!!”

After one resident shouted out that he was calling 911, GZ shot Trayvon Martin.  It is my opinion that GZ shot Trayvon because his screams brought attention to them.

When no weapon is involved, a person can still take an assailant down and remove themselves.

In his interview with Sean Hannity, GZ says that he was scared and nervous. Why?

ZIMMERMAN:  “I also thought the police were going to come and see me with the firearm and shoot me. I mean, I was terrified.”


It is my opinion that GZ was scared and nervous that the police would arrive and see him with his firearm while Trayvon was screaming out in pain, and for help.   Why?  Because GZ claims that he holstered his gun after shooting Trayvon Martin.

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  2. This guy, Zimmerman has huge anger issues. I’ve had a hard time believing that this soft looking pud is as manipulative as is suggested but now I do believe. He’s a wannabe with self esteem issues who imo, lives his life trying to prove he IS who he believes himself to be.

    When he was pouting in court for the last hearing, for the gag order, I saw how he is pathetically losing his grip off perceived control. I’ve thought a lot lately about how he signed his agreement with O’Money without having read it first, as he stated. Whether convicted for the murder of Trayvon Martin or not, he suffers.. He has made his own private hell right here on earth and I hope O’Money, as disgusting as HE is, eats him alive, taking every dime Zimmerman has and ever hopes to have


    Good Morning!!


    • I’ve had a hard time believing that this soft looking pud is as manipulative as is suggested but now I do believe.

      The George Zimmerman we hear on his NEN call is the real George Zimmerman. He uses profanity without any thought of disrespecting or offending the dispatcher. He expressed his opinion about Trayvon in the plural, profiling him as “they.” He took unofficial authority to follow Trayvon. He used deception to continue hunting for Trayvon “Can you just have them call for my location?”

      We saw the real George Zimmerman at his first bond hearing where he sat like a “potted palm” as ShelLIE misrepresented her knowledge of the money received through Paypal.

      When he was pouting in court for the last hearing, for the gag order, I saw how he is pathetically losing his grip off perceived control.

      Of course. The Zimmerthugs only look at Judge Nelson denying the gag order. Zimmerman, OTOH, realized that his legal team was denied what they wanted, which was for the State to provide O’Mara with FBI, and DOJ discovery. Also, they were denied the motion to sequester State LE witnesses. West was unable to re-argue the matter of DeeDee’s phone interview with attorney Crump. Things did not go Zimmerman’s way. An additional concern he might have had was, what info in his medical records did the court allow the prosecution to have?

      What really caught my attention was how O’Mara and West left him sitting there. They practically ignored him.

      Whether convicted for the murder of Trayvon Martin or not, he suffers.

      Indeed. When he left the police station in the wee hours of the morning of 2/27/12, he made the decision to abandon his home. He went to his job and presented himself as a victim of a mugging, not wanting his employer to know that he may be a suspect to a homicide. He was told to get a doctor’s statement to return to work, but it appears that he did not return to work and either abandoned his job or was terminated. When he launched his website begging for money, he was unemployed.

      These were things that Zimmerman decided on before he was charged, including how to con the public to money. Had he not been charged, he would have been out of debt with about $135,000 of other people’s money. There is something very ethically wrong with that.

      Whatever meds he is on is not changing his thinking. We might see him throw a tantrum the next time he’s in court.


  3. Xena I am unsure where to post this so what the heck here seems fine. I spent 7 hours here on your blog yesterday just reading and clicking links etc. I wanted to thank you for your beautiful heart and thoughtful postings. I am of like mind that G was involved if not the reason for all the burglaries in the retreat. I have done obsessive research on his fam including the quit claim he was forced to sign by his parents in 2004. Can you imagine how the POS got on to his so-called parents mortgage? I believe after the quit claim or right before it he shut down their electricity. But I digress…I thank you for the wonderful thoughts and encouragement you put out to Tracy and Sabrina, they are our family indeed. I love their son and have come to feel very protective of him since first reading about his murder. Bless them with peace and hope that Trayvon will continue to live on in our hearts and efforts to eradicate the hate of GZ and crew. The world is watching and praying for justice. It will come. My heart is full, thank you all for letting me post.


  4. Most likely that “saliva” was blood.