George Zimmerman: Most Hated Man In America???

Mark  and Sondra Osterman have written a book where they refer to George Zimmerman as the most hated man in America.

Hated? Maybe by some.   Some people think he is the most shameful man in America.  Nevertheless, those who probably dislike George Zimmerman or think that he is shameful might be;

1. Responsible gun owners

2. Responsible patients with ADHD.

3. Responsible neighborhood watch volunteers.

4. People that don’t lie to the court.

5. People who tell the truth when under oath.

6. People who don’t wear band aids intended for fingers between their eyes.

7. People who don’t put band aids intended for fingers on their head.

8. People who don’t put band aids on anything after the physician’s assistant examined them, told them to apply soap and water and didn’t apply bandages.

9. People who don’t abandon their jobs and homes within 24 hrs of exercising self-defense when they are innocent.

10. People who donate money for specific use who are betrayed by having the money used to buy expensive cell phones, ITune purchases, and to pay off past-due debts.

11. Dog owners with a neighbor who buys a gun to kill dogs.

12. People who like walking in the rain.

13. The criminally accused who wear GPS ankle bracelets while free on bail and don’t whine about not being able to leave the state where they reside.

14. Parents of teenage boys who walk to the store and can’t walk home without a grown man assuming they are “suspicious.”

15. Parents who don’t want grown men following their children.

16. Teachers who issue discipline who don’t want to be afraid that doing so labels their students as “thugs.”

17. Teenagers who don’t want to be labeled “thugs” because they wear hoodies.

18. People who don’t like seeing George Zimmerman smirk when saying he’s the only witness to the killing of Trayvon Martin.

19. People who know that shooting a gun with one hand can result in recoil that might hit you in the nose.

20. People who don’t like others firing a gun in their backyard.

21. People who would never jump on the back of a person they just fired a gun at, and who they are afraid of.

22. People who say “Let the court decide” and shut up, rather than write a book and/or go on television and radio giving the defendant’s story before the court decides.

23.  People who don’t like bullies and cowards.

24.  People who can’t stand killers who get on national television and say “It wasn’t my gun. It wasn’t his gun. It was THE gun.”

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  1. 23. People who don’t like Bullies and Cowards.


  2. All are very good points!! It’s incredulous to me that Zimmerman, Mark and O’Mara have the nerve to still maintain their platform as it slowly crumbles around them.

    • Mindyme62, GZ has been desperate since the media broke this story. Never before have I known of a suspected person having their family and friends interview with the media to give their story when they have not been charged with a crime. There is much, much more to GZ’s reasons than meet the surface.

      Today is his birthday. Happy birthday George Zimmerman. How does it feel to spend your birthday with a GPS ankle bracelet, homeless, and awaiting trial for 2nd degree murder with your wife awaiting trial for perjury?

      • Xena, It appears they all planned it. On page 115 of MO’s book, he talks about how everyone gathered in a hotel room after GZ was arrested:

        “A meeting was scheduled with MOM, George’s new attorney, to determine the next step in securing George’s release. A group of us met on Saturday, April 14th, at a hotel in Lake Mary. Along with O’Mara, Shellie and her father, Mark and I (his wife), George’s parents, and the visiting sister were present for the meeting while George’s brother was on Skype during the meeting while Breanna (Mark and Sandra Osterman’s child) came along also, but sat in another room. Afterward, we had a better idea of what we needed todo to help George to gain not only immediate freedom but also, hopefully, his complete freedom.”

  3. towerflower

    He also smirked when he denied knowing about the SYG law before that night, when Osterman has said that he did know about it and the biggest thing is when you apply for a Concealed License in the State of Florida you get several phamplets that go over the various gun laws that apply to this state and one of them is the SYG law.

    Osterman’s book also said that the paramedics applied bandages to his cuts to the back of his head and stuffed cotton plugs up his nose…….where did the bandages go? He never has them on when he goes into the PD after exiting the vehicle.

    • Osterman’s book also said that the paramedics applied bandages to his cuts to the back of his head and stuffed cotton plugs up his nose…….where did the bandages go?

      Excellent point!! On that police vid, there are no bandages. To plug the nostrils with cotton would mean that his nose was still bleeding, yet the EMTs and paramedic said that they used peroxide to remove dried blood.

      I obtained a couple of vids about GZ’s body language and had planned on presenting them as a separate page, but I think your comment makes it appropriate to open discussion of the subject. The expert points out that the smirk demonstrates a belief in superiority. Apparently, GZ has a lot of confidence in his ability to lie.

  4. People who can’t stand murderers who get on national television and say “It wasn’t my gun. It wasn’t his gun. It was THE gun”.

    • Thanks. I’ll add it with a little editing. GZ admitted that he killed Trayvon, but he has not yet been found guilty of murder.