George Zimmerman’s Purgatory

Trayvon Martin

On 9/25/2012, The Global Grind presented a video of George Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman, Jr., and published his letter to Trayvon Martin’s family.

In pertinent part, Junior wrote:

“From the first moment we knew what had transpired we were deeply aggrieved and in keeping with the teachings of our faith we prayed for the departed.”


“As Trayvon’s family remembers him,  I would want them to know that at that time each of us prayed for him and each of us in our own way remembered him as well.”

The Zimmerman family just disrespected the faith of Trayvon’s family and many other Christians, including myself.   The idea of praying for the dead, or what is known as purgatory, is a Roman Catholic doctrine.  Nothing against Roman Catholics — just disagree with the doctrine. Purgatory is the condition of purification or temporary punishment by which those who die in a state of grace are believed to be made ready for heaven.  The Zimmermans might as well had said that they believe Trayvon Martin deserved the death caused to him by George putting a hollow point bullet into his heart.   They are praying for Trayvon’s worthiness to enter heaven.

Just as George Zimmerman got out of his truck and followed Trayvon Martin on 2/26/12, the condolence speaks volumes of prejudicial assumption and profiling.     George Zimmerman judged Trayvon Martin by his flesh, and now his family judges Trayvon’s spirit.

It is George Zimmerman who is living in purgatory awaiting purification or temporary punishment.  Trayvon Benjamin Martin is free.   Unlike George, Trayvon is not homeless.   Unlike George, Trayvon has no fears.  Unlike George, Trayvon is not subject to the judgment of men.   Unlike George, Trayvon is not poor and accumulating debts.  Trayvon is not hungry – he is not sick.  Unlike George, Trayvon is not taking medication.  George’s parents are begging others for money because of George’s actions.  His wife, Shellie, is awaiting trial because of George’s decisions.   According to George, this is all God’s plan.  George Zimmerman might be breathing, but his actions on the evening of 2/26/12 took his own life, and that of his family.

Robert Zimmerman Jr., you can learn from the quiet dignity of Trayvon’s parents.

Robert Zimmerman, Jr.

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  1. Wow, I wonder if he even realizes what he has done? They seem to put the proverbial foot in their mouth every time they speak. I had no idea as to the roman catholic aspect of what Jr. did.
    Xena, Thank you for being observant and helping us understand what this means in respect to the sincerity of their ‘prayers’..


    • @Mindyme62. Some people do things out of ignorance. Others do things out of a belief that they are always right, always superior. It was witness 9 who gave us a glimpse into that family — they only like people who act like them.


  2. The Zimmerman family can take their prayers and stick it up their lying asses! I don’ to hear about their prayers of their God! A bunch of heathens! I have never encountered a bunch of sick people like this in my life. I think of other famous cases where the families have had to endure the fact that their family member murdered others and these families did not say a word to the press. Scott Peterson, Mark Hacking, Susan Smith and the names go on and on. There family member hurt others but yet, their families remained silent. The idiot Zimmermans cannot keep their mouths closed! The only one who will be going to hell is GZ and that hell will be when his butt gets tossed in the State Pen alongside the REAL THUGS!


    • The impression that the ZImmermans give is that they are competing with Trayvon’s family. When Papa Zim voluntarily gave a statement to investigators, he started off by saying the 911 tape had been given to the Martins and they said it was Trayvon screaming. Then he started what would become his “absolutely” mantra that it was George yelling for help.

      Also notice the time of Junior’s condolences; after info is released that Trayvon’s DNA is not on the gun, and after Osterman’s book is released where he says GZ told him Trayvon had his hand on the gun. When Junior interviewed with Piers Morgan some months ago, he too said that George told him Trayvon had the gun. He had to give his condolences to Trayvon’s family 7 mths after Zimmermeth killed Trayvon, to distract from discovery that convicts his brother.


  3. shannoninmiami

    @Deborah, you said the zimmermans’ are a bunch of heathens. You finally taught me what a heathen is.

    @Xena, you are right about them competing with the Martins!! It’s unbelievable Papazim would have the nerve to expect the police to have asked him if that was his son screaming! And i’m sure that never occurred to the police, since it wouldn’t occur to them the killer would be sitting there screaming for help against a 17 year old unarmed boy!

    What i get from that letter is Jr saying that at the time they FIRST found out they wanted to express condolences. As if to say, but now that everything has come out, they basically aren’t sorry! It’s like he’s saying that the Martins have done something wrong in the mean time and *NOW* they only deserve to know they are praying for Trayvon… that’s just how i see it.
    It’s just another zimmer family memeber who’s blaming the victim and his family. I think that’s what they think. They think Travon’s family not only didn’t raise Trayvon right but now they see his family is also at fault for ruining GZ’s life!!
    The whole thing is revolting. And the zimmermans deserve any and all the reprocussions from GZ’s depraved actions they get! And i hope they get much much more, and it lasts as long as they live!


  4. shannoninmiami

    Xena says:

    September 28, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Aha, he wasn’t the least bit afraid of Trayvon but terrified of the police?

    Yes! I have listened to that 911 recording with the screams countless times. After I heard GZ’s voice in the background, I was able to analyze the screams better. GZ could not be talking and screaming at the same time, and although I can’t make out all of the words, I definitely hear him say the “F” word. For a second, Trayvon does not scream. Then he does and the next scream is one of pain. That is followed by a drawn out “no” and then a faint “help” that is cut short by the gunshot.

    Connect that dot with what GZ said to Singleton about resisting authority. GZ apparently thought that he had some sort of deputized authority over Trayvon. He told him to shut the f up. He covered Trayvon’s mouth. It is my impression by listening to the recording that GZ drew his gun at that point. Trayvon probably didn’t see the gun right away and when he did, screamed out “NOOOOO!”

    GZ knew that the police were coming, and he also knew that his only means of trying to control Trayvon would be to hold his gun on him. He was out of time. Thus, as he said to Hannity, “I also thought the police were going to come and see me with the firearm and shoot me. I mean, I was terrified.”

    Think about that for a moment. If GZ pulled his gun and killed Trayvon in self-defense and holstered his gun right after as he said in other of his statements, he would not be concerned about the police arriving and seeing him with his gun out, holding it on Trayvon.

    It is also possible that GZ realized if he stood there any longer with his gun aimed at Trayvon, that a resident would witness that. He had to do it quickly and in close enough range so that his “aim” would not be witnessed by others. This gives me the impression that his grabbing Trayvon’s shirts was not to restrain Trayvon, but to bring him closer.

    Trayvon was terrified. He no doubt was physically still, and his only option was to scream “NOOOO” in begging for his life.


    @ Xena, I hope you don’t mind my re-posting your post from the other day here. But i think everyone should see it!

    You made so many important points – seriously disturbing observations of Trayvon’s final words and thoughts! Just heartbreaking.
    And just I’m flabbergasted at the undeniable truth of it all. GZ murdered Tray in cold blood! In Plain site! He really believed he would walk, without question in his mind. I mean he had MO there, his fantasies of being ‘one of the boys’ in the SP department, he probably didn’t even think he’d need his father’s so-called favors.

    What about MarkO, did someone say that he went over to lend GZ money??? I’m concerned that MO was hanging around, cheering him on…were they discussing GZ going out on PATROL that night?? Did Mark pump him up earlier that night?
    I wanna read MO’s statement to police that night! Did he admit to even going over there earlier?

    It feels like GZ actually got into his ‘NHW uniform’ ( he was wearing those work boots- to me, living here in south Florida, even though it was colder up there at the time, those boots do not seem right! They are not the sort of shoes I’d pick to go shopping at target! But they do seem like police-like beating the pavement type work boots to me!)
    Do you think GZ was out lurking around trying to find someone to kill?


    • Do you think GZ was out lurking around trying to find someone to kill?

      No. My thoughts about GZ’s motivation are found on Since writing that, I’ve continued to research and there is something else that, IMO, gives more reason to GZ’s neighborhood watch activities being a cover-up for crime. On part 2 of the re-enactment vid when Singleton questions GZ about defensive bruises, she raises GZ’s shirt sleeve, revealing a gang tattoo on his arm. Based on entries on his MySpace page, GZ had problems with Mexicans pulling knives on him. IMO, GZ was not a nice, law abiding teen in Virginia.

      Along with this, there is the M&I Bank vid that the prosecution entered in discovery. That vid ends with a man using the bank’s drive-up ATM. He resembles Mark Osterman. He is at M&I Bank at about 6:38 p.m. DeeDee stated that she called Trayvon at 6:54 p.m. and during that time, he said that he was in the mail shed to get out of the rain, and also that a creepy looking white guy in a car was following him. Trayvon’s phone log supports that he received a call at 6:54 p.m. This means that Trayvon had been followed long before GZ called NEN at 7:09. The route that GZ would have taken to exit the gate on his way to Target would not have taken him to the mail boxes. Yet, GZ said in his interview on Hannity’s program that Trayvon did not look like someone going to get his mail and run back in the rain.

      The prosecution has also entered GZ’s phone records in discovery, although they are not made public. The prosecution also named Osterman as a witness before he wrote and published his book. The prosecution knows whether GZ received a phone call. It’s just establishing the content of that call. Connect the dots. If Osterman indeed gave GZ a head’s up about seeing a Black male teen enter the community, his motivation would be in agreement with GZ’s motivation and I seriously doubt it involved Trayvon looking suspicious. The reason I say this is because of the Credit Union’s Member Statement. While GZ was hiding out at Osterman’s, he borrowed money from his parents, and spent $135 at the U.S. Post Office. That’s a lot of money to spend at the post office, and I’m wondering if GZ was shipping stolen property that he moved with him to Osterman’s house that he sold on eBay.

      When GZ arrived at FDLE in Jacksonville, he had his lap top computer in the car. If I’m not mistaken, FDLE took possession of it. They will know what’s on it, including if GZ had an ebay account. The USPS is under federal jurisdiction, so it will take the FBI to check to see how GZ spent that $135. They may already know.


    • When I read your comment Shannoninmiami, I felt such sadness for this child and seeing his photo above made my sadness even worse. I cried, knowing this kid was crying out for help and not one single soul came out of their home to help him and prevent his death. Fogen IMO should be facing his own death and I mean my electrocution! he deserves a death as painful and as fearful as the one he meted out to a child who cried and begged for his life.

      I wouldn’t spit on that worthless SOB is he were on fire. he meant to kill this kid and there is no doubt about it. I also think Mark Osterman cheered him on as well as Frank Taaffe. If this jerk is not found guilty as he should be, there is going to be hell to pay in the state of Florida and beyond. he should also face prosecution by the federal government as well.

      How does he sleep at night as well as sit his fat funky ass down to even eat a big meal. I hope the rest of his life is as miserable as miserable can really be. he didn’t have to shoot and kill that kid but, he did and he should pay with his own life being taken from him.


  5. shannoninmiami

    well one thing we know is GZ had SZ put money and passport(i think) in a safety deposit box. Those run around $40 a year.. but there are cheaper ones i guess.. but again, i’d love to know if MO admitted hanging around GZ that day earlier.
    and yeah i remember your suspicions about the burglaries… and i also think GZ coulda done those burgles alone just as easily.. as far as what he said about the mexicans, you made another great point! i’ve never had weapons pulled on me as a law abiding citizen either! why would GZ?? and again, as a juvenile in up north, if he’s ever been arrested they could have been expunged with ol papazim’s help back then!! i wonder if there is anyone up there who will talk about their past with GZ as a juvenile!!

    ps. are you princess on twitter? cas i thought you were!!lolo


    • @shannoninmiami.

      ps. are you princess on twitter? cas i thought you were!!lolo

      No. I don’t have a Twitter account, nor am I on any social media sites.


  6. The apology sounded very forced and phony anyways, and steamed of “porn acting” in that it was really really awfully acted out, Very insincere.


    • Hi Jun. Welcome to Blackbutterfly7!!

      What apology? LOL! Trayvon’s parents are really classy. They don’t bother responding to that asshole’s insult.