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On February 26, 2012, a 17 year old’s life was brutally taken in Sanford, Florida.  His name is Trayvon Martin.  The man who killed him, George M. Zimmerman, claimed self-defense under Florida’s stand your ground statute.  He was not arrested until April, 2012, after the governor of Florida appointed a special investigating State’s Attorney to the case.

There is so much we want to write regarding the George Zimmerman case.

In all the websites, comments and other writings posted about the subject case, it appears that those supporting George Zimmerman’s innocence incorporate a race in a most denigrating manner.  They also use unsupported allegations against Trayvon Martin.  Even if the FBI is convinced that George Zimmerman is not racist, we can’t tell by the comments of his supporters.  His supporters actually congratulate him for racial profiling and killing a “thug”; want him acquitted to kill more; and encourages others to do the same.  SHAMEFUL!

After Shellie Zimmerman was arrested for perjury, those supporting George Zimmerman began an outright (and seemingly organized) attack on Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother.  Blackbutterfly7 believes that Ms. Fulton has more class in her little finger than the “Zimmbots”  could ever hope for.  (Blackbutterfly7 refers to Zimmerman supporters who take his inconsistent versions as gospel as “Zimmbots.”  So now you know.)

Check back often.  We are just getting started.

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  1. Hi, I like this! The yahoo comment boards have become rediculous.

    I like the way Lester is reacting and dealing with this. It seems a sure bet Zimmerman will not be granted immunity and a jury of his peers will have to decide his fate. The State can deasity shred his version in both trials.

    I agree that Sybrina Fulton is a beautiful and classy woman. My Mother’s heart breaks for her.

    ‘Zimbots’ HA!! Love it!


  2. Hi Melinda and welcome! Yahoo comment boards are not the place for mature debate, and the comments demonstrate that. I trust and have faith in Judge Lester and the prosecutors. The State has not shown their entire hand, and neither should they.

    Yes, my mother’s heart breaks for Ms. Fulton too. It could have been anyone’s son that night whose life was maliciously taken by a wannabee cop with a gun.


    • So George is appealing the Judge’s decision to recuse. I bet Lester would be happy to let this case go on one level. But if another court finds Lester should not recuse himself, it would speak volumes as to George’s credibility. He’s made his bed, the actions he took on 2/26 as well as the perjury involving bond. To me it seems fair he should have to ‘lie’ in that bed.
      Posting on yahoo: I practically have to sit on my hands to not try and put information out there to counter what the Zimbots are putting out. Any reasonable person would not believe what they are posting anyway.

      I read on a comment, but have not read anywhere else, that George is not using syg, but self defense.. Is he no longer seeking an immunity hearing?

      Good Morning!!


  3. Good morning to you too!! Based on some lawyer blogs, O’Mara is wasting his time appealing Judge Lester’s order to not recuse himself. I agree. What Zimmermeth did in hiding his valid passport and sitting there like a “potted palm” as Shel(lie) said they were broke was pre-planned and deliberate. Just because he didn’t like the way Judge Lester responded does not give him right to have Judge Lester recuse himself.

    Based on what I’m reading on some of my favorite blogs, the Zimmbots regurgiate the same arguments, and demonstrate the same ignorance everywhere they comment. To read the comment of one is to read the comments of all.

    “I read on a comment, but have not read anywhere else, that George is not using syg, but self defense.. Is he no longer seeking an immunity hearing? ”

    Yes. I posted a new article about it. He will seek an immunity hearing, but under the standard self-defense claim.


    • The people who post in defense of GZ seem to be stuck on the whole head bashing scenario and that scenario ain’t gonna hold up too well in court IMHO. However it seems to be the mantra for GZ supporters, followed by “I would have shot the thug too”


      • @logi. You are absolutely correct — that scenario ain’t gonna hold up too well in court. The forensic evidence is what GZ cannot overcome, regardless of the cuts on his head, having his head bashed, being smothered. No DNA or blood foreign to Trayvon Martin was found on Trayvon’s hands. GZ fans do not like the lab report and in fact, prefer to say they haven’t read it than to acknowledge its findings.

        It is my impression based on reading what is written by GZ fans, that they disbelieve GZ’s own words about the head bashing business. When he shot Trayvon, his head was no longer on the sidewalk (if indeed it ever was). GZ had shimmied off the sidewalk. Thus, GZ was no longer under any danger of incurring more injuries to his head.

        When GZ’s fans say they would have shot “the thug too,” they are admitting that Trayvon was killed for a reason other than self-defense.

        I have questions about the two cuts being on different sides of his head. My theory is that the cuts happened as the two “wrestled” OR, GZ fell back into the doggie area sign. (Can’t see from the vids if the signs have screws holding it on the pole that line-up to the cuts on his head.)

        Thanks for the comment.


  4. @Xena
    I don’t think that this whole GZ support is really about GZ at all. It is about the right to kill a Black person unchallenged. If you keep at them with facts, they usually get frustrated and with that frustration will come racial slurs, Obama, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton , oh and Black on Black crime or an article about some heinous crime involving Black people and a White victim.
    It must be a very sad existence to live in a bubble of hatred as these people do. MORE truth will come out, but it won’t matter to them. Sadly, GZ could be set free by a jury based on this same racism and hatred for a race of people. He will always have to live with his crime though. He will always hear Trayvon pleading for his life, screaming and he knows those screams were not his own.
    Pretty obvious those injuries did not come from head against cement. Ever skinned your knee or elbow? I think his head would look more like that but way worse with swelling And where o where are those black eyes I keep hearing about? Medic report says “blunt injury from thrown object sooooo….who said that? GZ? A witness that saw it go down? I don’t see how this guy lives with himself I really don’t.


    • logi. I agree. It’s not about right vs. wrong but a fearful expression that, (if I may be blunt), Blacks have too much equality; too much power, and need to be put back “in their place.” It reeks of superiority dysfunctions.

      Regarding the injuries, I also agree. I remember as a little girl falling on the sidewalk and skinning my knee. It was never a straight cut. “Blunt injury from a thrown object” reasonably conveys that the object was at a height rather than underneath his head. I do have some speculation regarding the purported broken nose. Trayvon had a small cut on his right-hand ring finger, that could be a defensive wound, such as warding off being hit in the face with the tactical flashlight, causing it to hit GZ in the nose.

      Even if GZ is set free, he might be breathing, but his actions have taken his life. He has also taken the life of others with him. Shellie can forget being hired in any job that requires a background check. His parents will forever live as vagabonds, always fearful of retribution against them for what their son did. His sister lost her government job, and now has a reputation for helping her brother hide money from the court. Joe Oliver looks like a fool. Frank Taaffe is a drunk, and looks like a sad, sad fool. And now Shellie’s mom, high on pills, charged with DUI. Who next? Osterman?


  5. Xena- My issue with the whole thrown object is that I would like to know just where he got that information (Brady).
    I totally agree with the superiority aspect! It makes me so sad! You are correct GZ’s life has been taken, or life as he once knew it.

    I saw you on another blog and you mentioned the flashlight and how GZ never mentions it, dropping it. Perhaps easily explained away during the alleged nose punch.


    • The info about the thrown object might have been an assumption based on the location of the cuts. If someone wants to hurt you by bashing your head on concrete, I don’t think they’re going to turn it from side to side.

      Oh yes — he never once mentions when he dropped his car key, neither the flashlight. The nose punch purportedly happened at the T, but the flashlight was found closer to where Trayvon’s body was found.