Zimmerman Made Race an Issue with his False Description of Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman Made Race an Issue with his False Description of Trayvon Martin.

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  1. Why is O’Mara worried about THIS? I don’t understand. Ya know, for me it’s never been about race, other than Zimmerman’s supporters who celebrate him killing a young man who is Black.
    Is he preparing for a Federal Hate Crime Charge? Shouldn’t he be preparing a defense for Zimmerman having killed Trayvon the PERSON? I think O’Mara is trying to put so much information in the media so he can eventually claim that a Jury cannot be found that hasn’t heard of this case or formed an opinion already in hopes for a dismissal.

    I cannot bring myself to find one iota of sympathy for Zimmerman or his family but I cannot help but think Mark O’Mara is ill prepared in taking this case. I feel that it serves Zimmerman right to have his life in the hands of this inept attorney. What are they thinking???


    • O’Mara is trying a backdoor approach to getting investigation results from the feds by using the State’s case. He’s an attorney and knows better. More than likely, O’Mara is taking actions to impress the Zidiots who are ignorant of legal procedures. When he is denied info by the feds, they then have opportunity to argue that the feds are corrupt; it’s all a set-up; blame AG Holder and President Obama, and try to find an opinion by a lawyer who has never practiced in the federal system.


  2. Am listening now.. Very Interesting! Thanks. There is a big difference isn’t there!


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