Putting A Dead Child On Trial

The Associated Press released information that former neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman (GZ) wants to use the school records of Trayvon Martin as part of his defense strategy. Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, has sent subpoenas to the schools attended by 17-year Trayvon Martin. The subpoenas request disciplinary notices, suspension notices and tardiness records, among other things.  O’Mara submitted 4 subpoenas, making it reasonable to believe that he wants Trayvon’s school records since Trayvon entered kindergarten.

I’ve read some comments from GZ fans, and they are so on the wrong track assuming how Trayvon’s school records can be used to support that Trayvon was a “thug.” For those who want to know how O’Mara can or cannot use Trayvon’s school records, Frederick Leatherman’s Law Blog has dedicated a page to the subject. Zimmerman: What Kind of Character Evidence will be Admissible at Trial?


Among comments on the internet by some GZ fans, they are angry that GZ’s school records were accidentally released to the public.   They demanded that Trayvon’s school records be released as a tit-for-tat strategy.  You see, with GZ’s  fans, each time information is released to the public about GZ that is not favorable or is questionable, his fans develop a lie about Trayvon Martin.  Then, they pressure GZ’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, to find evidence for their lies.

For instance, by his own admission, GZ is ADHD and takes meds for it as well as for anxiety.  His fans countered with lies that Trayvon makes “lean” or “Purple Drink.”   After someone discussed on the internet that GZ may have attended AA meetings with Joe Oliver, GZ’s fans countered with a lie that Trayvon was a drug dealer.  After Witness 9’s statement was released to the public, GZ’s fans attacked Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin, painting him as a man with numerous wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends.

Although I do not believe that Trayvon’s school records contain anything that will disparage his character,  that doesn’t mean that O’Mara cannot try.   In GZ’s second bond hearing, O’Mara attempted a backdoor effort to have GZ address the judge without the State cross-examining him.     Thus, there is good reason to suspect that O’Mara will attempt to interpret Trayvon’s suspension from school in his defense for why GZ killed him.

If O’Mara makes any attempt to go beyond physical and forensic evidence, and throws mud at Trayvon Martin, he will convey a powerful message to America’s parents and youth.  That message is that anyone can kill children on the street and claim self-defense, and in disregard of physical and forensic evidence, the child’s suspension from school qualifies him or her as a “thug” who deserves to be killed.

Any effort to assassinate Trayvon Martin’s character might infuriate the majority of Americans.  America’s citizens include parents and children.    Remember how America reacted when Timothy McVeigh referred to the 19 children killed in the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City as “collateral damage”?   Oh yes, I know.  GZ says he killed an unarmed 17 yr old 11th grader in self-defense.   If that is true, then physical and forensic evidence should support his story without attempting to conduct character assassination of a 17 yr old.  Using any other strategy demonstrates to parents and teens that private citizens can profile, chase, and kill children, and consider them as mere collateral damage in any private citizen’s war on crime.

GZ’s fans are totally elated with O’Mara submitting the subpoenas.  He is doing what they want, but not because GZ’s fans are actual supporters.  GZ’s fans do not like and support George Zimmerman the person.  To the best of public knowledge, not one fan of George Zimmerman, the person, has provided him with free housing in Seminole County.  Not one fan of George Zimmerman, the person, has offered him a job that he can perform from home.    His fans have another agenda, and it does involve racial superiority.

A sample of comments about donating to GZ’s defense fund provides further support that they are more concerned about an agenda than they are concerned with George Zimmerman, the person.  Remember when GZ re-activated his website in effort to increase donations?  Comments posted on a Pro Zimmerman website on that subject by GZ fans include:

  •             “Until I see strong evidence that MOM will vigorously defend George to the best of his ability,I will not be asking anyone to donate.”

The reply to that comment confirms that what they mean by “vigorously defend” is not what O’Mara does in the case, but rather who he is not attacking or defending in the media.

  •           “Yeah, and I’m sure tomorrow O’Mara will take to the airwaves and talk about the nightmares the entire Zimmerman family has been thrown into. The SOB made public statements about the terrible loss for the Martin family, but has never yet, to this day, ever even attempted to address what his clients family has been put through. Has O’Mara ever addressed the New Black Panther bounty? …. The answer is NO. …What has he ever done to fight against that, other than to say the sentiments are high and we just have to wait for it all to calm down. … Please stop with the “big secret plan” that O’Mara is engineering. He isn’t doing bupkis for his client and he knows it.”

Do you get the impression that unless GZ’s fans are calling the shots, that they won’t donate money to his defense fund?   I get that impression.  Do you get the impression that if they do donate to GZ’s defense fund, that they hold the premise that they own O’Mara? I get that impression.  Do you also get the impression that they believe they have superior knowledge as to how O’Mara should proceed in representing GZ?  I get that impression.

I am sure you remember paragraph “g” of the July 5, 2012 order of the court that sets forth;

“The Defendant shall not open or maintain a bank account.”

The following comments (from the same Pro Zimmerman website) demonstrate how GZ’s fans seek to circumvent that order of the court.

  •           “I think GZ should open his own account again, but maybe that is wrong thinking? I’d feel much better giving to his defense and living expense fund if it were going directly to him and not O’Mara. I was going to resume giving when he opened up his website again, but for some reason I cannot bring myself to do it. I may give in eventually, but right now I just can’t do it. I happily give to Robert & Gladys. Are any of you feeling the same or am I just being unreasonably cautious?
  •        “Just give to his parents and tell them you want it to go to GZ personal expenses.”
  •      “If my read on Robert and Gladys is correct, they are a family that takes take of all of their own, which would include George if the other website donation accounts dry up. NO? “
  •      “Any monies donated through the website go directly to Robert Zimmerman, Sr. It is a fund completely separate and apart from the GZ Legal Defense Fund, and all gifts made through the http://robertandgladys.com website link are disbursed at the sole discretion of Robert and Gladys Zimmerman.”

With O’Mara providing money to GZ for his living expenses, why would GZ need unknown amounts of cash in his pocket?  GZ’s fans are not supporting him in their effort to circumvent the order of the court and the court’s reason for paragraph “g.”   Rather, they are calling the shots and if by chance GZ gets in trouble for it, then it’s the “system” that’s corrupt because in their minds, GZ should had never been charged.

Not only does GZ’s fans disrespect the deceased and his parents, they disrespect the court and appear to think of O’Mara as nothing more than their messenger boy.  IMO, he will make a grave mistake if he puts Trayvon on trial.  It will present Trayvon Martin’s death as collateral damage in GZ’s personal war on crime.   It will put all parents on notice that their children had better be perfect in school, and submit to adult men following them, or they can be shot dead in their neighbor’s backyard.


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  1. Great post Xena. Getting his school records does seem a tic for tac strategy. To think his dad was open and honest about that from the very beginning. He didn’t hide the fact. He explained to the police his reason for his son staying with him that week. I don’t care if TM had a tardy or smoked. GZ still killed an unarmed 17 year old that he admitted to. GZ didn’t know TM from a hole in a wall. School records has no relevence in my book.


  2. I believe this will backfire, as you predict Xena, on the Defense. Anyone who’s on the ‘fence’ about what to believe will/should find this move disgusting on the part of MOM. This, imo, is a desperate and last ditch attempt before changing his plea of not guilty.

    Thank you Xena, for all that you do with this case, this blog and for the family of Trayvon Martin in helping to get the truth out there.

    Mindy in Jacksonville.


    • @mindyme62. Indeed it will backfire. No parent will want their child’s school records since kindergarten to be used in an attempt to clear the person who killed their child. Due to the lab reports, I don’t believe that Trayvon performed any acts of violence on GZ but if he did, he had the right to do so. GZ was a creepy looking skinhead and a grown man following a teenager who was barely 17.


    • Hi Mindy, Do you think that MOM will try and get a plea for GZ? Considering the evidence, the lies and everything that has been released about this case, GZ will be proven Guilty. Will Angela Corey over a plea to this despicable man? The 911 call of this kid screamng and the information offered on here is enough for me. If lay people can figure this out, I cannot imagine what the prosecution has as far as evidence and the enhanced phone calls.


  3. shannoninmiami

    Wow, Xena, i didn’t realize what the zimmerlovers were up to over there!! their comments are so vial and sickening i haven’t even gone to see the trash they write when they’re all alone in their own little sick world!

    I too am convinced that the parents are giving at least part of the money they get from thier Begsite to GZ. But what kills me is how in the world does any sound minded person lower their self to profit from a cold blooded murder, committed by your own son? how does someone justify that in thier mind? i mean, what do you tell yourself to make it OK, a good idea, and sleep at night?


    • @shannoninmiami. Yes. The ignorance, lies, disrespect and hatred of GZ’s fans digs his ditch and puts the nails in his coffin. For Papa Zim to go public begging for money speaks volumes. He and his wife worked in the court system, have pensions, but apparently did not build any friendships who stand by them in their hour of need. But there is something else here also that has been quiet; i.e., Robert Jr. is an attorney. Even he is apparently not helping his parents.


    • I know Right shannon? For the Zimmerman’s to feel what it is they are going through with their son having Killed an unarmed child, how can they even compare their experience with the family of Trayvon Martin, who no longer have their brother/son/cousin to put their arms around anymore.


      • The Z family gets on my last nerve! All they do is complain! Woe is me! You know, in the last few years, we have had to read about some nortorious cases of crime. None of these families where their son or daughter murdered anyone whined to the press about not having any money, or i am suffering so much! The Z’s believe that they are superior to the Martin family because the Martin famiy if black. That is the issue in a nutshell. They don’t think that African Americans work hard and love their children too?

        I don’t re-call Scott Peterson’s mother brining up her sickness as she dragged that Oxygen around, and we never heard from the family of Mark Hacking, nor did we even hear Casey Anthony take to the press to complain! Charles Holmes’ family has remained dignified and silent and even Ted Bundy’s mother Elenore only stated her love for her son on the day of his execution. The Z family needs to go hide and STFU!


  4. Do minors not have protection under the law… Does a parents right to seek justice & protection for there unarmed deceased child go unseen… Does Trey 21 yr old brother who looks like him all baby faced and child like looks resemble a thug…

    My heart bleeds for this family and many like them who have to sit by defenseless while there child’s “admitted killer” drags the victims name through the mud and attempts to decapitate his character…

    1Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became aman, I did away with childish things.

    Maybe Omar and Zimmerman should read and apply … Trayvon(17) Zimmerman (28) Social media,Daycare,& Pre-K records has no bearing to the night in question… Justice for Trayvon


    • —————————————————————————————-
      Your offering of 1Cor 13:11 is a witness that O’Mara’s conscience and actions are going to answer to God. IMO, if O’Mara tries to use anything from Trayvon’s school records and social media, it will open a can of worms for GZ’s juvenile records to be opened. Those “juvenile” acts would include the alleged sexual abuse of his cousin. Who knows how much trouble with the law GZ got into as a juvenile. Let’s see why the Marine Corp rejected him too.


      • OOO I hadn’t even thought of that! the cousin thing… Yup! And the Marine Corp, I haven’t heard anything about that! Oooh boy, have they done it now!


      • Hi Xena! Deborah here from NYC! If MOM even attempts to vilify TM by using his school records, the prosecution can use the records of GZ as a Juvenile, and I am sure this man was not angel back in the state of Virginia. The sexual abuse of the cousin is a big one. She has already exposed GZ and her phone call was a complete shock to me. She sounded so pitiful and so afraid despite the fact that she does not have to face the abuse of this monster ever again!

        Of course the Z worshipers call her a liar and blame her for the abuse! I never knew that GZ was rejected from the Marine Corp! I am a Veteran of the Army and it is easy to see why he was rejected. He is to impulsive, unpredictable and he is the type of soldier who would not follow commands which is the one of the tenets of the military! FOLLOWING ORDERS! He would get his fellow comrades killed and he is just plain stupid PERIOD!

        Your posts and so many others on here are just excellent and they provide me with so much information. All of you are pure geniuses!


        • The sexual abuse of the cousin is a big one.

          Certainly is, especially when considering GZ’s reaction — walk in, say he is sorry and walk out. If the time that his cousin disclosed is the same time that he became estranged from his family, it speaks volumes!

          I am a Veteran of the Army and it is easy to see why he was rejected.

          Thank you for your service to our country.

          The military considers many things when people enlist, including arrest records. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a finding of guilt or innocence — just the arrest can be an automatic rejection. When I worked at the courthouse, there were many men and women who applied for enlistment and were given a certain amount of time to expunge their arrest records. When there is a finding of guilt, and depending on the classification of the charge, it might not qualify for expungement. There were many folks who walked away very disappointed.

          The sexual abuse and rejection by the military gives reason to believe that the Zimmermans have skeletons in their closet. I also wonder that if the far right-wing conservatives supporting GZ had known that his brother is gay, would they believe Junior’s advocacy for GZ in the media?


          • Hi Xena, Thank you for your kind comment regarding my military service. I was so young back then when I entered but it was a wonderful experience for me. It helped me to achieve my Nursing Degrees. I read about GZ gay brother and the cousin accusing GZ of molesting her. She sounded so terrified when she called 911 and informed them of that family and about George and how he is capable of anything. GZ started this offense at age 8? What would an 8 yr.old know about molesting anyone? Sounds like he was molested as a child himself.

            Like I stated, if MOM wants to bring in the records of TM, he better be prepared for the past history of GZ, and I believe that is one door that he does not want open by no means. Why was GZ estranged from his family? Where is his Mother and why isn’t she standing up for her son?

            Also, Z didn’t have a concussion or any other life threatening injury to that fat head of his. He didn’t bother to go to the hospital and receive any documentation stating this whatsoever. I know why he was afraid of receiving a Ct. Scan or an MRI or even having photos taken of his non-existant life threatening injuries because they were not life threatening! TM never hit him, only in SD when he tried to detain him


    • Thank you!! How can anything Trayvon did in the 4th or 7th or 10th grade matter in Zimmerman disregarding the directive to stand down? It doesn’t.

      But it does open the door to what Zimmerman has posted on his Social media websites. Did they even think of that before requesting Trayvon’s? Zimmerman disparaged Latino’s, he called a woman a ‘ho’, he bragged about getting over on a judge when the felony resisting arrests were downgraded to misdemeanors….

      I think O’Mara needs to stop taking advice from his client.


      • Today on Dr. Phil, Sondra Osterman said that GZ has never used profanity in the company of women. Well, he sure used it in his NEN call and on his MySpace page.

        I agree that O’Mara needs to stop taking advice from his client, and will add from his client’s dad, and people donating to GZ’s defense. When you take money from strangers, you give them some authority, like members of the Board or stockholders, to voice their opinion on how to make things work — obtain success. When O’Mara closed GZ’s first website, he should have stopped taking donations too to avoid being held accountable to donors. They now own him.


  5. @Xena Robert Jr. Doesn’t or hasn’t spoken to his brother in years.. This is according to news reports around the time he went on Peirs Morgan’s show..


    • Yes. Osterman also told the FBI that until this happened, GZ was estranged from his family,and that in spite of GZ’s brother being gay, that GZ accepted him. Connecting the dots, it appears that his cousin’s disclosing of GZ’s sexual abuse may have something to do with the estrangement. If it’s true that he was committing sexual abuse at the age of 8, it’s reasonable to question if he learned it from somewhere, someone. It is my impression that the family has skeletons in their closet that they don’t want GZ to disclose, and that GZ may have threatened to disclose unless they advocate for him now.


  6. Wasn’t Osterman involved in some crooked cop incident when he was with the Sanford police? Can’t remember where I read something about that. On Dr. Phil Osterman stated at the beginning that Z had a “severe concussion” when he came to them. I wonder who diagnosed that. He said Z had to hide because of the black panther bounty and media attention. But the bounty didn’t happen until a month after he murdered Martin and there was no media attention for weeks. I noticed the Ostermans were completely emotionless about the death of Trayvon Martin. Just like Z and family. Also telling that the Ostermans got zero applause. If it was self defense why did Z have to quit his job and hide?


    • towerflower

      Sharon: Yes, Osterman was fired from the Sanford PD due to some scam he became involved in. Osterman doesn’t have any known medical training and I will accept the medical report of GZ. In the report, which describes only minor injuries, he denies any signs of a concussion….no headaches, no vision problems, no ear problems, no blood in the ears, no problems with mobility, nothing to suggest that he suffered a concussion.

      I also wonder how the Federal Government feels about one of their Air Marshalls going on National TV. They are supposed to be nobody, someone that you don’t recognize or suspect to be an armed official on a plane. Anyone with half a sense can google his name and see he is an Air Marshall now.


  7. Hi Xena!
    Long time reader, first time commenter! 😀

    Good question Sharon,
    Why hide if you have nothing to HIDE? Apparently Osterman has his doubts or he wouldn’t have offered the Zims a place to hide. Osterman knows much more than he’s saying. I find it odd that MO has often referred to the fact that it was “he” who helped Zim pick out the gun he used to murder Trayvon Martin.
    Maybe he regrets doing so? I know I would regret having anything to do with George owning a gun. Just saying…


  8. Why is GZ always freeloading on his friends BTW? Did this man ever hold down a steady job? When he was living with MO, did he and Shellie offer to pay anything for food and the use of using their home as a hotel??? Why are these freeloaders still in college and not working for a living? Then Shelli has the nerve to want to go to Nursing School and was doing it on line?? LMAO!


    • Did this man ever hold down a steady job?

      From what I have been able to put together, GZ was able to hold down his last job working with Sondra Osterman for over a year. Previous to that, it appears that he averaged 3 mths on his jobs. He also failed in his insurance business.

      Then Shelli has the nerve to want to go to Nursing School and was doing it on line??

      There are reports that ShelLIE had not actually attended school since 2010. Based on one of their jailhouse phone calls, ShelLIE was past due on her tuition. This case is not the first time that GZ and ShelLIE have misrepresented their receipt of money. Did you read the following?:


  9. towerflower

    Sharon: I bought the Osterman book, mainly looking for conflictions an in it Osterman never says that GZ had a concussion. In the book he also said he told George and Shellie to stay with them because of fear of vengeful relatives or friends of the victim. Osterman was by his ‘side’ before he even left the scene and stayed with Shellie at the PD until he was let go and he took them to his home where they stayed for over a month. GZ left shortly after the New Black Panthers threat but Shellie continued to stay with them until April 23rd when he was released on bail the first time.

    He also took in GZ’s sister who lives up north (this is the first time I heard that he had 2 sisters) and the bail hearing phone call testimony by his parents and Shellie were done from his house.


    • GZ has 2 sisters? I heard of a step-sister. No one seems to know if that is by the mom or dad before they married. Do you know which one is named Gracie?


      • Yes he does, this is what it says in the book: “Just after George’s arrest, his sister from up north came to Florida and stayed in our home along with Shellie. She was the sweetest person. George also has another sister who lives here in Florida.”

        He never mentions the names of either sister.


        • towerflower

          From what I could find out the names of his sisters are Gracie and Susie. Susie is mentioned in the jailhouse calls and I believe this is the sister who lived up north.


          • On Robert and Glady’s website, they mention about a daughter who lost her government job after GZ’s bond was revoked, (or maybe it was inferred to be around that time.) I take it that it was the sister, Susie, who transferred money into her account for George. Does his family realize that the more they think they are helping GZ, the more he taints and destroys their lives? The same goes for Osterman. It would not surprise me if he was on administrative leave or terminated from his job as an Air Marshall. The entire point of that position is to fly on commercial planes without being recognized.

            Thanks for the info, towerflower.


          • towerflower

            Osterman contradicts it in the book. One minute he talks about after his first arrest how everyone was in a hotel room. O’Mara, Shellie and her father, GZ’s parents, Mark and Sondra Osterman, Susie (visiting sister) and his brother on skype. They held the meeting to determine the next step in securing his release and also what was needed from them to help GZ not only gain his freedom but his also freedom from the charges.

            But he also describes how GZ” would be disappointed with some of the decisions his family made; mainly how they spoke to the media against his wishes,..”

            Wonder how he feels about his buddy going on TV promoting his book, he said on interviews that GZ okayed the book but the book doesn’t mention that. Osterman also said he would donate the proceeds from the book to GZ’s defense in interviews but the book also doesn’t say that. I wonder why, the book went to print after his Dr. Phil interview, since it is mentioned in the book.


          • They held the meeting to determine the next step in securing his release and also what was needed from them to help GZ not only gain his freedom but his also freedom from the charges.

            So, the arguments of the Zidiots about dropping charges might have generated by GZ and his family infiltrating the internet.

            But he also describes how GZ” would be disappointed with some of the decisions his family made; mainly how they spoke to the media against his wishes,..”

            Well of course. He had given each one of them a different story. 🙂

            I wonder why, the book went to print after his Dr. Phil interview, since it is mentioned in the book.

            The publisher that the Ostermans used is a step-up from self-publishing. They print books once receiving orders. The publishing company was in the news earlier this year — outsourcing jobs offshore. An employee whistle blew.



    • @Towerflower: What is up with this family? Everyone appears to free-load with others and do they offer to foot any of the bills or at least help?? Shellie is what, 28 or 27? How come she doesn’t have a job or has not yet completed a Community College or even a four year College, and Shellie professes to have wanted to be a Nurse? LMAO!

      I don’t profess to know everything in the world but I do know about Nursing and I know this: I would never hire Shellie. Even if the charges are reduced or dropped she would never be able to practice Nursing in any State of the Union. She has proven herself to be very dishonest and the one thing about our profession is that you have to trust the other Nurses that are working with you, and you have to have to trust the Nurses who work under you to make sound decisions. You have the lives of patients on your hands, and the fact that she so boldly condoned and outright lied about that money. tells me a lot about her character, judgement and integrity and all of those qualities are what I look for in good Nurses.


      • It seems to me that if ShelLIE truly believes she is not guilty of perjury, that she would want to get trial over with; expunge her arrest record, and get on with her career. Actually, I don’t believe she has potential to complete nursing school and be licensed to practice. There are legitimate nursing schools connected to hospitals and provide on-hands training. ShelLIE opted for an online school although she is unemployed and have no children at home to care for while she “attends” school online.

        At this point, she can forget obtaining any type of employment where employers conduct a background check.

        It’s not only that she lied about her knowledge of the money, but also how she spent it. While she told GZ that the money was for his bond, she made purchases on ITunes and a beauty supply store.

        ShelLIE said at the bond hearing that her brother-in-law had knowledge for what the State asked. Well, we now know what brother-in-law.


        • @Xena: I totally agree with you on everything. If Shellie wants to get on with her life then she needs to confess her part in this sordid case. I still believe she was in the truck the evening GZ was following TM in his truck. She may have left the scene once she heard teh gun-shot but she was in that truck. If she truly wants repentence and forgiveness (not from me) she needs to confess her role and what else she knows. She is young, and has her entire life ahead of her. She needs to do this for her own peace of mind. If she doesn’t, then everything bad that can happen, should be her punishment.

          As a Nurse myself who remembers how grueling it was during the clinical rotations and combination classroom work. You cannot become a Nurse on line. Those courses are for Nurses who already have obtained their BS or MA. You cannot get around the clinical rotations and internships at various facilities. I do not understand why Shellie who has no children, would not have enrolled in a College program or a program attached to a hospital. She had nothing to hold her back. It seems like when G received those donations, she went crazy! Spending money here and there. Blood money IMO! What can of individual would do that?

          I don’t know why Shellie continues her loyalty to GZ. He is just dragging her down with him. When he is convicted and sentenced, is she going to stick around for 25 yrs. being the faithful, dutiful prison wife? As for Robert Z. Jr.? Isn’t he an attorney? Was he involved in hiding money as well? Why isn’t he not being investigated considering he was running his mouth about G in the beginning and making false statements about that being G’s voice screaming when he knew it wasn’t G’s voice?


          • I still believe she was in the truck the evening GZ was following TM in his truck.

            Oh, I believe that. GZ said on Hannity that they always go grocery shopping on Sunday evening. Papa Zim said the same in an interview.

            You cannot become a Nurse on line.

            Thank you!!

            I don’t know why Shellie continues her loyalty to GZ.

            Well think about it. We really don’t know what has happened since her arrest. I got the impression from GZ’s demand of Barbara Walters for a hotel room for a month, that he was trying to make-up with Shellie and get her in the same physical location with him.

            GZ is toxic. The life of his sister, brother, parents, wife, and Ostermans, have changed because of him. It was all God’s plan.


  10. This entire case and the way the defense as well as the supporters for this POS really hurts me to my heart. Trayvon and his family don’t deserve this kind of treatment from these people and, I’M JUST NOT ABLE TO WRAP MY MIND AROUND THE FACT, THAT THESE EVIL BIGOTED RACIST WHITES, WANT TO SEE HIM GET AWAY WITH MURDERING AN INNOCENT UNARMED “CHILD.” what is this country coming to when this kind of thing can happen and, the “GUILTY” party can garner this kind of support for his deed? it tells me, that we have no business advising other countries how to govern their own governments as far as how they treat their own citizens, when we can ill afford to do so because, some in our very own country are nothing more than second class citizens or even worse. at times like this, I wish this was not even my country. as an AA, I’M SO GLAD THAT THE ENTIRE WORLD IS WATCHING WHAT IS TAKING PLACE HERE AS FAR AS THE IGNORANT RACIST ARE CONCERNED! it’s not by any means all baseball and apple pie. what these people are saying, is that it is A-OK to murder innocent black kids in this country and, if /gz was 100% Hispanic, he would not have their support at all. what a weird country we live in indeed! NO OTHER MURDERED CHILD OR THEIR FAMILY, HAVE RECEIVED SUCH UNKIND TREATMENT AS THE THE DECEASED AND HIS FAMILY HAVE RECEIVED IN THIS CASE. SMH



      That’s the hypocrisy of racial bigots. To them, Black men are “boys.” When a Black child is killed, he becomes a “man” which in their minds, is the same as a “buck.” They have no respect for the law which says that a 17 yr old is a minor — a child. Many states legislated emancipation law defining the age of adulthood, because of child sexual abusers that sound just like GZ’s supporters’

      They defend themselves by saying “She looked older.” “Why did her parents allow her to dress like that?.” “She was well developed, so how I was to know she was only 17?” The courts don’t buy that. In this matter, GZ killed a child.


    • @ladystclaire: There was a time in the United States when blacks were routinely lynched by racist whites in the United States. There were photos taken of the event with men, women and children milling about as if it was a party. These photos were printed on postcards and distributed to other racists ho wanted to view them. If you want to see for yourself, get the book, “Beyond Sanctuary.” Just viewing those photos enraged me, and hurt me as do the stories of other blacks in Selma and Montgomery, Al. who had dogs set upon them, water hoses directed at them, and why? Because black Americans were fighting for basic human civil rights. The same rights that white Americans were afforded by default. Those racists who support GZ are the descendants of people which I just described. These are the ones who support the murder of a black kid and the murder of a black individual period. These people are the ones who want him to get away with murdering this kid, and their was a time in the U.S when he would have gotten away with just that and you are right abou this also: If GZ was 100% Hispanic, they wouldn’t care one way or another. They seem to feel that TM is receiving some type of “special civil rights” and they don’t like that one bit.

      Emmett Till was a 14 yr. old teenager from Chicago, who was murdered in Money, Mississippi, in 1955 by two racist white men who were enraged that Till allegedly whistled at one of the men’s wife in his grocery store. Emmett didn’t know his “place” in the south and I have heard that several times from these racist supporters on HP. TM didn’t know his place either.These white men were arrested but were acquitted of all charges by an all white jury. These men had the nerve to brag about their crime in LIFE magazine and their supporters remind me of the GZ supporters! As the years went on, these two men went bankrupt after losing all of their black customers in their store and they both eventually died from cancer. Yes, Karma is a bitch.

      I am one of those Americans who fought for this country in the Army. I was an Army Nurse as well. To have to come back to this country, and to hear the racist rhetoric directed at the Martin family and their innocent son, makes me wonder why the hell I went to another country to fight when the War is right here in the U.S.


      • I am one of those Americans who fought for this country in the Army. I was an Army Nurse as well. To have to come back to this country, and to hear the racist rhetoric directed at the Martin family and their innocent son, makes me wonder why the hell I went to another country to fight when the War is right here in the U.S.

        Reminds me of a line from the movie the Tuskegee Airmen when they sought permission to fly missions — “Are we only Americans when the mood suits you?”

        White bigoted racists have no idea of the harm they do to America.


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